Jeremy Micallef
Jeremy Micallef
10 hours ago

The way I see things
if I were Ted,
You'd be Robin.
All a series of broken strings.

I don't get a choice, not this time.
I'll always come back to you, no matter what.
Love is the best thing we do.
It’s our drive. To envy, lust and crime.

It's not love if I pick another.
It's not love. Not meant to be,
something silly. Forced upon, not by destiny.
You know it’s true. We've chemistry. You're not just a number.

No, it's not wise or safe to think of you -
Especially because we're not likely to ever happen.
Then why do I choose to torture myself?
Why do I aim at catching a bird, when it has already flew?

Is there a reason why I turn back?
For not trying to find a new soul to match
mine? I'm not afraid of the future.
I don't run back to the past. Waiting for my heart to crack.

Because it's love - It doesn't make sense.
I don't care if I get hurt. I don't mind beating myself up.
It's okay just looking at you and just be thinking -
How amazing you are - how wonderful must it be to be close to you, without any suspense.

You once said, that my face always brightens up
whenever I see you. And you're right.
That is that it because I see yours
brighter and more clearly than anything
Irrelevant of what you're wearing. Irrelevant of your makeup.

I don't want to part ways;
just these few months have been hell.
I want to take your hand and just hold it,
knowing it's mine for the rest of our days.

Though, I'm not clutching your hand.
Because I'm losing you. You're fading away.
I’m losing the real you. Not the idea of being with you.
And destructive as it may be, it is so damn grand.

What I’ve learnt from five great friends,
is that I can easily lose someone I love
someone who’s special. So I act.
I do something about it.
So that the possibility never ends.

Truth is, that I can’t promise that we’ll be together,
that you’ll be mine. That you’ll be in eternal happiness.
I can’t vow to be perfect. I vow that I’ll love you though.
When it’s sunny, overcast or stormy weather.

I get it why you’re scared. It’s okay to be afraid.
I, too, am frightened, lost, in between questions.
But why not think about tomorrow? The past is familiar
but as long as I’m with you, never in doubt, never betrayed.

Yet I must keep my calm. As I am thinking about tomorrow
when midnight has not even strike. Haste is not right.
If it has to happen, it’ll happen.
I don’t want to rush. So I’ll try and take it slow.

- And yes, I wrote this poem thinking of a certain bella,
taking lines from television. However, don’t discredit me
as I’ve meant every line written here, during this journey,
seeking the girl with the yellow umbrella.

Here's one similar to 'The One With the Quotes', this time, taking lines from one of my favourite TV series, 'How I Met Your Mother'.
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21 hours ago

I had always thought
That out of all the
In the world
Yellow was the worst
The embodiment of
The bright color burned at my eyes
My darling
As we stand in the dark
And you tuck a
Yellow rose
Behind my ear
I think
Isn't so bad
After all
My dear

I used to believe
Was the most
The embodiment of
The sun
Your soul
And the golden roses
That sat upon our table
Waiting for me after a long day
From you
The bright color kissed at my eyes
My darling
As we stand in the light
Those roses darken
And wilt
As our love grows old
And brown
Instead of the yellow
I think
Isn't good
After all
My dear

Now I sit here
Knowing the truth
Yellow isn't
It's a color
And the memories
Behind it
Make it what it is
My darling
I cannot decide
Whether I
The color
For it was the color of
Forgotten love
The color of
Fights and dark days
The color of
But yet
I cannot bring myself to hate it
For it is still
The color
Of the roses
That you lay
Upon my gravestone
Every year
My dearest
My darling
My love

#love   #heartbreak   #hate   #death   #betrayal   #flower   #rose   #yellow  
Crystal Harmony
Crystal Harmony
2 days ago

yellow, fellow
some colors make me happy
bananas are yellow,
rich in potassium
yellow, fellow
maybe my second favorite, currently
graceful like a duck
a taxi in a rainy urban area
the morning omelette
the sponge of my childhood, soaking up my happiness
the sun that grants me some radiance
the corn of the country side, butter n' all

like highlighter on PSSA preps, third grade
"it all must be important"
daffodil, nostalgia
mac n' cheese
                        mac n' cheese
                                                mac n' cheese
banana peppers
                        yellow buttons
the school bus that takes me away
yellow duckie
french fry
              juicy fruit
phone book
      yellow, my fellow

ok but is it dodie yellow?

