Arlene Corwin
3 days ago

Alice Is In Wonderland

Alice got sick.

A dulling fur – a cancer here and there.

Don’t know how, don’t know why,

(We never know how, why we’ll die).

Bad and sad for doggies

And for those who hold them dear.

The vet urged she be put to sleep -

It had gone far.

It went in seconds. Not a peep

From Alice, just one beat, a bleep

And she was gone;

A little soul taken in hand

By doggy heaven land, a wondrous land.

Alice is in Wonderland.

Alice Is In Wonderland 3.24.2017

Birth, Death & In Between II; Love Relationships II;

Arlene Corwin

Ode to a dead doggy - a dear doggy.
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Ninah Dau
Ninah Dau
5 days ago

for so long
i pushed the last morsels of my wounded heart
on my tasteless mouth to chew like a toy.
resignation helped cease the grief
outside the seams of my racked enough brain,
but then
you rummaged through strings and dreams
trying to reach out to me, violently.
of course i kept fretting on the costs of your unwitting love
soon, illness and fatigue crept within me
my heart, careless of iniquities,
had finally embraced its meekly destiny
stored as a dusty shelf memory
but i, tottering on the brink of the grave
stood still, loving you

armorless, wistfully,
curiosity was born from isolation,
questioning myself why you keep running
but i cannot scape you;
perhaps the budding silence that exists
between the comely swears of my adoration
and the elated memory of who you once were
keeps my feebly soul attached to mortal expectations,
even when, quite frankly, we both know
the untold truths hidden within this fondness,
but still i hope i'm not as forgettable
as your silence is making me feel.

i hope to forgive myself one day,
when the sea strands collide with the vastness
of the chaotic ocean, to lay calmly,
safely, into the arms of whoever's devotion
they may fall.
for i pray this sadness to cease
but oh, who i am without this pain, my love.

certain i am for i am not yours,
neither am i the only one,
and i do not wish to step away
but neither do i know how to stay.

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Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman
7 days ago

How can you know me,
    When you've only seen my skin
There is not way
    I could possibly portray
    More than a distorted fragment
        Of the twisted universe
            That resides inside my head.

I try  my dear,
    Oh how hard I try!
But it is futile you see,
    For how can I form words
        To convey who I am
When I myself
Do not even understand
Who I Have Become.

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Each time I hear your heartbeat sic along with the beep,
I never wish to let you go.
Every breath you take,
Makes me wish to stop time.

When I feel your warmth,
I always come to the small thought,
That one day I won't feel your warmth anymore.

I will no longer get to put my head against your chest,
And count how many times your heart beats in the rhythmic pattern.
No longer will I be able to hear each breath you take,
And when you come to your end, I shall weep.

My dear one laying and waiting in the hospital bed,
I promised no matter how much it hurts me I shall stay beside you.

Every time that beep pauses my heart leaps,
Each time the doctor has to pull me out of the room for a "check up,"
Or "Check in," everything becomes a blur and I let a few sea salt tears fall.

My dear hospital bedded lover,
I'll miss you when you go,
That is why I lay so close and take every part of you in.
Never do I wish to leave, even if you leave me in my arms.

I want to soak in the your warmth,
And bask in your sweet nothings that you whisper to me.
Your heartbeat is a lullaby I cannot dream without.

I will feel empty when your hospital bed feels no longer inhabited,
And you will not return back to me.

Please comment below and tell me your opinion on this piece.

I picture you in a coffee shop. sipping on something hot. You're occupied on your laptop, there's a little book right next to it with a pencil (not mechanical). You seem very at peace but... concentrated. You look like you know what you're doing. Maybe you're writing an essay for school. Maybe you're a writer like me.

Whenever I see you in my head, I'm never involved. I'm watching you from a distance and I don't think you notice me. I don't think you ever will. It's up to me to make the first move. It's up to me to say something intriguing enough to peek your interest. By the time I meet you, I wont be so worried about what you may to think of me (unless I happen to remember this moment, that is). I'll be sure of myself. I'll know who I am by then.

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I'm consumed in the thought of my dear
As i stare at the vast ocean and lay here
The cool breeze that softly brushes my cheek
Reminds me of your touch that makes me weak

This glimmering star is like your smile at day
Such beautiful sight that removes all my dismay
How I long to have you in my arms again
To be with you till the very end

Won't you come and be with me my dear
Remove this pain and all I fear
For it is only your presence that suffices above all
In this love for you I'll always fall

Please embrace me as i close my eyes tonight
You're the only one i need my shining light
Bless me with a kiss from your soul
I'm always yours my darling I call

#love   #dear   #madlyinlove  

i have seen thousands of lights in all the bright places
and i still think the only light that matters
is the one within you

—Things I Want You To Know
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Why have
You forsaken
Me altogether,
Why no tears?
In spite of all the grief,
In spite of all the sadness,
In spite of all the darkness,
In your heart forsaken me.

My HP Poem #1437
©Atul Kaushal
#god   #tears   #darkness   #dear   #absent   #painter   #forsaken  
Feb 11


You slip away from me
just as I'm about to reach,
time escapes us
like a clover
missing its fourth leaf,
stuck in the jungle
of my thoughts,
I can still find you but
I feel like you're the closest star,
visible, but too damn far.

And where's my luck
when the wrong date
on the calendar turns out right?
I haven't seen you
in a fortnight
and now I'm starting to feel
the absence bite.

I'm falling apart
because I can't remember
your lips or
how it feels to
drown in your kiss.
You're a nuance in
my memory:
I always remember a lot more
when it comes to you.

But this time,
I've forgotten the
sublime ways you
made me happy,
And I'm reminded
in each aching moment,
of how the breath in
my lungs constricts when
you're not near;
I miss you dear.

Hey everyone...a little sad poem but that's because I felt that way. Please comment your thoughts / constructive opinions on this poem. Thankyou for reading! ^.^

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