JR Falk
JR Falk
Feb 11

Disheveled and groggy, I wake to your smile as you calmly run your hand over your face.
Tired eyes meet mine and I welcome you.
I grasp my pillow when I am urged to hold you;
You are not mine.
Your eyes are focused on your phone and impulse begs me to take it,
throw it to the side,
and kiss you.
It beckons me to distract you from the hectic that has been your recent days.
I clench my pillow.
You turn your attention to me and ask what the matter is.
The anger dissipates from your clouded eyes when landing on me.
As dim as the room is, it reminds me of moonlight.
Soft, embracing.
Instead of responding, I trace the flames on your right forearm.
In this moment, I am warm.
You do not further in asking, instead you lean your head against mine and let out an exasperated sigh.
My free hand clenches my pillow.
Inside I am imploring,
"I want to love you how she never could.
"I want to love you purely.
"I want to love you wholesome."
Instead, I softly press my lips against the tattoo I was tracing.
Your fingers loosely find their way to mine, and we lay.
I recite the moment I kiss your lips.
I plan it, step by step.
Doubt drowns me out and while our lips are mere inches apart,
this is not the moment I will close the gap.
I instead bring my eyes to yours and scream every emotion I am feeling.
You grin softly at me and lay your head down, closing your eyes.
I lazily drape an arm across your chest and you drift off with an arm around me.
As you drift away to the sleep you damn well deserve,
I whisper all of the things I'd never tell
while you


Been a minute.
God damn, he is holy.
#love   #kiss   #first   #want   #need   #fall   #hard   #sight   #fast   #moment  

Slipping and sliding, that's how she flies
Dodging the taxis, avoiding semis

Expert in the clinch, a move of her hip
Death so defied, a professional trip

Delivery assured, she's never been late
Vouchers and packets, she makes no mistakes

Gliding the white line, a perfect traverse
No greater her time, in this universe

She prefers her Schwinn, it's light and it's fast
Weaving a path, all traffic to pass

Don't try to catch her, she's over the moon
She ducks as she hums, singing her tune

No records to break, nothing to prove
Doing the freak, shooting the groove

Flying off to the left, a sexy sensual move
She does as she wants, all silky and smooth

Kinda gleaned this from a Dire Straits song "Skate-a-way".
Took it down a bicycle bend, based on seeing vids of delivery riders in NY, who did crazy things on a bike. :D

I am trying
but trying doesn't make
deep wounds heal any faster,

and you rubbing salt in them
does not help them to
hurt any less.

~~ From another time, where things seemed much worse without anything being that different. ~~
#pain   #time   #hurt   #past   #stop   #fast   #try   #salt   #fix   #heal  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Dec 31, 2016

Simple Death

Where there was an aura of life now
it descends into emptiness.
A husk of wishes that lay rotting in an
empty cavity, maggots consume thoughts.
We are but a sheet that showed our life's
struggles, but now it is like ash on bone.

Complex Death

My Breath is the stench of a departed
moment yet this husk still expires yearnings.
Desiring the inevitable but the tread is taut
not frayed as one would petition in haste.
My pain is versed on this carcass of flesh
that needs to evaporate into echoes of yesterday.

#death   #fast   #slow  
Dec 19, 2016

The beauty of Leopard;
Crawling elegantly with her beautiful coat.

Don't close your eyes,
don't even wink,
for she is dangerous.
Her beauty may fool you.

You can't run from her,
for she runs faster than you.

Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
#beauty   #her   #fast   #leopard  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 17, 2016

Life is fast & furious,
But achieved patiently,
Are all those good things.
All houses are not Toretto's,
Because life is so unique,
And it is really not like,
The Fast and the Furious.

1327 is the Toretto House in The Fast and the Furious.
Dominic & Mia Toretto were brought up there.

HP Poem #1327
©Atul Kaushal
#and   #mia   #fast   #house   #hollywood   #furious   #dominic   #1327   #toretto  
Rachel Dyer
Rachel Dyer
Dec 11, 2016

I keep waiting to feel something,
Sadness, grief, destruction?
Anger rises up and ebbs like the tide
Did this Queen lose her King?
Or just get off of a roller coaster ride?

It was hot and it was bright.
But it ran fast and then died.
And I know I was right.
Maybe that's why I haven't cried...

Because my small still voice whispered in the nights.
When his breathing settled low.
That it would be hard to keep this one and my rights.
And when the other shoe dropped I thought gloom would grow.

But all I felt was sadness...
sadness for him and all the losses he would feel
Because his anger is remorseless.
Because his tenderness is masking righteousness.
Discovering more darkness the further back you peel.

I almost loved him
That much I know is true.
But when you are punished for wrongs not committed the future grows dim.
So our fiery love hisses out and the embers go blue.
All because you could only think about you.

Surprise! :(
#love   #truth   #sad   #wrong   #fast   #angry   #right   #break-up  
Nov 27, 2016

sometimes it feels like the world is too much
like I have too many thoughts
like there's too much time
like I'm moving too fast
like I'm not moving fast enough

its hard to describe and hard to understand
I feel like I'm doing too much
but I'm also not doing enough

#world   #fast   #slow   #understand   #toomuch  
Mason Burch
Mason Burch
Nov 23, 2016

here i lay
me and my cat
what do i say?
on the clouds we sat
wondering why
i'm talking to my cat.

#happy   #fast   #random  
Nov 16, 2016

If we run
If we run
Then we might make it in time
If we're late we'll be forgiven
But if we miss it that's all right
Because tomorrow is another day
And at least today we tried
So won't you run
Won't you run
Won't you run with me tonight

#late   #run   #together   #fast  
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