When word bleeds out of silence,
they tell stories...

The unspoken that runs deep,
celestial.. .

Numb … defined not taken
Passion… Pursued not travelled
Family, friends, foes… no lover

Devour by false hope I crumpled like a blanket;
a vision of comfort I stay still
Crippled by more and tortured by hope
We alter reality with this dream world

We run through the footpath of same direction
And ordered to behave when every one is on default

Soul tortured and expended so many times ----
Enlightened moment it just passes me by

Deranged with anger, smile covers the bruises
Miracle of moment, I am in full exhalation
I hold on tight but it slips through the crack
Sanity of joy turns into a wrath

How many times can one take a beating?
When I was on the floor and continuously bleeding,
As you push your self up to delineate the undertaker

I am still numb, and all the words are unspoken.

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Jan 7

There is some magic
In the words left unsaid

A parallel universe exists
within those unspoken things

where the limitless open sky
is tempting you
to open your wings,
And fly

the wind blowing through your face
produces music of its own...
Only if you can listen

between all the things real
there is imagination

across all the desires
there are dreams

amid this silence,
there is music
there is magic
there is love.

#love   #nature   #music   #silence   #unspoken   #unsaid   #desires  
Erin Marie
Erin Marie
Dec 1, 2016

If you want to know
how I feel about you,
just listen to the songs
that I showed you,
that night.
Because the lyrics scream
all the words I can't
seem to say.
I've tried many times but,
the words just won't
escape from my lips,
whenever you're around.
Those songs are
my unwritten love letter
to you, my dear.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
Nov 30, 2016

I see her face on those pages!
I touch those pages with my hand, feeling her soft skin!
I want her badly!
I want to hear her coughing!
I want to feel her breath around my face!
Eagerness burning me but not time!
I just want time to move away from me so I can see her tomorrow!!!!
I don't know what I would say, what I would do with her, what I would expect from her!
I know one thing.... I want her next to me!!!
What would people call that!!!
I love you...

Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
Nov 30, 2016

I told the world, who she is!
I told them that she is the joy within me!
I saw the smile on their faces when I'm talking about her!
I saw the happiness tickling their lips while listening about my time with her!
I told them how worthy she is Over them!
And I tell her....
My time with you, won't be a mistake!
I stood there listening to her pain, and with a smile I'm telling her...I'm there!
I can feel her unspoken words, the unrevealed feelings in her eyes!
I can feel the smile when she look into my eyes!
She took me to another level of love!
A love that Makes me feel the child inside me revived!
She still doesn't know who she to me!
She is everything meaningful when things turn nonsense!
Do you still want to know who she is!
She is my angel!

Nov 21, 2016

You are simply joyous, as we speak in the hidden voices
Of a silent room
Comforted by your presence, life is full of treasures
Brighter than the moon

Smiling because I want too, how effortless to love you
In the silence of the room
Seduced by my emotion, offering endless devotion
I wonder if you assume

Eyes dart beneath their lashes, there are lighting flashes
Across the silent room
Breath catches as it travels, coaxing I unravel
My heart opens a bloom

But time is of the essence, and with the fear of an adolescent
It stays silent in the room
Unspoken it is known loudest, souls proclaiming it the proudest
Yet still firmly in the womb

So standing in regret, reluctantly I must neglect
Truth silent in the room
But not an inch of distance, conceals your existence
Or the words I can't exhume

#love   #unspoken   #hidden  
Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
Nov 19, 2016

Last night when the first
snow fell I was hovering
on the doorstep of

yours anxiously and
wringing my hands without a
dare to knock, even

my voice was laced by
unspoken poetry and
only stuttering

came out of my mouth.
I wanted to act; to love
out loud and fill the

space in between, but
under the shadow of a
doubt this void was made to grow.

#poetry   #doubt   #anxiety   #choka   #unspoken   #void   #act   #vague   #doorstep   #vocie  
Gabriella Chiodo
Gabriella Chiodo
Nov 7, 2016

Trapped between my mind and mouth are the words I wish I had spoken to you. The unspoken holds the secret of my entire concealed world, a sphere I fantasize sharing with you. Reflecting on the words bottled up inside of me, most are hollow. The exception are the three that hold the truth; I love you. I've always wondered where all my unspoken words go. Do they just disintegrate or melt into pure nothingness in the back of my throat? Perhaps they're trapped behind my incomprehensible feelings, or behind my fear and uncertainty. I find myself fighting back tears of frustration as I realize that I've been living my life drowning in an ocean of unspoken words.

#love   #words   #life   #regret   #heart   #unspoken  

I still have hopes.

You stare at your book through your circular spectacles— carob eyes hinted with specks of caramel hidden within the fragile glass as your fingers daintily flip through the parchment-colored pages. Your pearly teeth sinks mildly onto your bottom lip, lightly chewing on the soft flesh as your eyes trace every word. With your nose crinkling, your cheeks rubicund, and your messy hair slightly falling just before your eyes; I realized that you were such a wonderful thing to observe so thoroughly, and I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was falling for you harder than I intended to.

I still have hopes that I may be able to tell you how beautiful you are; how you seem so oblivious of my admiration for you— but for now, I could only stare at you and drown in the thoughts of not being able to call you mine.

one day i'd be able to tell you how much i love you, jww. i still have regrets for not taking the chance.
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