Oct 12, 2016

I think your more beautiful
I see your curves more defined
and your voluptuous stare burning a million times
more direct than any line on that type writer

VØD and I were talking and i told him I wanted a type writer so I sent him a picture of  a type writer and I said it was beautiful but then he said that haha i love him so much.
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I refuse to feel guilty
For the wrong choices family make with their lives.

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Everyone in the Village
Knew that the Witch Doctor
Could be
A Dangerous Man.
If he put a Curse on Someone,
This person would
Come down with a Mysterious Aliment,
If he wanted to Protect someone,
This person would always be safe
Even if it seemed as if
The Whole World
Was against
That Vulnerable Person.
No one understood,
The ingredients
Of the Potions he concocted
Or the Spells he cast.
Some people hated him,
And wanted him dead,
After awhile,
Even those who hated
That it was best
Not to fuck with
The Witch Doctor.

Mar 19, 2016

I know I don’t need you
But the desire is still there
I know we had to end
But it still doesn’t feel fair

All that I thought
Was that you were the one
You gave me some purpose
Even now that we’re done

You will always be
The thing I can’t reach for
The vision of who you might be
Is something I will always adore

I had to learn it the hard way
That soulmates aren’t yours forever
But I will always have a part of you
A part that I’ll never manage to sever

I’ll learn to live with the cancer
Because Love is not a gift
May you always suffer
And may we forever drift

Syddy Raye
Syddy Raye
Nov 12, 2015

I'll be honest with you, Friend.
I kind of want to fucking die.
Close my eyes and disappear.
No more problems to worry about.
No more anything.
Closed eyes don't sigh.
So, even though I care about you,
And I don't want you to feel hurt,
I can't stay here anymore.
You see,
Closed eyes don't sigh.
So with slightly parted lips,
And a smile to make you wonder why,
I'll leave you with these words,
I love you and good bye.

Syddy Raye
Syddy Raye
Nov 12, 2015

I'm so fucking pissed.
I want to smash his face with my fist.
Have a nice fucking day.
Or don't, I don't care anyway.
What's wrong?
Don't we get along?
No, you fucking idiot.
We do not.

This was about my boyfriend's friend, yesterday. He kind of drives me up a wall.
Oct 7, 2015

Ang tanga.
Tangina ko talaga."

It is ineffable; this feeling, this life.
And yet, in this instance,
I find that there are no other words I can concoct,
no other verses I can construe
to understand, what more, explain,
this underlying chaos
other than a confession, an admission
of how genuinely f**ked up
I am myself.
Paramount Pawn
Paramount Pawn
May 8, 2015

Sometimes, I just have the urge to curse at you.
But I just can't say it .
Obviously, I'm scared of being scolded.
But I really want to hit you with a truck
And say "goodbye"  forever to you.
But it's not that simple.
Especially that you're close to me.

...for a friend.
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Jeremiah Mhlongo
Jeremiah Mhlongo
May 5, 2015

This body is a blessing to life,
To life's end its a curse,
To live is to spend then die,
To die is to be cursed by death,
Blessed by the grave,
What a sorrow our life's live behind,
What is life without no end?
What is the purpose of life without living?

At least life isn't fair... What if it was?
#life   #death   #loss   #blessings   #purpose   #curses  
Awesome Annie
Awesome Annie
Apr 15, 2015

I struck a match and held it close, setting it all a blaze. Watching it on bended knee, observing through the haze.

When all this is finally over, I'm hoping that I can cry. Been waiting to escape for so long, that I can't remember why.

Smoke fills lungs to steal my breath, choked I can not breathe. I know that I am absolute, to love is to deceive.

I see it all in ruin now, as fire erupts in euphoric waves. Every dream I ever had, now lay in empty graves.

Wild it burns with furry, warming my pretty face. Smoldering all the hope I had left, leaving me cursed to this lonely place.

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