Teenage Mess
Teenage Mess
Aug 28, 2014

All colliding into one.
Mingling together,
Keeping the flame of lust burning as bright as the mid-noon sun.
Cool breath fanning over burning skin.
The love they feel never wearing thin.
Wrapped safely in her lovers arms feeling far, far away from any harm.

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you keep me up
up for lust
or hunger for indearment
all though the night
i keep my eyes shut
to dream up
what i thouhjt was love
was just dream


Sweet lust hold me so pure
Nothing can tempt me from what I desire
The aching need of everyday's light
For lust I am

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Jun 4, 2014

Love and lust

cannot be found without the other.

Love has a hidden hunger,

while lust seeks for comfort.

A short poem.
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Hong Denice
Hong Denice
Oct 26, 2015

Love is of God; lust is from the world

Love is selfless; lust is selfish

Love can wait; lust is got to have it now

Love is giving; lust is taking

Love is purity; lust is sin

Love develops; lust destroys

Love is peaceful
Lust is full of anxiety

-Charles Stanley

#love   #lust   #true   #temporary  
Brenna Martin
Brenna Martin
Oct 4, 2014

by definition,
lust is
extreme sexual desire for someone

by nature,
lust is
I'm attracted to my thirty-seven year old male teacher
and my eighteen year old male coworker
and the quirky girl who sits behind me in history,

by religion,
lust is
a sin, punishable by Hell,
whatever that is.

lust is unavoidable,
but socially unacceptable to act upon.

I know this sucks I'm really tired
#lust   #you  
Mar 30, 2015

Lust or lost in the idea of wanting something I don't need... I can't breathe without it...I greed..  I crave.... Hmmm... Lust.....I squeeze so hard ..dust..it turns.. I yearn to have it.... Want but don't need.... share never.. A hot cold sweat.. Maybe a fever. Lust.....it's changing me...Help

#short   #lust   #lost   #confusion  
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