Are the motivations of our heart,
in sync with The Word’s principles?
Do we recognize that we’re guilty
and forgiven… by our blessed Lord?
While some forces seem irresistible,

we know that the battle is not ours
and our responsibility is in the gap;
are we truly standing united in Faith,
meeting needs and praying, employing
The Word as our spiritual bootstrap?

We push forward, not permitting pasts
to hold us back and bind our hands;
the mission of His Kingdom continues,
we willingly celebrate our commitments
and help others to exit the wasteland  

of empty or destructive lifestyles.
When we’re humbled, we’re grateful
and thankful for His lasting goodness;
in His sacred wake, we’re left knowing…
that towards us, He’s always merciful.

Inspired by:
Luke 18:13; Eze 22:30

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
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Raquel Butler
Raquel Butler
Dec 7, 2016

He tells me:
" prick yourself with a needle,
   it will have the same effect"

As if I am trying to harm myself.
He does not understand
this does not hurt me,
at least not physically.

It has become a joke now
  - but I'm not laughing.
It isnt funny,
it isnt a joke.
His ignorance sears into me,
he thinks I have forgotten
I have not.

this is a poem about a comment someone made about my trichotillomania.
Ambika Jois
Ambika Jois
Sep 13, 2016

You can forgive
You cannot forget.
And when you cannot forget,
You rethink, you remind yourself
How it hurt you.
How it betrayed you.
How it made you believe,
That everything was okay now.

Can you really forgive
That which you cannot forget?
That which you do not allow yourself to let go of?
When you say you have forgiven,
Whose conscience are you setting free?
Why do you forgive?
Why did you forgive?
When you are reminded of your own agony
Again and again, with the same person
Walking by everyday,
Spending each day with you
In the name of family, friendship, love, marriage,
How are YOU sure that you have forgiven
So as to not allow a new rise
To that which you have forgiven
And put aside?

What is it that convinces you
That you can forgive
That you have forgiven
That you can move on from?

What is it that assures you
That once you've forgiven,
YOU will be okay,
That you are ready to move forward,
That you know will not affect you anymore?

While sin enslaves,
Jesus Christ saves,
Why carry around the burdain,
When Christ is willing to carry it for you,for your own gain?
Look,we all fall short of His glory,
We cease to become holy,
But His redemption is always available,
Getting over sins guilt is hard,but its do-able,
Wipe clean your conscience with Christs love,
Not that you'll be as innocent as a dove,
But that your soul will be at peace.
God is a great and forgiving God,He's the reason for this piece.
Jesus Christ saves.

Jesus Christ loves us all no matter what,if He died before we even knew of Him,why doubt His love,He loves,forgives,redeems.Its never too late to love Him again.
#love   #sin   #life   #jesus   #forgiven   #christ   #unashamed  
Cynthia Jean
Cynthia Jean
May 20, 2016

we are

and crowned

we are drawn
with lovingkindness

this day
i will trust

this day
i will pour

He is

my heart's refuge....

cj 2016

blessed beyond what we could ask or think
Mar 20, 2016

to throw myself across the finish line
let in envelope me in arms
cold as death
let myself curl into a ball
in that dark, vast space of unconsciousness
where I will be,

#suicide   #sad   #death   #dark   #cold   #forgiven   #finish  
Maya Wa
Maya Wa
Mar 14, 2016

I'm not trying to be like everyone else
Following crowds to fit in.
I don't need you to make me happy, because your happiness is a weight of lies and loss all on me that I don't want to carry anymore.
I don't need to look like you to get noticed.
I don't need to talk or dress like you to stand out.
because I really won't.
It would look just like you and that would bit the purpose of standing out.
So maybe I'm the black sheep.
Maybe I don't fit in.
Maybe you don't like me.
So what!
At least I know I'm standing out enough for you to notice me and worry about whether you like me or not.
So thank you for lifting up my spirit because now I have the energy to be where I once was.
On Top Of The World.

#world   #of   #the   #on   #forgiven   #top   #pleased   #satisfied  
Dec 10, 2015

when all is said and done
i am ignored and disregarded
he knows my problem
he knows what i will do
yet here i am

all i wanted was to be forgiven
but now i'm trying to forgive myself
for these slits on my arm
with blood forming slowly
i taste my hate
it has always been present
i can't remember a time
when i did not hate myself
it'll always be there
and i'll always feel triggered
by anything that happens

everything is my fault
i will never be happy
these words are my mantra
whenever alone
no pills could ever fix me
and i can't ever seem to fix myself

i just had this hope
that he would truly care
instead of playing these hurtful games

while i'm sobbing and inflicting
he's probably fine
not even thinking about what i'm doing
and that's what hurts the most

Jennifer Weiss
Jennifer Weiss
Dec 7, 2015

It is so very strange.
To no longer be in love with you.
At least, I think I am not...
but then again,
why does it make so melancholy
to see you with another...
WHY is it such a...bummer?
Why does it rob me of clever words?
I know there is fullness of life without you.
But when I think about you....
Its like the same symbolism and meaning
I find in the birds.
and it scares me...
the not knowing
The hoping.
The believing.
It starts to feel as though I am deceiving
Wishing myself into believing God gave
me a
Am I honest?
I miss you still.
I wouldn't want you
as you are.
This part is true.

I guess that solves that....

God is faithful in His promises,
just make sure they are His.
Zachary Medina
Zachary Medina
Jun 9, 2015

Holding on to your love with my life and soul.
Let the days pass by and roll into weeks,
I'll sit there and take it yes all you have to give ,
I'll leach it from you drain you dry forever more.
No more emotion I'll take it all
I'll sit there and stare,
I'll look but not see,
I'm blind to the world that's surrounded me.
I'll make my assumptions and I'll pass my judgement,
Its all wrong in your eyes and mixed up in my head through all of these feelings I might as well be dead.
It's all shit self pity, loathing and hatred,
They all belong to me.
I feel like I'm being crushed under the weight of myself.
You see those people who have misery around them it flocks to them in droves.
Well thats me in my head surrounded by smiles.
Give me love and I'll poison it I'll take it down and make it dark.
You can't get through to me because I am not myself.
You are slowly killing me
Watching me decay with those beautiful eyes.
But I want to be strong I don't want to give in,
With every step you take my heart grows weaker,
So give me others to fill the void just let me heal please don't rip the wound you made in me,
Because you up and left me at the door and now I'm trying to make my own way.
Just take me back or let me go.

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