Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
4 days ago

If your aim is to play games
If your aim is to hurt souls
Stay away.
Don't try to step on a soil you  don't know how to walk on.
My wild plants will eat you alive.
I am no woman to be fooled.
I will draw your limits with a brush of my arm, like the ballerina I am.
Drop the masks.
I don't like clowns and you're a really bad one.

- LynnAA

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Luna Marie
Luna Marie
3 days ago

You always ask me why,
it's so hard for me to get close.
But when I actually try,
I lose my fingers and my toes.

I hate giving my all
and getting nothing in return.
And that's why I build my wall,
before I crash and burn.

Can you please stop playing with my heart? It's physically hurting me...
#love   #alone   #burn   #play   #wall  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

Just come here,
come here and break my spirit,
push me to the ground,
step on me while you're at it,
I know you'll love it, Mr. Evil, you'll love it.

Spit on my face and make me feel worthless,
isn't that your hobby and your passion?
You crush my happiness into bits and pieces,
you kiss me just to bite me,
you fuck me just to hurt me.

Mr. Evil is pure evil,
he loves to give me a beating,
he hides in my closet and comes out at night,
to first wipe my tears but then to make me cry.

It's a vicious circle where he gives,
then takes,
takes it all away,
more than he gave,
I'm left with nothing,
nothing but more pain.

This is Mr.Evil's game and I don't really want to play.

#pain   #evil   #play   #game   #fetish   #kink   #kinky   #sadomasochism   #sm  

What's the furthest you've been from home?
Not a wanderer,  I rarely roam,
Once I went to Rottnest Island, yes,
Even the ferry was seasick, no less,
Along with its passengers, I guess,
But it's a lovely place in the sun,
Young and old have lots of fun,
Once upon a lifetime ago,
I travelled to Rottnest Island, so!!

Feedback welcome.
#me   #play   #come   #with  

White crisp field, unbroken snow,
waits for gentle imprint
of boots, or bodies making angels.
Let’s go!

#snow   #play  

I know this is foolish

I know this is stupid

I know this is dumb.

But I feel lonely.

Some are lost.

I feel rejected.

So please,

play with me.

play with me

a long time coming
the snow
two weeks from April's warmth
and calming showers
it has finally arrived
mother nature's way of saying
slow down
sit back and reflect
take the day off and build a snowman
with the kids
when life gives you the cue

have always loved the snow
#snow   #live   #play   #relax  

The fingerprints of children,
Imprinted on the glass.
Long grown into adults,
Being forced to march and grind away.
The youth that was once so easily seen,
Now faded in a darkened dream.
Age now all they know.
'All we know
All the universe has ever known.

#home   #happy   #play   #children   #simple   #glass   #youth   #where   #north   #merry  

I purchased a ticket to your matinée.
You sold me on the storyline.
Boy likes girl,
girl likes boy,
live happily ever after.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Here I am, front row and center,
popcorn in hand;
clueless as to why I am alone.
In this dark, cold, empty place,
I am alone.

Nonetheless, here for you.

The curtain rises, it's your time to shine.
It's just like you said,
boy likes girl,
girl likes boy.

There are no two hearts more in unison,
though it seems something unsettles his mind.

Thoughts of her lying,
Thoughts of her cheating,
Thoughts of her leaving,
bestow tragedy.

I am waiting.
Where is the happy ending?
I am here waiting to watch you love,
to watch you hold,
to watch you unite.

I throw popcorn at your deceit,
at your paranoia,
at your hysteria.

You ripped me off.
I now know why I am alone.
In this dark, cold, empty place,
I am alone.

#love   #boyfriend   #relationship   #movie   #play   #lie   #acting   #pretend   #taken   #thespian  
Mar 6

Lawn darts and pop tarts
     and I'm still here
Skateboard ramps and Boy Scout camps
     there's danger everywhere
Bicycle races and bloody faces
     fist fights in the yard
Swimming pool slides and high dives
     look out "cannon ball"!!
water hoses and busted noses
     everyone survived --
Kids today think they have it made
     memories are all inside.

Growing up was so much fun...adulthood, not so much.
#fun   #play   #danger   #youth  
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