Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you,
My soul turning bright, beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun shining through,
Beautiful like a diamond dove’s coo,
Beautiful like you.

The winter brings it’s own gifts,
These miracles, all in the form
Of a tiny snow crystal.
I gather these with love,
Holding your cold hand
In mine.
We through it, pass it,
Like we passed our love.
Our love full of memories.
The memories.

The spring rains,
Kissing you in the rain.
Dancing with you in the rain.
It waters, the flowers bloom,
Like our blossoms of love.
The flowers in your hair,
The sight of that
I would give my own happiness
For that
For this indescribable feeling,
For your inspirational love.

The sun shines down,
Warming our hands,
Our hearts.
The cool water splashing us,
Pulling us together.
Sweetness of growing fruits,
We ate together,
Matches the sweetness of our love,
The sweetness of you.

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you.
And as I hold your delicate hand,
We mark another full round,
In our cycle,
Another year,
With you.

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When we went to university,
There still was a you and me.

Then autumn came.
The leaves,
They changed
Nothing ever stays the same.

All I can think about is how
I never deserved you at all.
The care for you should not have followed
The surplus of pills I swallowed.

It’s my fault…
My heart tends to sink,
When those autumn leaves fall.

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Mar 20

With autumns ever shortening diurnal light
You pull the dark evenings in
Like a cloak around your shoulders.
Instinctively your spirited open summer strides

Slip into their winter shuffle,
Inviting the scuffle through fallen leaves
And solemn reflection in every puddle.

Once, long summer days brought inspiration.
Now, with morning, just comes condensation
And a crystallised frosting of the cars and ground.
Through the sky’s grey filter the land’s colours are dulled.

These days are shadowless,
With no memories worth mulling over
Other than when the days were brighter.

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When that last autumn wind
Scattered the tulips,
Even petals
Fell in pairs.

Even I who has
no lover
fell in love.

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Mar 1

Two lines of trees along the street
In all their finery replete
They soften the view till autumn’s fall
When then they have no leaves at all
But cushion the ground beneath your feet.

A bit early to be thinking of Autumn at least lets hear the daffodils sing!
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When the entire sky was blue, you added a heavenly warmth to it.

You entered the bride's forehead,
And you gave her a new family.  

You fell and splashed
on the leaves,
Autumn was called Fall after that !

Mixed your tint with Moon,
People smelled it like

You are the color of birth.
The Color of a beginning to
The color of a river running
inside us, You symbolize
All the aspects of life.

Especially the thing which holds us together, Love.
Without you, there is neither roses or kisses.

You bring out the best
With your scarlet touch
Even on the Sun,
That sets in the west.

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The way you watched as I ran ahead in search of elephants,
Is not the reason I feel in love with you,
On that crisp autumn day.
The way we both agreed on how terrifying it would be to zip line over the man made jungle,
Was not the reason I held your hand so tightly.
The reason I feel in love with you was how excited you were to see the red pandas,
" Like they're ready for a wedding"
The reason I held your hand so tightly,
Was because the butterflies in my stomach were threatening to make me fly.

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If I could store away
the beauty of Autumn
like a squirrel collecting nuts,
I could harvest the charity
of nature's grace and beauty.
I could fold away, within
my core, my love for the
easy air and the smell
of sweet forests and burning leaves.
Each icy day of gray Winter
could unravel my bundle
of happiness a little bit
until it was all used up
and Winter was through.
Then Spring could restore me.
It could remind me of warmth
and life and the color of leaves
when they are first birthed
from their mother trees.
Yes, if I could store away
my happiness in Autumn,
the Winter could be easy.

November 25, 2013
#winter   #spring   #seasons   #autumn  

Maple trees with kisses of oranges and golds make me feel quite whole.
The taste of pumpkin and spice is really nice.
The gentle fall wind holds a slight bite but I really don't mind; for it is autumn and the pumpkins are bright.
So please, please stay, my favorite season, you really are very nice.

This is my poem for my favorite season. I love autumn!
Michael Robert Triska Copyright 2017
#fall   #autumn   #season   #pumpkin   #orange   #maple  

I disagree that silence is golden,
Although I’ve found the whispers of autumn to be so

the yellow leaves of the oak reach longingly for earth

I taste the last tomato from my garden

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