The dew 
of this
not yet
in full

© Michael Lechner

So finally I have found you ,
just a like a dawn to it’s dew,
I don’t know where do you live or
what you do ,
but I have hopes that together in life we’ll glue .

You have came just when the movie has started ,
so you never would miss a scene or gleans ,
you’ll know me all someday and
if it seem worthy , maybe just stay .

I don’t ask for much
but just a soul’s touch ,
I promise I won’t try to clutch
rather I would I be glad I came across you in this lively search .

These letters that no one else will ever read
I hope you will with creed ,
be free and welcome to this unusual breed,
Together we are planting a seed .

This poem was originally a on spot written poem I wrote for the people that are subscribed to my poetry newsletter .  It was kinda based on idea that thank you for tuning in and I hope we just grow together here and along in life . The poem name was seed because I felt that I was developing and nurturing something .  I hope you enjoy reading this and make sure you leave  a feedback it's the best thing to read and if you would like to receive a letter just message me .
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Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
Dec 16, 2016

Craving to harvest
the dew-like moments from your
skin; my endbegin.

#love   #end   #time   #longing   #hurts   #missing   #moment   #senryu   #dew   #loce  
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
Oct 27, 2016

love's dew ...

as the rain in a winter season ...
i will be the water to your soul ...
to rain you all with my love ...
as the sun with every new day ...
i will be the shine to your path ...
to seek you to the read to my heart ...
as the moon into the heart of sky ..
i will be your heart wherever you be ...
to feel alive within my heart's beats ...
to breathe me always as i do ...
through our love's breathes...

as every new day ...
in every morning ...
i will be the dew ...
on all roses all over the world ...
to irrigate you with love ...
mine love ...
so you will never feel thirsty ...
you will never be ...
because of me ...
yes sweetheart ...
i'm your season's  love ...
all the years...
with every season ...
i will give you more love ...
through my love's dew ...

good morning sweetheart ...
my angle of love ...

yours and for every season ...
and forever you are my love...

hazem al ..

#loves   #dew  
athena baluyot
athena baluyot
Sep 10, 2016

the ray of moonlight
is a reminder of yesterday's residue
she falls in her white satin gown

inestimable thoughts correlate
on her mind and hang in there for hours
as she drifts from the mundane world

walking in the hallways
with a pallor skin
white and grey
feeling the pangs of guilt
of how she was kind to everyone
but to herself

self-loathing has become typical
it does not sting anymore
thinking about how beautiful
the violin songs will be played on your funeral
and how the bright colored stargazers
will be placed around you

on the other days
you smell the scent of morning dew
and wishing you could smell them for ages
like how you wanted to live
for ages

-there's nothing in between
#white   #live   #morning   #grey   #bright   #moonlight   #dew   #stargazers  
Sep 6, 2016

when my eyes close under weary stars
i see a field flooded with dawn
my feet tickled with dew-pearls
and surrounded by delicate fawn
i see not the bitter tragedy
that strikes my open eyes
just the peaceful grazing
i could only hope to memorize

#dream   #peaceful   #dawn   #serene   #dew   #fawn  
Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
Jul 28, 2016

Black dew into the black night
When falling,
Sadness to my dreams is crawlin'

After the last secret
falls out of me

I laugh at this night
coming out of what was she

And after we wake up the other day
the sun's gonna caress thee

I can hardly breathe now
I can write no more
#black   #night   #dew  
Jul 19, 2016

Before I fell in love with the sun
setting in the west sky
and with the chirping birds
in the morning dew
and with the moon and stars
like lamps in the night
and with the wind
kissing my skin everyday
and with the trees
swaying like ballet dancers
and with the cotton-like clouds
in the blue sky

I fell in love with you first.

Inspired by Lang Leav's First Love
#love   #poem   #poetry   #sun   #night   #morning   #evening   #firstlove   #dew   #setting  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Jun 20, 2016

At peace were moments now pieced together
through emotions were now threw in confusion.
of missed reflection like a mist now clearing.
Dew drops hung on my mind due to lingering contemplation.

rich rhyme short..
#peace   #moments   #dew   #due   #peice  
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
Jun 7, 2016

If you've lost your love
If you've lost your hope
And everyday drags on
And you were wishing you were gone

Cuz your heart is wounded
And the scars run deep
Cryin' in the night
Where nobody can hear
And nobody will care

Laying in your bed
You look up at the stars
And you count them off
One by one
You start to feel
Droplets of peace in your heart

Would you dance with me
In the night?
Under the moonlight
Over the dew drops
Would you dance with me
In the night?
Forget about life
And all its strife

Because you

Laying in your bed
Look up to the stars
And remember us
Remember your beauty

Writing this for someone very special who's going through some rough times. More of a song than a poem, but I hope it works. :)
#the   #dancing   #on   #song   #drops   #dew   #jack   #jenkins   #poetfreak  
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