Timothy hill
6 hours ago

Love is some thing all life supports.

With out it the world would fail.

The Earth would also become pale.

If we yell and scream, at the movies and watching diaster and actions go un punhised.

What's the point in which we construct these out comes.

Down and applued, we strive for less friction in a world meant to hate.

All out comes in life are choas theory.

It's said a point of refresh in a moment spells greatness in outer ways.

Anti Struggles in a frayed life, would be nice if like flawless with a twister of held mischief.

Fictitious, his ambitious where you couldn't have thought of your own inventions.

Ingenious, with his very own mission you call him god I call him devious.

Mysterious, her cousins is with the hammer of dawn he seeks.

Many miles where traveled his path still un finished.

Until the hands grasp the power they will never have problems in life any more.

No more falling of tears.

Many days smudge with hard core pain.

Oceans rase each year over laping the coasts and its piers.

What to do too stop what it will yield.

Egos gone completion needing a new depition.

Reason of a world held high captions.

Compassion of a few is a winners ball.

Fades of ego in a darkless room.

Colors are prized as found of new surround.

Life movies passion sight ego limitless
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Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
10 hours ago

I learned never to alert certain people when they're being disrespectful
- they don't care who they hurt and they'll disrespect you in return. No exceptions.
Not to mention the judgmental sheep that applaud for them. Yeah... Those people-oids will boost shitty egos higher down cracked soil.
Archaic humans don't deserve my time, they don't deserve kindness - they don't even know it exists.
Let them drown in their cynical tones and mental complexes on their own.

- LynnAA

We're in 2017 and some people haven't even crossed 1528 yet.

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Where do you think
your fleeting hate goes?
It makes itself home
inside my heart,
my stomach,
my bones.
What if I told you,
I have enough anger of my own?
Anger that I deal, and have dealt, with
instead of just sporadically shown.
Your hate is just steam,
it makes egos feel good to be mean…
but you see, you have steam
whereas I….
I have the fire within me.
And on your hate, it feeds.
And grows.
And seethes.
Until there will be no oxygen
left to breathe.
Do you see
What this means?

#anger   #hatred   #hate   #home   #fire   #ego   #breathing   #suffocating   #egotistical  

There once was a shaman named Muckt
Who tickled teased probed blew and sucked
   The mind universal
   In a role-play reversal,
Becoming both fucker and fucked.

Above the mountains
Alone in the clouds
Around you a grey mist shroud

Down the mountains
Live poor peasants
Laughing at them aloud

High above you wear your crown
Finding amusement in others’ frown
Isolated in desire
A fort of thirsty fire
Impregnable or so you thought

                       Jack fell down
Following his tumble you broke your crown
Can you still laugh
Can you still mock
When you always were
Below their ground

#poem   #poetry   #pride   #ego  

The clouds adrift
        so near
        o’er top
the ponding pathway

Stumbling, tumbling
   fallen, face down
amongst the sounds
Thunder on a mountain
far beneath the ground

The splashing rhythm
  dancing raindrops
    devoid of shape
        and dolour

Overcome by reality;
       the gravity,
    "oh how small
           i am !"

        it's as if
           i am

a single drop of rain
       just being
    what it will be
        so small
    on your own
  in the crowded
down-pour falling

hear the whispers
the other raindrops
  scattered sighs

beheld far beyond
  a beautiful day,
    sanctifying ,
     as  i watch
     the ripple
a vast ocean’s tide

                 run away

                 cryin’ out in vain
                       from this
             smallest broken silence
                         drownin' in the rain

                                                          ­      h rivers ... March 2017

― it's good to be small
"everything will be all right if you just let it go"

I don’t believe a word you say;
You voted for Trump, so go away.
I don’t want your opinion any more
On literally any kind of issue.
Though you now begin to realize
What you did to us all. Get a tissue.
Go stand in the corner and let us
Adults fix up the mess you made.
None of you paid attention
Further than the second grade.

It’s not truly all your fault, I confess.
We have to lay blame on the press.
I’m not much happier with the
Millions who didn’t even vote.
They stayed home and jerked;
Made the country miss the boat.
A lazy, worthless population
Is a shameful kind of circumstance
But a stupid loudmouthed bunch of fools
Is at the prom without any pants.

Then we look to a political group
That rolls around in their own poop
By electing a pompous baboon
Who can barely read or spell
Who spews out daily jabberwocky
That drives us all to a kind of hell.
He's an attention whore and monster.
A spoiled rich brat with no brains
Who wants to set fire to the USA
Then urinate on the remains.

The horror is, though it’s all visible
Your lack of care about facts is risible.
You gladly go along with him when
He blames his predecessor instead,
Saying the fault is what your idiot did
Not keeping the truth firmly in your head.
It’s no longer campaign rhetoric.
So please wake the hell up and see
What your stupidity is doing to us
Because we can’t bend you over our knees.

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​Compliment me

but let me be humble.

Let me accept

this honour,

and let me move past.

Past my ego,

past my desire

to be approved of,

past my desire

to be adored,

past my desire

to be validated,

past my desire

to be perfect.

I am in a safe space


a space of




and joy.

It is my challenge

not to criticise and

not to become


to recognize myself

in others,

and others

in myself.

It is your challenge

not to feed my ego;

it is so much more loving

just to accept me

and humour me;

to entertain my ideas,

if only for a moment;

and to treat me as family.

The more my ego is fed

the more I must challenge myself

to purge of criticism

and cynicism.

There is nothing wrong with a challenge.


each decision must be challenged.

Every lesson

must be tested upon.

Faith rests not upon the absence of


faith rests upon the existence of


the constant

and consistent

decision to move past


Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
#love   #self   #peace   #doubt   #family   #decision   #ego   #identity   #cynical   #criticize  
TLove D
TLove D
Mar 4

I see you,
Standing in front of me,
So full of life, so confident, so free.

I blinked,
Then you started to doubt everything about yourself,
Just like when you left a book unfinished,
And put it back on the shelf.

I looked closer,
And I could see your soul trapped inside your eyes,
Waiting for your tears to fall from the skies,
To wash away the stains of all those colorful lies.

I found you,
Scattered across the floor, shattered and broken,
And now it’s too late to fix you as darkness has already fallen.

Your reflection is fading away.
If only I could find the right words to make you stay.

Now I just want to close my eyes and pretend to be blind,
For I could never put back together the pieces you’ve left behind.

#self   #sorrow   #reflection   #mirror   #ego  

We see the infinite vast expanse of my ego.
The midsummer sun, still in his youth, taunts the seemingly never ending streams of black tar I have gathered over the years.
The perfect ingredients for a good mirage!
Through this optical illusion, we see everything.
We see the choices I made.
We see the People I abandoned.
We see the mistakes I regret.
Most importantly, we see me.
Me and my ego, we have things in common.
We bring out the best in each other.
And we are not quitters.
“Today, we shall fight as equals and fate shall decide”
We roared at each other and his hands came up like claws.
Alas! Time has come again for both of us!
It was for this moment I have been preparing my youth.
But I have no weapon capable of slaying such a monster.  
I am the monster.

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