Nothing is quite the righteous lump of sinew of virtue
Grumbling against licit madness which claims to be true.
Nothing is quite contemplating for and above ones’ health,
Trusting itself to heal all egos long lost and forgotten self' -
Or to be able to ponder about this and that
And be able to wonder at a not so simple and flat
Branch of erratic and fluid as opposed to a fabric hunk
You will always and forever call thinking.

Dumping old stuff - poem 10
Definitely have to continue this one too
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your words are razor blades
and I have seen you
shaving others
enough to know
I'd never let you be my barber

for if your mind,
the hand that guides them,
were as sharp,
you'd see that Occam's razor
is not a proper tool of art

sparks are spilling
from your eyes
you sprinkle them
ignite our hearts
in scorching waves,
we drown

can there be one
you'll save;
what fate awaits
survivors reaching shore;
they go to war
and time will tell
who burns out
and who

(amongst the embers
a victor shall be named)

and even though
I never cease to burn
the last to stand
I see too late
the game is rigged
and charcoal hands
with ashes cold return

By Arcassin Burnham

You might have ran away from the cops
A few times and the insane crime rate
Really influenced,
You may have stole from your moms purse
And she will never find that your little ego
Made you do it,
You make these bad decisions in your life
Cause your father was never there and your
Mother don't understand,
All these bad choices don't make you who you
You have to fight and take a stand,
to be a man, that should be the plan,
All that you are can't be centered around
an Evil and warm embrace,
Just splash some water right in your face,
And say that your better than this bad space,
Cant lose your life over this,
And its just another phase.


My mind is like a glass figure ready to be cracked,
pushing pulses and making eye contact hurts my soul,
I am to the edge, making one last impression on others,

beautiful faces with bad intentions,
exploring the darker side of life and love and places,
no one knows what goes on in ones mind but lets be
clear that they have pleasant thoughts and areas
of the brain that gives a damn about the stress and strain
of it all while tackling situations first hand in combat.

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Who needs contentment.
Let's burn this fucking house down
so our skin swelts from the heat
and our egos can cry for our lost possessions.
Who am I without my Things?
Who is Sisyphus without his boulder?
A man now content with only himself?
Goddamn Absurdists.

This is  the world of 2017,
Are people getting more mean?
It's the rise of the noun vertical,
I don't know anyone not egotistical,
Maybe it's the people I mix with,
Or am I collecting dipsticks?
Let's practise spirituality practical,
In 2017,  "I" equals egotistical........

Feedback welcome.
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There's a serenity in all of the chaos.
A calm within the roar of the waves.
A frozen heart beating inside an inferno.
A shadow beneath the illuminance of rays.

There's a thundering silence in all the noise.
A dulcet tranquil in the eye of the storm.
A faint scrawl on the blank of a page.
A feeling of home in the strangeness of a dorm.

There's a hint of truth in every artistic lie.
A foreshadowing of the future hidden in the past.
A glimmer of a tear in every moment of joy.
A sense of triumph even in finishing last.

There's a bitter tinge in the heavenly delish of sweet.
A lasting perfume of life on the stone of a grave.
A trace of youth in the smile of the old.
A sparkle of freedom in the eyes of a slave.

There's a ripple of bravery in the tremble of fear.
A fuzzy warmth in the embrace of the rain.
A hope of luxury in the dreams of the penniless.
A shade of humility in the swaggering of the vain.

There's a subtlety of violence in the acts of the kind.
An implicit sacrifice behind every advance.
A whisper of melody in the harmony of a human soul.
A flickering doubt in the faith of a religious stance.

There are butterflies fluttering in the orchard.
Dear narcissus in full bloom.
Take a moment to glimpse the beauty.
For its fleeting, they will be gone too soon.

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I said:

          Love is without  e g o  . .
   but it comes with  s e l f   r e s p e c t.

And so, I said it.  
Just to defend my ego. .
We are but the same,
So do not weep
Even a single tear,
Or a single sigh
We'll just call it  " q u i t s "

This is not love, indeed.


They wanted Success
They wanted Fulfillment
They wanted to be Accepted
And Loved.
They wanted Comfort
And Affluence
Some wanted to be praised for their Looks.....
Even for
Certain parts of their bodies
That they weren't allowed to Display in Public.
But few of them were Spiritual Warriors.
If they were told that they needed to be taxed
To fight a Terrorist Enemy
"Out There",
They'd readily believe it,
If they were told that the Terrorist Enemy
Had become an Infection
Within their own Psyches,
They would Run Away
Or go Get High.

If the entire planet rises to a spiritual awakening, wars will fade and activism will no longer need to take  place for the protection of environmental and economic crisis. Humans will see spirits instead of bodies, and our existence will seem as if an ego never took part of our conscious.

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