I am zel
I am zel
Jan 12

"I expected for the worst
and you never fail to disappoint me."

She said to herself as
he walked away again
and this time he never looked back.

I'm tired of being
Your shoulder to lean on
I'm exhausted from your

You're so needy,
I have needs, too
Stop clamoring to me
Like a child would

This is unappreciated
I can't always be your
Supportive figure
I have problems, too

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Jan 10

I spoke so many words; and my tongue went out of my mouth.
I held my patience between my hands; and I apologise to the time that has been wasted.
I stopped all the time-machines; and I found myself in the future dying.

#words   #future   #time   #past   #stop   #speak   #sense   #tongue   #less   #apology  

I am trying
but trying doesn't make
deep wounds heal any faster,

and you rubbing salt in them
does not help them to
hurt any less.

~~ From another time, where things seemed much worse without anything being that different. ~~
#pain   #time   #hurt   #past   #stop   #fast   #try   #salt   #fix   #heal  
Dec 28, 2016

I pray you hear me in every voice that speaks
feel me in every absence
Utter my name in every sexual encounter
Search for me in every person passing by
An emptiness you feel that will forever be present
because i was the presence that kept it full
after me there is no one
In fact
You can't fill the void
Because I still & will always hold the key


#love   #stupid   #lost   #saddness   #fool   #power   #hard   #stop   #worth   #chances  
Dec 27, 2016

The sun is shining through my window,
And onto my face,
In 30 minutes,
I am forced to face the people I've been hiding from,
And who have been hiding from me,
Cause I'm painful just to see.

#pain   #hiding   #stop   #family   #christmas   #holiday  
Asanda Mpelwana
Asanda Mpelwana
Dec 22, 2016

The African sun.
So it's December
Summer in Africa
30cm away, that's how close the sun feels to the earth's surface
Naturally I have a short skirt on
And the worst thing I could have done is walk out the house
Because, you know
"I'm asking for it"
I walk past a few men
Who look at me like some meal
One walks towards me
Pretty young
He's basically undressing me with his eyes
As he goes behind me
Opportunity strikes!
Because I asked for it
I turn
Slap to the face
Because he too!
Asked for it

Dec 16, 2016

I miss my smiles
Somehow I just need
To accept my failure
So that I will learn
To smile again

failure is part of life
#dream   #failure   #stop  

Three days ago I found my sunlight peeking through a crack on the back of a rusted dumpster. My body, forced into it by people unwilling to give me a second chance.

It was blistering cold and the wind cut like snowflake diamonds zipping all around. I remember I was walking home thinking “maybe this is all I have left to give”

So two days ago I decided I'd let that dumpster bright ray of sunshine go. If my only good moments were covered in filth, I'd rather just let them go.

My thoughts raced on what was ahead of me. A millennia of starscreams opening across the galaxy as my silhouette becomes the shadow of a dwarf.

I know I'll miss the sunlight though...and even through cracks in rust I think my sunlight might someday become platinum.

Yesterday I met a face that felt like hot shadows. She sung catapults of fire in my mind. I saw her on the stage at a local cafe, strumming demons away from my side. Her fingers bleeding sunshine through her fingertips. Dipped in ridges and vibration.

I found a fool's worth of hope in the skyline and lost a lifetimes worth on wishing.

#sun   #stars   #space   #stop   #now   #motivation   #dont   #moving   #keep   #start  
Addison May
Addison May
Dec 11, 2016

If you actually knew your facts,
you would've kept your mouth shut.
You don't understand the situation.

I may, mistakenly, be changing up the facts.
Maybe you do know of the entire left side, and I am wrong
Yet I know-I know for a fact, that you sure as hell haven't heard the right.

So step back, seriously.
you don't know the power you've created.
I would say I warned you,
but it's too late for that.

Good Luck-You'll need it.

You've just made it worse ;-;

i probably shouldnt have posted this
but oh well
#why   #stop   #mess  
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