Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose
5 days ago

So often I see you try to be
Something you are not.
Please stop.

Did you know I thought
I had to always straighten my hair
But then I found out my curls
Can be beautiful?

Please stop to trying
cause I’m still collecting pieces
from the time i walked home crying.

Stop showing me that frown
for I’m still coughing water
since the last time you let me drown.

Stop to ignore it
for I’m still healing wounds
from the time you took my heart and tore it.

#time   #crying   #please   #water   #stop   #trying   #healing   #ignore   #drown   #frown  

Such dissatisfaction
For so little reason.
Much complaining & whining,
Crying & begging;
Pulling hair, tight fists
And gnashing teeth.
Consumer Zombies stagger
Into the Stop & Shop,
Shop & Go,
Buy More For Less-
Sale, Sale, Sale!
Salivating glands & bug eyes;
Our hands grab more than
Can possibly be seen.
Our skin stretches tight
As white elephants stampede.
Why can’t we all

Just Stop & think?
Take a drink of the cool morning
Air and buy in the sunrise?

©  Lesley Wood

To hear spoken words,
#stop   #think   #wake   #zombies   #drone   #consumer   #automaton  
m i a
m i a
Feb 12

i feel drunk when i think
about you
you were a past memory
a dream
as if you were never real

please help me erase you from my memories.
#go   #confused   #lust   #memories   #hurt   #past   #stop   #me   #let   #eli  

Yes, I admit it
I am that typical girl
Who waits for the prince
To show up

And in my dreams
He rides a horse
And brings roses
And chocolate

Please, stop!
Before it's too late
Listen now
What if...

The prince is
Terrified of horses,
Allergic to roses
And disgusts chocolate?

Life is not a fairy tale!
Why didn't anyone
Tell me that the world
Is not a cliché?

Just some 11.24 pm thoughts
#love   #dream   #world   #roses   #prince   #stop   #chocolate   #horse   #clich  

I am forever drowning in a place where I cannot move
I cannot breathe
Yet time still goes on all around me.
I have learned to call this place home,for no matter how hard I try I cannot escape.
Time has no place here
Everything lies still.
I do not move on from the trauma I have been through
each rape is shown to me
over and over again
They call it PTSD
post traumatic stress disorder
You'd think that after all these times I could avoid this inevitability
* I was raped  last night

Thinking I was in the company of friends, I got drunk
I could feel everything happening to me
but I couldn't say no
It was as if I was only a husk of myself
I  wasn't there*
When I finally came too,
I squeezed my legs together.
You wouldn't stop touching me
I moved to the corner of the bed
Holding onto myself tightly, hoping this was just a dream
You wouldn't stop touching me
It's over now
I'm back to the place where everything lies still.

#dream   #lies   #sad   #death   #help   #stop   #drowning   #sick   #rape   #trigger  

I’d like to know what a hero is;
Pretty simple, I believe.
Explain to me how a hero is
Supposed to act
And when the fool’s
Heinous crimes will be
Given a reprieve.

What is a hero?
Is a hero supposed to mock
What causes the danger
Or laugh in the faces of
Those who wish for change?
Where’s his cape?
Where’s his dimming lights And crowded stage?

What is a hero when he
Starts the problems he was
Deemed to end?
What is he but a hero when
The foe becomes his friend?
Is he still the powerful
And mighty
When the journey towards
Greatness has become too flighty?

Is a hero supposed to cower
Behind the power?
Is a hero meant to
Lead with hate instead of love?
Is this “hero” your definition
Of the “great” America we’re still
Yet to become?
What is a hero doing with
How are we going to get this
Message through?
It’s not he who is the hero
But we the people
Who went within a second From a million to zero

It’s not them who are the
Heros, but the villains
Overruled by corporations
And common greed.
What is a villain wearing a
Hero’s mask
Doing imprisoning a country
That struggled so long
To be freed?

As you may have guessed, this poem is about the one and only Donald J. Trump.
#war   #peace   #passion   #not   #hero   #stop   #riot   #violence   #election   #trump  

day by day
i lose myself more
to the other half of me
beckoning at the door

every day i step over
the threshold of my life
into curiosity
beyond fright

sadness makes us curious
fright makes us careful
the night makes us see
the different people we cannot be

forty days and forty nights of rain
that's what happened in the Bible days
but its been months of pain
how many more
the sun breaks through the haze?

i am gone
i am gone
i am gone
i am gone

i dont know how to help you from a distance. please stop killing yourself.
#cant   #dark   #away   #yourself   #i   #stop   #it   #gone   #destroying   #handle  

You silent man of darkness
What have you done, what have you done
Floods of anxiety rolls onward like a waterfall
You silent man in the darkness
What are you doing, what are you doing
Held in an iron grip of pain,
My fingers
Dry as branches, you break
You silent man of darkness
What have you done, what have you done
From the darkness, malice laughs
You silent man in the darkness
What have I done, what have I done
Prays for my life
Please, stop, please stop
You silent man of darkness
My meetings with a, Shut the fuck up
Takes better grip, dry branches breaks
Crying, screaming with pain
I throw up, I throw up
You silent man in the darkness
What have you done, what have you done
Twists me in pain, twisting me in pain
You silent man of darkness
Why?!  ....

Linda T

#crying   #fingers   #stop   #dry   #malice   #waterfall   #breaks  
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