Bridgid Blalock
Bridgid Blalock
2 days ago

Quietly it runs away
slips away as I sleep
fade leaving me to weep
Carefully I'll make my mind
And change who I was
Forcefully I'll work my way
To my future
My past will be a fuzz
I'm doing this because
I can no longer be
Who I was

Sometimes I don't know why I am doing What I'm doing. Am I going through the motions?
Is it time that I grow up and give in?
Are Dreams meant to be given up?
Am I supposed to decide what my future will be, so early in life?
Is life meant to be pushed and forcefully sped up?
Is this a competition?
Going this fast, surely my past will be forgotten.
#dream   #poem   #poetry   #future   #past   #quiet   #change   #forget   #force   #careful  
Sorina Gantt
Sorina Gantt
5 days ago

if the stars could talk they would whisper your name,
in silent hums and hushed tones that disperse like the many leaves on an autumn day.
your name has weight.
such weight that the explosion of every single star in the universe would still end with a hint of you lingering around.
the silence wouldn't be silent,
because when something as beautiful as you exists, it exists forever.
you are a force of nature.

#love   #nature   #stars   #weight   #force  

I'm tangled inside and everything comes out like glass
I'm cutting inside.

The way you carelessly lose yourself, cuts me inside
And I forcefully tear my skin off
To show you I'm bleeding.
Can these pools of red speak louder than thunderous phrases?
I've tried.

You find yourself in dark places
Losing yourself to people who won't remember your name.
And you forget yourself

In the worst kind of way.

I can't force you
Can tears? Can pleas of red and blue? Can whispers of adoration?
I've tried.

Does it come down like lightning - or do I sit in a deserted room...
Watching an hour glass, receiving postage with your name written on it.
Hearing about you from everyone but
I've tried

And I'm the woman stuck in a painting
Trapped in an artifact
Scribbled on a drawing.
I can't speak!
Every single piece of me is lost in time, to trying, to trying..... Fading.

But, I saw you yesterday.
You smiled.
It felt like the beginning of something,
I realized
After all this time, maybe we can began again

Trying to hard to force someone to stop them from hurting or what you think is hurting themselves but you can not do anything about it.
#love   #anger   #end   #loss   #lost   #frustration   #hard   #difficult   #force   #watch  

Believing and dreaming, growing and leaving
Leaving behind......
A whoosh and a spin, a grin and a glint, all that it takes before time is amiss.

larger, infinite, timeless, senseless, insurmountable, imaginable.

These are the moments in which the impossible can be conceived.
A smile is taken as a romantic gesture,
And every single moment can be jumbled in a messy, wild, reckless grin
Each stroke taken as its last
Each beat felt like never before
And its all coming now

Will it ever come like this again?

What it is like leaving home for the first time and finding your own
#love   #freedom   #leave   #beauty   #emotions   #strong   #deep   #powerful   #force   #grow  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Dec 26, 2016

I hope our paths never cross again,
Because I will come at you with all the force that I have,
You have ruined the one thing I hold dear,
And now its time we awake what's driven by fear,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For you have awaken a monster I spent decade laying to rest,
Now he is raging in me like an animal encaged,
Waiting for a chance to inflict pain upon revenge,

I hope our paths never cross again,
For I am now a man with few items to waste,
You took what was most valuable to me,
And so open doors to the devil that breathes,

#anger   #devil   #force   #rage   #paths   #cunning  
Dev A
Dev A
Dec 25, 2016

It's 1 am and he called to wake me up.
Foggy mind,
Sleepy brain,
Sluggish limbs.
I answered not really paying attention to him
I'm too tired to think
Too tired to realize what's being said.

It's 1:15 am and I'm taking the elevator down to meet him;
But I get downstairs and finally realize what's happening
I'm not seeing him but rather I'm looking at you

It's 1:20 am and all I can think is that I shouldn't have picked up the phone.
I'm waking up
But it's too late
I've sealed my fate,
I'm still a little foggy
Still a little sluggish
I keep walking with you as I try to figure out if this was a mistake and if I should leave.

It's 1:30 am and we're in the bathroom and no one is around.
I'm fully awake
And you've asked,
I'll give credit to you for you did ask
But I was hesitant
I don't actually know

It's 1:40 am and you're getting annoyed because I said no and all we're doing is talking
You want more
But I don't know what to do
Say yes and word is spread:
She's a slut,
She's a whore,
She sleep with everyone.
Say no and who knows what happens:
She's a bitch,
You'll do it anyway,
You walk away.
Either way it could turn bad for me,
you don't seem the type to take no as an answer

It's 1:45 am and I say no so you ask if I like music.
You say let's dance as music flows from the phone speakers.
I'm pushed against the bathroom wall.
No one is around.
It's quiet but for the music.
Night is fully present outside.

It's 1:50 am and I'm pushed against the wall with your body completely covering mine.
I don't want to be here.
I want to leave.
I'm not comfortable.
I said no.
And yet those are you're fingers pulling aside my shorts
And those are you fingers pushing my panties away.
That's your other hand holding my hips in place
While your body holds me immobile.

It's 1:53 am and I'm panicking
I'm terrified
I don't know what to do!
What's happening?
I said no.
Is this my fault?
Did you read into this as me leading you on?
Why is this happening to me??!!

It's 1:54 am and I'm held against the bathroom wall when all I want is to not be here!
Slowly, you've pushed my pants aside,
Now I feel you pressing against my back.
When did you take your pants off?!
Slowly you're sliding your dick into me
Hoping that I won't notice?
Hoping that I change my decision?
Hoping to ease my mind?

