Maranda Thomas
Maranda Thomas
7 days ago

I’m tired of thinking of you all the time,
It’s stupid that I can’t keep you off my mind.
I lay awake at night thinking of pretend kisses
And dreaming one day of being your Mrs.

It’s stupid I know,
But my thoughts are out of control.
I bet you don’t even think of me,
Not for a millisecond it seems to be.

Of course, I don’t know this for sure,
But if you did, I’d like to think you’d send and “Okay sure!”
You didn’t even reply to the last text I sent you,
I bet you didn’t even read my pathetic plea.

Now I waste my nights thinking of lost dreams
All because you made be believe we could be.

Last stanza is definitely my favorite.
#love   #heartbreak   #kisses   #lost   #dreams   #of   #control   #out   #ldr   #pretend  

I'm willing to forget all the pain you've caused me
For one,
"I'm sorry,"
I wouldn't reminisce in the puddles of tears under my bed,
"There must be a leak,"
Is what I'd simply pretend .
Do you know what type of pain,
That thoughts of missing you bring ?
I bet I'd forget,
If only you'd say you're sorry .

#pain   #forget   #sorry   #pretend  

I purchased a ticket to your matinée.
You sold me on the storyline.
Boy likes girl,
girl likes boy,
live happily ever after.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

Here I am, front row and center,
popcorn in hand;
clueless as to why I am alone.
In this dark, cold, empty place,
I am alone.

Nonetheless, here for you.

The curtain rises, it's your time to shine.
It's just like you said,
boy likes girl,
girl likes boy.

There are no two hearts more in unison,
though it seems something unsettles his mind.

Thoughts of her lying,
Thoughts of her cheating,
Thoughts of her leaving,
bestow tragedy.

I am waiting.
Where is the happy ending?
I am here waiting to watch you love,
to watch you hold,
to watch you unite.

I throw popcorn at your deceit,
at your paranoia,
at your hysteria.

You ripped me off.
I now know why I am alone.
In this dark, cold, empty place,
I am alone.

#love   #boyfriend   #relationship   #movie   #play   #lie   #acting   #pretend   #taken   #thespian  
Mar 3

Let's play pretend, and be someone else for a day.
Well run through halls, while our thoughts fly away.

Lets play pretend while we still believe it is true.
While the fake princess's are many, the real ones are few.

Lets play pretend, and at least try to believe.
That our imagination is real, and happiness is something we can achieve.

Pretending is easy because its something inside,
Pretend is easy if only we felt alive.

This is the first time I've play with repetition, and sort of a constant rhyming flow. Any feedback would be awesome!
#up   #dreams   #reality   #escape   #growing   #pretend  

I finds cracks on people
who pretend they're whole.
So maybe that's a blessing.
Or maybe it's a curse.
Either way,
I can't save them all.
And there are too many out there
who laugh with broken hearts.

#people   #laugh   #save   #crack   #pretend   #not-a-hero  
Megan H
Megan H
Feb 27

I poured my heart out
With a pen and paper
Until there was nothing left
An empty shell holding a journal.

I used to be happy.
I used to know what it was like
To feel joy course through my body.
We all did,
At one time.

Then there's the loss
And none of us are ever the same.
Pretenders, I'd call us.
We can fool the lucky few who don't know the darkness.
The oblivious-
They do not know what the world is.

The world is a beautiful, devastating mess
It takes, but it doesn't give
Mounds of dirt viciously colliding and collapsing
To make canyons and mountains.
And yet, some people only see the beauty
Not the destruction

You cannot see the destruction
Without having been destroyed

And to be destroyed,
Is to be lost forever.

And we just keep on pretending

The people I write to,
Will never read these scratches of my soul,
Never see the tear stained paper.
They call themselves friend,
Yet they won't even try to look past my fake facade.
Because some people don't have time
For people like me.
#depressing   #sad   #life   #death   #fake   #loss   #time   #sorry   #destruction   #pretend  

I fail to see what's hidden behind,
Smiles, and faces so good at pretending
Long have I been familiar with these names ;
But this unfamiliarity is never ending
Felt the warmth of compassion as long as we talked
Then, their shadows faded and left me thinking;
Is this what they mean by amity  ?
To be held close for a moment;
And then be left alone the other second
And as I dug deeper and deeper I found,
These memories that I hold on to
Are nothing but a bunch of  good byes

#friends   #life   #alone   #strangers   #masks   #pretend  

To fall in-love w/
a woman from a place of
myth: nonexistent..

#love   #haiku   #real   #senryu   #pretend   #imaginary   #whoknows   #both  
Feb 7

I could have any kind of conversation
With any kind of man
But the ones we want to talk to us
Never, ever do
They all stop in the end.
They all vanish like it was pretend.

Talking in circles.
#want   #need   #leave   #goodbye   #men   #conversation   #talking   #pretend   #vanish   #reply  

Reality can often feel counterfeit or imaginary,
as fantasy can often seem be
ancestrally bound to life.

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