Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
10 hours ago

Intact, they don't even mumble,
Once broken they will grumble.

My HP Poem #1391
©Atul Kaushal
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The forgotten one
The forgotten one
13 hours ago

He was completely broken
Before she came into his life
Bring him back from the edge
She poured her love into him

Completely healed he smiled
A smile that he now misses
She stepped on his heart
To watch it shatter

Now he might be broken forever
Sitting on the edge of life
With thoughts of his last jump
Letting the agony
Fade into the abyss below him

#broken   #sad   #pain   #lost   #true   #ending   #honest  
The forgotten one
The forgotten one
14 hours ago

As I heal the sick and injured
My pain increases within
As I soothe their sorrows
My tears will become an ocean

I give my heart
To the ones I take care of
Leaving me empty inside
A void I can't fill
Only a love
Can begin to mend
My shattered soul

I've given myself to others always waiting for someone to fill my emptiness.
#sad   #pain   #lost   #empty   #true   #honest  

Out of all the women
In the world your
The only one I
Truly love
With out you
I'm nothing
With you I'm
Everything my
Heart my soul
My one true love
Forever I shall
Always be in love
With you my one
True love.

David P Carroll
My True Love
#love   #true   #my  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
2 days ago

In these tumultuous times
one would think I'd feel quite undone--
the man who was elected, who our nation has chosen
to be the one to run
this great country of ours
stands for so many things I abhor,
yet today as I came home from my time away
I found out that I am loved far more
than I had ever hoped or dreamed I'd be--
you see--
my true love wrote a beautiful note to me
and told me that I am his ONE
and on my keyboard I found
his heartfelt words:

"You caught my eye
in junior high
and took my Heart
soon thereafter.
I don't need a single day
in February
to tell you this...
I love YOU
now and forever!"

Now tell me true--
dear readers--
would that not make your day?
It's been hard for me
since the change of guard
in our nation's capital --
but suddenly I realize
that this world is just so darn full
of hate--
yet here in my very midst
on HP and at home
I have real and true love to hold me close
and I don't even have to roam
further than close proximity
of my life right here--
to find out how very real and precious
this love is that I hold so dear.

So lesson learned:
take heed and look around to see
that even when I think the world is all messed up
I have so many here
and in my every day life
who truly do love me.

(thank you!)
©Pamela Rae 01.22.2017

That note also had a beautiful card attached that proclaimed his love for me...we were married as babes--he was 20, I was around 19 (barely) and divorced just a few short months later--but with the promise that one day we would find one another again...
37 or so years later we did find one another again and rekindled our childhood love. It's even better NOW than it was back then...
so, I'm
Just trying to express the huge gratitude I feel for the love that surrounds and embraces me! I am so incredibly blessed! Thank you too to all the ones here who truly care. ♥
#love   #heart   #hate   #home   #world   #hopes   #true   #change   #readers   #realizations  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 days ago

As we are in
Love we love
Each other
In love we are
Truly in love
Our perfect love
We will
Always be
In true love.

David P Carroll
In True Love
#love   #in   #true  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
5 days ago

True Love Forever.
As I dream
About my love
I dream to
Hold to feel
Her make her
Feel truly loved
Only she could
I ever love
As I hold my
True love forever
Our lives grow
Together loving
Her truly deeply
Forever and ever
Only she my love
I could truly
Love forever.

David P Carroll
True Love Forever.
Together Love
#love   #true   #forever  
5 days ago

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world
There's nothing more beautiful than love
Real love, real true love, you know what I mean

When you see two people still holding hands,
like when they're eighty three
This is the most beautiful thing to me

#love   #world   #beautiful   #true  
Jan 16

Here I sit, wrapped in a blanket wiping the tears off my face
Its 1:24am and my mind is racing
Thinking about everything i've said and everything I haven't

I wonder if theres even a life for me on this earth
It seems as though everything I do is wrong
And everything I don't do is wrong as well
I can never win in this game of life

Everyone expects me to be a different person  
From home to school to friends to relationships
Theres a "new" me around every corner

I'm tired of changing for people who most likely don't give a shit about me
I've lost touch with myself
I don't know who I am anymore

For everyone I meet a new layer is added
I've lost count of how many I must un-peel to become my true self

Recently I've been feeling really shitty. I honestly can't tell you the last time I was truly happy. I don't even know who I am anymore. Everything just sucks and I wish I could move and start over. I wish somethings didn't happen and some things did. I'm tired of feeling like everything is my fault and that I have to explain myself all the time. I rarely do things for myself, maybe its time I start.
#self   #sad   #depressed   #people   #true   #shit   #angry   #reason   #shitty   #count  
Jan 11

it wasn't your hair I fell in love with whilst ignoring your smile..
it wasn't your clothes I fell in love with whilst ignoring your style..
it wasn't your mind I fell in love with whilst ignoring your heart..
it wasn't your poems I fell in love with whilst ignoring your art..
it wasn't your letters I fell in love with whilst ignoring your tweets..
it wasn't your cunt I fell in love with whilst ignoring your teats..
it wasn't your knowledge I fell in love with whilst ignoring your quirks..
it wasn't your presence I fell in love with whilst ignoring your pause..

it wasn't a woman I fell in love with whilst ignoring her soul.. it wasn't a girl I fell in love with but a human whole..

I know full well, you're as silly as you're sensible..
I know full well, you're scared of our journey uphill...
I know full well, you're afraid you won't satisfy me..
I know full well, you have left your heart with me..
I know full well, in you I can trust..
I know full well, there's God n he'll be just..

I do hear you cry.. I  do feel your pain.. I wince when u ache.. Babe, i promise... This won't go in vain..!

it wasn't your laughter I fell in love with whilst ignoring your tears.. The day we're together as one, is not far, not far, for it nears..

~ D.

#love   #pain   #true   #soul   #whole   #laughter   #quirks   #chasm   #cunt  
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