It's 1:55 am and the panic has taken control
Adrenaline is pumping through my veins
Fight or flight is pushing for my survival.
Unknown strength kicks in as I push off the wall
I knock you backwards
You trip over your pants wrapped around your ankles.
I rearrange my clothes so they're back where they should be
And I run for the door.
You call me a bitch and tell me not to leave until you put your clothes back on.

It's 1:58 am and I'm walking away, waiting as the minutes pass so you don't follow me home.
I'm standing outside the elevators
Debating whether or not to take it up
Or run up the stairs instead.
I don't want you to know where I live,
Even he had never been to my home.

It's 2:04 am and I'm still standing outside the elevators when you text me
Not know what to expect,
I consider deleting it without opening it,
But truth be told, curiosity gets the better of me,
5 words is all you write:
You're a fucking fat bitch.

It's 2:07 and I finally decide I've waited long enough and take the elevator.
I walk into my apartment and head straight for my room.
I fall on the bed.
Everything plays back through my mind.
I question everything;
Why did I answer my phone?
Why did I go downstairs?
What was I thinking?
Why didn't I leave sooner?
Was this all my fault?
What did I do to deserve this?
Why me?
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
My fault
My fault.
My fault.
My fault.

It's a few weeks later, New Year's Eve, and I'm out with a friend.
I tell her about him and I tell her about you
And the first thing she says is that you tried to rape me.
You tried to rape me
Rape me.
Rape. Me.
The word circles my mind.
It's the first time the word connects with what happened.
With what you tried to do.

It's minutes later, as we move away from the crowds waiting for the fireworks so we can have privacy.
I argue that it doesn't connect
For you never penetrated me.
The word seems far fetched
Like that didn't happen to me
All because you were never inside me.

Days, weeks, months, years pass and I "come to terms" with what happened.
I realize it may not be categorized as rape but it was sexual assault.
I keep what happened close to me.
I don't want the memory of you in my head
I push aside what happened
I refuse to think about it
And when I do, I down play what I went through in those few minutes.

It's 3 years later and I'm finally realizing that what I thought was my "acceptance" of what happened was only dreaming.
I know I haven't recovered mentally
Not yet
Maybe I won't.
But I'm finally realizing I have to face that night
I have to face what happened
So that I can move forward
So that the memories stop haunting me
So that I don't live with the shame and embarrassment.
But most important of all,
I'm finally realizing that

It's been 3 years this month and I'm facing what happened.
I was assaulted.
I was forced into something I wasn't comfortable with.
And it wasn't my fault.
These are the facts.
3 years and I'm finally coming out and saying what happened to me.
3 years and I'm finally acknowledging what happened to me.
3 years and I'm finally facing what happened to me head on.
3 years and I'm finally willing to talk about what happened to me.

I've tried writing about what happened before, but since I could never fully come to terms with what happened, I was never truly able to express my feelings. I've written poems about it, trying to capture the feelings from that night, but without recounting what occurred I was never truly able to do so.

For reference the "he" and "you" are two different guys.
#broken   #fear   #pain   #shame   #force   #rape  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Dec 8, 2016

You are of the spring
Only light rains
To flourish greater life
Neutral with pastel hues
Sweet smell of honey suckle
A comfortable dusk falls upon you
Almost such a rebirth, anew

I am of the winter
An extreme bite upon the lips
A cool breeze which sends shivers
White blanket covers bright greens
A brisk wind, abrasive by nature

But oh, what a sight to see
Although only tolerable for a day,
Maybe three.

You are of the spring
And I am of the winter
You force me to melt
And I,
Have you shiver.

#love   #winter   #spring   #maybe   #three   #force   #make   #melt   #shiver   #stability  
My Dearest Reno
My Dearest Reno
Nov 28, 2016

begonia, azalea, oh my morning glory
up mountain i climb, wintry deception
path now covered, converged i remain
since sown seeds laid out in history,
my husband, so dear is his treachery
backlashes from my half full coffee cup,
leaves pose as icicles, dead among living

reflecting order, they place me in darkness
such a smile of sun, thawing ground brings,
off oh husband, leave me be, sweetly touch
eucharis lily, apple blossoms, and heather
do not dare say thy name amidst the unkind,
upon returning to tenderly kiss your lips
oh the wonder of spring, one you will miss

dying courtyard so lovely. how winter speaks to me. :)

side note: apparently if you don't return likes to likes, you're selfish? did it ever occur to you that some of us aren't dying to be accepted? this place had changed. ugh.
#dead   #fun   #snow   #face   #force   #at   #bruise   #ya   #throw   #snowball  
Nov 17, 2016

Standing in this sphere
I seek communion with the Stars
Heat and dust for hidden answers
I wonder wonder where they are?

Bursting into gates I dawn my robe like a heavyweight
Wandering thru the distance I am guided by the Way
skim the outer rim clouds dissolve revolve or scatter
but I'm focus on the mission I'm surfing streams of gray matter
burn to shine walk the line by gravity of the Force
untethered in this universe My vision on the course

I fast devoid of sun or moon
comet of the galaxy I'm bound to Windu
I am Master of the unseen epoch
I foreshadow the battle whether it not yet be true
You know like Yoda, I do

I'm staring in the nebular
what will birth from this mother nurse?

I'm meditating on the cellular
my midichlorian organ is buzzing like a church!

No matter measure of endeavor
light speed hyper space ever near to the source

Inhale trees Exhale breeze Interstellar
Entwined and unleashed all is bound to the Force

"All is absorbed and destroyed in the Breath Mindfulness is the only choice we have to make"

It was night and
You are the sun.
You are a force,
Like the ocean,
Like gravity.
I am in awe of you.
I can not turn away,
Pulled into your radiance.
Forever changed,
For now I know glory.

@LadyofRavenhill 11/3/16
#love   #gravity   #passion   #sun   #romance   #ocean   #force   #glory  
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