just kidding but lately ive been enjoying and particularly favoring yellow
it brings a nostalgic happiness
#happy   #art   #nostalgia   #color   #yellow  

coursing in his veins
the blood of yellow hue
a sure verification
of a coward's cue

men of courage bore
a darker shade of red
there was such bravery
in the way they bled

behind them the craven
one so weakly stood
they'd be taking the bullets
meant for his hood

yellow with dishonor
spineless of back
not having the gumption
to face an attack

his veins so desperately
bereft of fortitude
they were so inglorious
in their aptitude

#bravery   #courage   #coward   #yellow   #cue  
Kendra Mack
Kendra Mack
7 days ago

Yellow – I am sun.
Miss Optimist.
Up to this.
Maker, caretaker.
Yellow – I’m like gold.
A friend I lend
a hand and listen.
I am needle and thread,
the voice in your head
saying you’re fine.
And like the bread
I bake and break
you will rise!
My eyes tell you
to believe me,
Because I believe me.

Part of a color series I'm working on for the spring equinox.
#friend   #color   #yellow   #optimist  
Mar 10

Yellow looks like the most beautiful person in your life. It wasn't about the way they look, but how sunshine seems to part of their bloodstream. But Yellow has always loved the night. How the city lights reflect through their glistening eyes. Yellow knew all the right things to say. Their minds are the entire universe, filled with constellations and planets you have yet to understood. You didn't always understood Yellow, with their never-ending questions and poetry. But being understood was a foreign thing for Yellow. Maybe Yellow was better off not to be understood. There is a thin shield that blocks you from reading Yellow but they would trace their fingers through your skin as if you are the universe. You never saw yourself as the universe, only Yellow did. In fact, you saw yourself as an ordinary rock resting on top of the dirty soil. To be stepped and kicked. "But at least you are strong.", Yellow would say. Yellow would always find a way to spread light into the darkest parts of yourself. They introduced you to a corner of the world you never thought would ever exist.

Though you always believed that Yellow's force field has always kept you outside their door. Yellow has always made you feel like running through every mountain in the world, in hopes that you'll find someone like them. Yellow always smiled, despite their burning frustration. Yellow burned both in a good and bad way. They aren't the smoothest surface either. All you wanted was to be the one behind Yellow's light. Maybe you are. You never understood Yellow. You probably never will. And maybe that's how it should be.

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I hate uncooked asparagus.
I hate the color yellow.
I hate reading romance novels and watching couples frolicking on the streets.
I hate clouds and how they hide such a beautiful blue sky.
I blonde haired blue eyed boys.
Yet I love you.
I love you, the boy that loves all I hate that is all I hate.
The boy with bleach blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes.
Who eats raw asparagus.
That loves the color yellow.
That loves reading romantic novels at the park just to see the couples frolic.
That loves how the clouds form as if foam over the sea.
That loves me.
Why is it I love someone that loves all I hate.
I hate love .

By Payden B Kell (me)
#love   #hate   #romance   #blue   #clouds   #yellow   #couples   #blonde   #cerulean   #asparagus  
Mar 5

Golden honeyed petals in a riverbank of lavender,
dreading the moment the daffodils no longer dance
swept off their feet, prisoners to a purple world
this is how flowers die

#love   #life   #hate   #dance   #death   #flower   #purple   #courage   #yellow   #daffodil  

is a highly toxic, poisonous and soft metal used in many production processes, but mainly mixed with Sulfate to make the color yellow.

metal is suppose to be tough.
Not malleable, ductile and easily cut.
Polished to a lustrous finish but will corrode in due time.

I am Cadmium;
soft and easily cut, my finish does not last, I can be poisonous if you don't filter me.
But if you mix me correctly, I am a beautiful Yellow.

#time   #beautiful   #poison   #toxic   #yellow   #tough   #metal   #finish  
Mar 3

one day
i'll know the softness
of your skin
and the strength of your bones.

you know i love you so,
even if i could never
have the courage
to say it.

inspired by yellow by coldplay
#love   #cute   #delicate   #yellow   #thirst   #coldplay  
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