You will always be the light in my world, even when you think you are a ray of darkness.
You will always be my shining star.
You will always be my Sunshine.

This is just my feelings toward my girlfriend
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Shibu Varkey
Shibu Varkey
7 days ago

Timid rays of the morning glow
Shy to step,out of the clouds
Shyer still, to fall into the arms
Of the darkness open wide.

Twilight waits with baited breath
For its moment of retreat,
can never be, until consummate
That  celestial celebrate.

Bashful now, and amorously
Those golden beams descend
And the twain does meet.
The light and night
Births new destiny.

As the twain in embrace dwells
Sublime their souls entwined.
Glorious light adorns the skies
While night closes his eyes.

Oh golden ray that filled my night,
Resplendent dazzling bright
Timidly tho you did step out
Of the clouds of wasted time.

Now you've filled my sky with light
My night has closed his eyes,
Warm embrace of your sanguine smiles
The luster of your laughter sprite.

Each day awakens and night goes by
Longs ever more for you.
My soul awaits your tender rays,
Your touch yea your embrace!

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Once upon a new day's coming of age
We see beyond the mirages of these planes.  Knowing that as a component, "Eye am the brave mage with energy off the page Setting stages with graceful patience Paying attention to the placement of the arrangements."
Even though we want to rage against the machine
One must remember we can be lucid in this dream
Ah yes, the God of your Being, casting & crafting the current reality you're seeing.
Recently We've seemed to have lost touch with our delicate sense of feeling
So why not Jump into our true emotions to induce our own potions of healing
25 percent, at 552 pm.
Our temples came from distant galaxies
So Ain't No use in getting worn down following drowning crowns spoutting fallacies
I mean
The Stardust carbon rush in this body may be temporary
But what if I told you you've existed since the dawn of eternity?
Would you feel like you could give up some of that tight-gripped uncertainty?
Realise the lessons, blessings, and signs from what didn't go "perfectly"?
We tend to get hung up on our heads
And take it all personally
And in doing so forget our powers other-worldly

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low. Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

For this moment's first time
Let the connection begin again
Show your color's intention and let some self love sink in, take it to the brink of your existence switching perspectives via timetravel on synaptic memory highways positioned to tune into an opportunity to listen.  You will always be in the right place, so long as you can learn to believe.  
At the depths of my own mortality I was reminded I can still smile and breathe
Once we clear the cloudiness
All is illuminated to see
The star's light's mighty bright tonight yet
Pollutants still roam free
Some might call that a travesty, duality, or something in between
I know of both light and dark
I feel former in the latter as we speak.  My heart strings our tied in writing spells called poetry.. Which has saved me inside times of need.
Add 1 more little release,
To help me better be
In this moment
I am able, I am grateful, and at ease

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

Let's fly and rise higher than our skies, really try, for there is purpose where there's life.  Sure the body will but the memories won't die.  Communicate to a source of the design, keeping the prized wide-eyed alive
A toast of tea to everything, and I choose to sea life as divine.  Those seeking control will scratch and hold as you climb.  Stuck in an old mold as the unconscious mind's bind prevents the sight to ask why.  
They still have the the power to heal and make right.  Left with nothing but a reflection behind closed eyes.  One with experience keeping the beat of heart as a platform for the next line's rhyme.  I'm just a thought, brought to you by you, and this scene is just another peak on this ride knowing a drop will come soon.  There's been such a growing number of those I know told "RIP", but maybe they're the ones waking up from the dream.  Maybe the only change is how we perceive.  Our weather patterns can freeze or be a gentle warm breeze.  No matter the conditions may we rise in peace.

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

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Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

Jan 8

The water tosses saddles within the mist
Scribbling a mesmerizing sunshine of gold
The rest is in her head, as it tail spins
Cold ankle shivers, waking waves of snow
Easing the sniffling sipper's imprisonment
Beneath the bungalow

#path   #sunshine   #head   #rest   #shiver   #spin   #scribble   #kidnap   #imprisonment   #sipper  
Victoria Capaldo
Victoria Capaldo
Nov 15, 2016

I find myself in limerence
With the sea of orange and green;
A forest ignited,
Admiring the ethereal beauty
That mirrors your own.

The sun warms your face.
Your smile warms mine.
An epoch of affection.
Do not leave so soon.

Lola Park
Lola Park
Dec 24, 2016

Your embrace is like the
warmth I get from
the sunshine.

#love   #sunshine   #warmth  
Elaine Duke
Dec 20, 2016

if i could
i would trace the skyline of your body with my lips
and colour you in sunset with my fingertips

i would etch sonnets into your back
about the days and nights
that i lack your presence

my words would paint pictures of grey skies
because you are the sun
and all i see is rain when you are not around

#love   #lust   #rain   #beauty   #sunshine   #sunset   #grey   #gray  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Dec 15, 2016

It's like there's bitter in the sunshine
Looking forward to the days ahead
I'll learn, something worse or difficult
Can't release pressure on everything

Let the winter rain decide my sleeps
Half eyed, must warm up my lungs
Run to the bleeding point, I will stop
Where there's smoke, I'll rush there

Frozen birds in the street paths
Decaying without belief in heat
The beauty or fierce of winter
Snow flakes fall to cover reality

The portrait of a winter.
Tolani Agoro
Tolani Agoro
Dec 13, 2016

I sit here at 2AM looking for quotes to say I love you
But none of them are just quite right
So how about something from a washed up poet who decided to try tonight
I'm usually good with words but you make my mind jumble
You make my heart race and make my words fumble
When I'm with you, I can't be sad
You always make me so happy even when you're the reason I'm mad
Silences are never awkward and cuddles are devine
You brighten my dark places, you're my sunshine
Love like this doesn't just happen, it has to be God's design... Right?
Me and you? We're one of a kind
Like our fates are somehow intertwined
This isn't perfect but I hope when you see it you'll smile, at the words of a washed up poet who can't get you out of her mind

So I've been in love with this boy for over ten months and four and a half months ago we decided stop being scared and go for it and he's a giant pain in my ass lol but I couldn't imagine myself with any other person
#love   #poet   #sunshine   #2am  
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