Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
17 hours ago

Sky of falling ashes,
in clouds of constant grey,
oh my sun who shines so sweetly,
how he hides from me today.

Ma Cherie © 2017

;/ more life drama but I was drawn in without force, some kind of mind control maybe (kidding) but feels that way.
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George Krokos
6 days ago

Whatever goes up, in this world, must also come down
unless it defies nature's law of gravity which is renown.
For anything to rise to a certain height and then have to come down again
depends on the force that initially propels it and how high it attains to then.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#gravity   #life   #world   #up   #nature   #down   #force   #height   #propel  

It's getting harder to breathe...
Is it because I'm hiding way too much underneath?
It wasn't like this the first time,
Or was I just blinded by your loving crime?
They were gentle at first,
But now there's this sudden burst.
...No, it's not passion,
Because it's not leaving me with any satisfaction.
It's dead, dark, and deceitful.
It's foul, frantic, and forceful.
It's not love

Am I just your toy?
#kiss   #force  

A pendulum, rocking to the heartbeat of eternity
In time, in tune, in step with the world
Inside of the footprint of this city street

Like a whisper in the passing wind
Or a whistle nearby yet unseen
Striding forward with a massive force
Unstoppable as the former me

This is the essence of my own demise
And the love which grew too strong and too quickly
In order to keep my song alive

And yet through this I've become an entity
So I will rock for eternity, back and forth atop the hill
And also in the flatlands in the east
Where the whispers were first heard to me

True story lol - Most are
#poem   #poetry   #rhyme   #verse   #force   #demise   #throw   #scribbles   #sean   #pendulum  

I slip and fall, behold the water all around, this daze, the overlit tiny
space, hospital, looking at me, doctors piercing gaze.
This is it! I feel their needles pierce my side, fill me with that which
will put out my lights.
I scream and in a rush they tilt my head back and let the pills
go down my throat. I was the one who got myself trapped
by this modern castle moat.
Should have known better, but still I cry, this is it, I'll set fire
to the skies, and no one will ever again sing me sterile lullabies!

Covered the empty bed sheets
Vague memories burned into my skull
Like a flashing bulb
All pain is gone
The chills
Slipping into a near coma
From my FREE drug induced state
Speeding heart rate, and yet you,
Sifting through bottles
For that one last pill
To free your cowardly self
From having any free will.

#short   #pills   #flash   #force   #daze   #doctors   #medicine   #anime   #akira  

Quietly it runs away
slips away as I sleep
fade leaving me to weep
Carefully I'll make my mind
And change who I was
Forcefully I'll work my way
To my future
My past will be a fuzz
I'm doing this because
I can no longer be
Who I was

Sometimes I don't know why I am doing What I'm doing. Am I going through the motions?
Is it time that I grow up and give in?
Are Dreams meant to be given up?
Am I supposed to decide what my future will be, so early in life?
Is life meant to be pushed and forcefully sped up?
Is this a competition?
Going this fast, surely my past will be forgotten.
#dream   #poem   #poetry   #future   #past   #quiet   #change   #forget   #force   #careful  

if the stars could talk they would whisper your name,
in silent hums and hushed tones that disperse like the many leaves on an autumn day.
your name has weight.
such weight that the explosion of every single star in the universe would still end with a hint of you lingering around.
the silence wouldn't be silent,
because when something as beautiful as you exists, it exists forever.
you are a force of nature.

#love   #nature   #stars   #weight   #force  

I'm tangled inside and everything comes out like glass
I'm cutting inside.

The way you carelessly lose yourself, cuts me inside
And I forcefully tear my skin off
To show you I'm bleeding.
Can these pools of red speak louder than thunderous phrases?
I've tried.

You find yourself in dark places
Losing yourself to people who won't remember your name.
And you forget yourself

In the worst kind of way.

I can't force you
Can tears? Can pleas of red and blue? Can whispers of adoration?
I've tried.

Does it come down like lightning - or do I sit in a deserted room...
Watching an hour glass, receiving postage with your name written on it.
Hearing about you from everyone but
I've tried

And I'm the woman stuck in a painting
Trapped in an artifact
Scribbled on a drawing.
I can't speak!
Every single piece of me is lost in time, to trying, to trying..... Fading.

But, I saw you yesterday.
You smiled.
It felt like the beginning of something,
I realized
After all this time, maybe we can began again

Trying to hard to force someone to stop them from hurting or what you think is hurting themselves but you can not do anything about it.
#love   #anger   #end   #loss   #lost   #frustration   #hard   #difficult   #force   #watch  

Believing and dreaming, growing and leaving
Leaving behind......
A whoosh and a spin, a grin and a glint, all that it takes before time is amiss.

larger, infinite, timeless, senseless, insurmountable, imaginable.

These are the moments in which the impossible can be conceived.
A smile is taken as a romantic gesture,
And every single moment can be jumbled in a messy, wild, reckless grin
Each stroke taken as its last
Each beat felt like never before
And its all coming now

Will it ever come like this again?

What it is like leaving home for the first time and finding your own
#love   #freedom   #leave   #beauty   #emotions   #strong   #deep   #powerful   #force   #grow  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Dec 26, 2016

I hope our paths never cross again,
Because I will come at you with all the force that I have,
You have ruined the one thing I hold dear,
And now its time we awake what's driven by fear,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For you have awaken a monster I spent decade laying to rest,
Now he is raging in me like an animal encaged,
Waiting for a chance to inflict pain upon revenge,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For I am now a man with few items to waste,
You took what was most valuable to me,
And so open doors to the devil that breathes,

#anger   #devil   #force   #rage   #paths   #cunning  
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