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A girl who does or says something stupid just to be able to laugh and eventually wheeze/die.

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Theiving grey eyed lust:
Kleptomaniac of her
Relishing embrace.

Hey, I'm new here. Recommended to this website by a friend, typically write love stuff. Thanks.
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3 days ago

Buds, sprouts, shooting forth
From wet soil and melting snow.
The Animus stirring from their slumber,
Creaking open their eyes glued shut by the dark of winter.
Birds beginning to flutter again.
The cicadas crawling from the thawed ground.
Trees growing leaves, bringing with them the shades of summer.
The shades of chlorophyll pouring from the verdant forests.
Sunshine bathing the land in warmth and renewal.
Where man has worked all winter,
Animals have rested, to recover for the summer.
Man never recovered, he has forgotten how
To hibernate for the winter months.

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Sorina Gantt
Sorina Gantt
6 days ago

perhaps you'll welcome me like you welcome the sunshine,
with open arms and a wide smile.
or perhaps you'll greet me like you greet the rain,
with a silent sigh and a cold shoulder.

- s.g.

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I feel like dancing
On silver moonbeams
And singing lullabies
To sparkling streams

I feel like flying
Just as high as I can
And holding the stars
In the palm of my hand.

I feel like jumping
To touch the clouds
I feel like spinning
Until I fall down

Is this happiness?
I'd almost forgot
What it felt like--
I've missed this a lot.

I think the sun just came out again...

Last Saturday morning
I said goodbye to Spring

goodbye lovely trees blooming
goodbye flowers dancing

And goodbye Sunshine
as winter finally arrived

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One night I dreamt I was a butterfly flying all around and carefree
but in the back of my mind thought how could this ever really be?
And so when flying around in my own solitary and carefree way
I would once in a while stop on a flower and leaf to rest and stay.

Basking there in the warm sunshine without any instinct of fear
I was also then able to spread my wings and expose all my rear.
After a few moments quietly passed I began to fly off once again
and with a sense of purpose flew on ahead in that direction then.

A sudden gust of wind lifted me up high without any effort on my part
and I was carried forward at a pace that me made wander from the start.
I fluttered my wings a little to regain my balance in that turbulent air
which made me get out of breath in my attempt and struggle out there.

The inclination that came to me next was to stop somewhere and rest
so I flew onto a flower matching those hues with which I was blest.
It didn't take long for me to recover my unique composure and poise
when I was startled therein my dream scape by a dark shadow's noise.

I moved in what practically seemed to be a continuation of the dream
and was walking around amongst some flowers growing by a stream.
Having left the old house and going through a dark hallway and door
I was following the flight of a butterfly around the meadow for sure.

My feet were not even touching the ground out there as I moved along
and I couldn't feel anything solid under them which didn't seem wrong.
I would stop for a while and take off again in pursuit of that creature
following every move it was making and so embracing every feature.

It seemed to be unusually deft in keeping itself at a distance from me
even though I tried to get closer to it so that I could myself better see.
When I eventually came to a halt there at the end of my night's dream
I had the butterfly caught in the palm of my hand so it then did seem.

I awoke and opened my eyes expecting to see right there in my hand
the butterfly I had caught somewhere flying around in a dreamy land.
Instead of that beautiful creature something more remarkable I found
a scented coloured tissue which had butterflies printed on it all around.

Written in November 2016.
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Mar 12


Sunlight gleaming, golden glimmer...
dragonflies flutter, iridescent shimmer.

Winter fading, new life showing...
winds of change gently blowing.

Wrapped in warmth, springs embrace...
rays of happiness dance on my face!

Blue skies, butterflies, distant laughter...
dandelions & dreams, chasing after.

Sleepy sidewalks sprinkled with pink...
yesterdays blossoms gone in a blink.

Amethyst, fuchsia, apricot, blush...
masterpiece sky by natures brush.

Willows weeping, growing shade...
crickets singing, twilight serenade.

Black & blue & glitter star-shine...
thieves of day, criminals benign.

Cheshire moon now grinning hello...
darkness falls, sunlight must go.

Just some words from the brighter side of my mind....
Also, the yin to the yang of another one of my poems called 'Darkness Falls'
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