Life is a Gift without
Where the branches grow
And never stop
Till it is not completed

Tree of life
Above in the sky
Like a million stars shining
Through the process

Life is a Gift
For others who are loved
To see many more
Than one gifted.

By K-mari 2017

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Alli Ashiq
Alli Ashiq
1 day ago

You bring the light of day to my life
The sunshine of hope from every strife
You remove my fear and sadness
And hold my hand when I'm helpless

A glimpse of you lifts my soul
My dear beloved above all
You bring me to heaven with your smile
And it makes my existence worthwhile

Your beauty is truly captivating
And your voice is but enchanting
I'm already blessed to love thee
From the moment I existed till eternity

2 days ago

Every so often,
Grab the abyss by the neck.
Stare deeply into her eyes, and let your heart shout its life giving war-cry.

Hear it echo within the Hallows of Death -
In the spaces that can never be filled by the life
It engulfs.

Feel the raging thunderstorm
That you so profusely call a body,
Cracking and whipping the
Silence apart.

With every coruscating breath
You draw past your lips
You feed an ancient fire
That you've held within
So effortlessly..
For an eternity.

I hope you understand
That you are woven together
By the deaths of a thousand galaxies -
And that you recognize
The countless faces of The Mother
As your own.

For you are the children
of the Sun,
The Moon,
The Truth.

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Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher
3 days ago

Oh wise worry, weep not for me,
keeper of my words and memory,
when you think of me, my works,
the phantom of I that still resides,
my shadow that falls, cast on walls,

oh wise, wonderful worry, weep not,
I would not need your wanton tears,
instead, think upon the years I was,
my smiles, those silly, willful laughs,
times filled with wiles, wise worry;

Do not miss me, or mourn me, love me;
Bring back those blessed days of before,
kiss me tenderly, hug me, even if bitterly,
time is bent, you see, so return to me,
embrace me, oh wise worry, weep not,

we have nothing but eternity.

#loss   #time   #memory   #eternity   #tragedy   #care   #remembrance   #london  
The Silence
The Silence
6 days ago

We stand idly, our backs against the wall
Unknowingly the darkness awaits a time to fall
Though in the glory of your presence
You offer hope; life's undying essence.

Many still fall victims,
Caught amongst the shadows.
But, Lord, you wipe away their sins,
And guide the warriors in their battles.

Each day we pray and offer thanks,
To you alone shall we devote our ankhs.
Granting praise and seeking salvation,
All connected as sisters, no divide in cognation.

You stand as our king, our prophet, our priest,
Three beings in one God, to none we owe the least.

You hold us in our struggles,
And watch your children grow in faith.
You let us fall with the gift of free will,
Yet act as a guide through life's inevitable skaith.

Now we ask for your sacred blessing,
The gift of clarity to all our guessing.
We hope for entrance into your kingdom,
Life in eternity, led by your wisdom.

samantha page
samantha page
7 days ago

even the dazzling butterfly.      
had to start out as a caterpillar
then isolate itself in a cocoon    
to create its true self                   
in due time

so don't expect that                 
the person you are now          
is the you for eternity              
the best of things change        
in due time

Talia Grace
Talia Grace
7 days ago

Everything in
Leads to
Paralysis, but

Maybe if
Everything is

Lovingly in
Alone it'll
Somehow be

Hard times can lead to some tough choices. I've made some wrong choices, I just hope I can be forgiven.

slow climb / the garden

it was effortless, like a hummingbirds glide
walking with you seemed,
no, not seemed, was
more true than the cracked screen i type on now
serene—a return to the garden our ancestors left long ago
with half-eaten apples in hand
we did not worry ourselves with memory
only remembering the last breath shared
and the eyes that smiled and sighed all at once
eternity stopped and took our picture
and we didn't know what to do

it was simple, yet complex
i am convinced there was more to our friendship—more logarithms, equations,
more to identify and calculate than any mathematics
it was chaotic, yet beautiful
the most creative mind could not grasp what we crafted
with light-hearted conversation and long pauses
like strokes on a spotless canvas, every vowel and consonant
text message or distorted word over a phone call,
we painted a landscape of the universe
seen outside our window

and even god showed honor
on cool september mornings
and on frigid january nights
    he saw it, and it was good

temporal, yet everlasting

but now we are on a slow climb
trying to catch our breath
the one we remembered and shared
our legs more weary than tired, teary eyes
a slow climb
dying and getting older
pretending like we have it all figured out
drinking and drinking and drinking then pouring ourselves out
onto the cracked floor, letting pieces of our souls seep into the earth,
until our bodies turn to dust
we are alone, alone, forsaken and alone
no matter who we seek out or how we feel
and it started the day
we whispered:

"farewell, my love
farewell, my friend"

this burden i carry
until we meet again, until we return
to the garden

Mar 13

Dear husband,

I pray that you  have God as your first love and you pray to him vigorously. I pray he hears your whispers, your screams, your silence, your tears of sorrow; and tears of joy.  I pray that he blesses you with the tools you need to build & keep your foundation sturdy and deeply rooted.

I pray that your past doesn't linger and damage your future. I pray that you fall madly in love with yourself and you know who you are as a man and understand what you stand for.  I pray that you evolve in this lifetime with your love, mind, body and soul. I pray that you are financially responsible and have the common sense that's needed to survive. I pray that you pray for me and our beautiful family and friends. I pray that you feel me, see me, understand me, like and love me as a woman and what I stand for. I pray that you have patience for us; be gentle enough for us.

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You know nothing – she said,
Stepping out of the flames.
At that moment I knew
We ain't playing no games.

With desire I burned.
Her immaculate blaze –
Nothing else did I yearn.
Pure as pharos her gaze.

… And we danced, and we swerved,
Glints and flickers beside.
So august our verve
Which no woe would betide.

…In a flash she took off –
The mirage molt away,
But my sorrow paid off –
I live on for the day.


#armin #r'hllor
#love   #friends   #peace   #fire   #time   #dreams   #eternity   #game   #unity  
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