3 hours ago

I liked "banging" you
because I'm insatiable
because you knew
how to touch me
in ways no one else did
because you took control
but let me be bold
because you were gentle
and rough
because you seemed to want me
more than anyone else did
because you pleased me
over and over and over
even when I thought
I couldn't possibly...
...but I could
because when you climaxed
that was more satisfying to me
than all the times
I ever did combined
but most of all
when it was done
(sometimes hours later)
you lay there
still inside me
and I felt
that whatever was missing
for my entire life
had finally been
returned to me

it was always more
#love   #sad   #passion   #lost   #beautiful   #true   #real   #crave  
Alli Michelle
Alli Michelle
22 hours ago

Lift me up
with my dreams

I promise
I am light
though I look dark

I promise
my lips will not share

our adventures
our stories

if you lift me
from my blue

I promise
no more red
for you

We can share the sky
the sea
the ground

I promise
to be light
no more dark

but I will be heavy

I promise
to be true,
and I will hold on

through all the
the thorny branches
the quicksand

I promise
I will remain
in your arms

as long as my
dark is forever gone

#end   #dark   #true   #emotions   #light   #promise   #moving   #begining  

I take your hands
And kiss your lips
We embrace in true love
Our hearts beating together
In true love as I show you
True love forever we smile
And laugh our hearts
Smiling in true love
Forever together
In love I kiss you
Your heart smiles
Inside my heart
Always forever together
Your heart shall always
Smile inside my heart
Your truly beautiful
My only love forever
Inside my heart you
Will be truly loved forever
My beautiful pretty princess.

David P Carroll
True Love
#love   #true  
Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
3 days ago

I never really listened to the real me.

Hello for now,
Goodbye for later.
Nothing really happened,
In your eyes.
Everything you thought were real,
Were just an illusion.

I used to ignore my real feelings.

Blank eyes,
Full of darkness.
Happy smiles,
With unnoticed words.
They’re like poison.

I couldn’t love my true self.

They act before thinking.
Ruining it all.
Everything you see,
Is not me.

I didn’t acknowledge myself.

Its back,
The tears.
I’m back,
More real than before.
Can’t go back,
I realised reality.

#feelings   #happy   #reality   #thoughts   #true   #real   #darkness   #black   #myself   #illusion  
Austin Woodruff
Austin Woodruff
5 days ago

To the broken heart
Who's life seems to be torn apart

The feeling of a growing distance
With a dim rememberance

Remembering the times of laughter
Future dreams simply shatter

In time I know I'll love again
Because it is True Love who shall win

First I love God my creator
And in His Son I find my Savior

His Spirit is that who gives me love  
It is Jesus who made me so beloved

In my brokeness He makes me whole
It is Jesus Christ whom I extol

Jesus loves the broken heart
I am His work of art

#love   #broken   #heart   #true  
Don Bouchard
Don Bouchard
6 days ago

Time rolls backwards into a memory haze,
And I am young, and she is young always;
Her beauty turns the heads of longing men,

And I am jealous, once again.

When I remember passioned days,
My soul leaps up into old ways,
And I pursue the girl I love, amazed,

And I am satisfied, again.

When I remember battles past,
I know the one we're in will end at last,
And our old love return to hold us fast,

And we'll return to love again.

Though time retrieve the golden days,
And little stamina remains,
Never will it take our love away.

Still, our love remains.
Still, our love remains.

39 years, I have loved her, and I love her still.
Still tweaking this one. Never quite done...
#love   #true   #so   #does  
George Krokos
7 days ago

Something that is true can generally stand the test of time
but that which is false may amount to no less than a crime.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#time   #true   #false   #something   #crime  

I spent years on our relationship.

I have lots of friends like you.

But your betrayal hit me like whip.

And if I only had friends who are true.

I’d only need one

to replace you.

Feb 17

When I was a child,
I dreamt I could fly,
When I woke, I tried for a while
As hard a I might, it was a lie!

When I was a child,
I dreamt I could breathe
Under water for a while.
Awake I tried but air I need!

As I grew up, those silly dreams I forgot,
Until one day I jumped out of a plane,
With a parachute, the wind I caught.
Flying like Superman, it was insane!

As I grew up, those silly dreams I thought I forgot,
Until I dove deep down under water,
With scuba gear that I bought.
Swimming like a mermaid was not bother!

Looking back now, I see
Those silly little dreams
Were always a part of me.
Dreams come true, it seems!

True story. When I went skydiving, I was wearing a t-shirt with the Superman emblem on it. I wonder what other dreams I forgot...
#dreams   #true   #positive   #insight  
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