Corine Rose
Corine Rose
3 days ago

My mama told me to be thankful,
For I will be given blessings.
My mama told me to be nice,
For I will be given more blessings.
My mama told me to speak kind,
For I will be given all the blessings.

I hope you listen to my mama,
Then she will bless you with endless blessings.

Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Mar 17

Thank you fighting Irish,
for standing at my side
and I will do the same for you-
as I share in Irish pride,
it's time for every Irish heart,
to come out from where they hide,

We have come amazing distances,
from oppression at our throat,
and we wear some real
deep battle scars,
in an Irish fighting coat,
as we sailed in ships from an irish loam,
as we sailed
in freedom's boat,

All we came -
to this place
yeah we all came the same,
an our happiness-
it was the goal,
in our knowledge
that all hard work pays off
well so knows the diamond
from the coal,
and happy is the little fish,
finding comfort in a shoal,

An it's tattooed on our skin to see,
on an Irish skin so fair,
and in every Irish freckle seen,
it marks connection that we share,
an I don't have to guess at all,
how much my Irish Brothers care,
it's never too much to measure in,
the familiar things we bear,

The same for Irish sisters too,
and all of any other race,
as we are all connected true,
in all the light and colored face,
the color of your skin does not,
provide one with their grace,

We all can be some
Boondock Saints,
like my badass Irish kin,
we all share our connection deep
down below the earthly skin,
to think that what you do -I do
if you do wrong,
then I too "sin"
an we should not be fighting here,
if we join hands-
then we all win,

So I send an Irish blessing
to help you on your way
an I know that you don't need it
but I hear the bagpipes say,
that we have still much work to do,
before we all can hear it play
so as I get down on a bended knee
and again this morn' I pray,

And yeah some hands
were made for fightin'
all defendin' Irish wing
well I hope St. Christopher
he stay with you
until the final ring,
and bring a comfort
to your heart anew,
the kind that only real love bring,

I hope it finds you well
and happy -
an you be contented with your life
an I hope that all are grateful,
for every child, man and wife,
the best time to count your blessings
is when you're knocked down hard
with strife,

So I am sending you my Irish love
I sing laughter
- living mirth
to spread the seed so wide,
an defend from hell
on  Earth,
returned we are to innocence,
returned in death from birth,

I pray for all a peace to come
that one day all will know
just exactly what it's all been truly worth.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Oh.... I pray for the world to be more tolerant For my "Irish" and for dear friend Brian wherever you are an all you too- happy st. Patrick's Day! X - Ma Cherie
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Ola Radka
Ola Radka
Mar 15

fall on us
like cherry blossoms
in spring.

and yet
full of the eternal,
all embracing

By Arcassin Burnham

Take the shot,
please don't blow it,
unless i lose it,
I'll never know it,
feeling like i'm ten feet below,
on the slippery slope , to what hell has to offer,
i'm glad that you know,
the things that we cherish, we lose,
i know that this life isn't proper,
Take a shot,
i command you,
but i don't wanna,
swear i can't stand you,
lord please just take the wheel tonight,
no more promises to fight , if you promise me we would stay
up all night,
stranger than a twilight,
trash is another mans treasure,
find it on sight,

thinking how long have i been in this condition besting all my other personalities of when i'm drunk infesting way too many signs of intoxication in ways that i would think is not good for the human brain,
if not then i don't act the same,
With life struggles you can erase,
work hard to replace the things that have been impacting all of us,
but the last of us don't need to say a thing,
locked up and get life in jail or don't really better yourself at all,
like dominoes , one day it'll be your turn to fall,
please don't let the serpent win , but you just wanna hang out with the boys,
please don't let the serpent win , but you just wanna get high with the boys,
please don't let serpent win , but you just wanna commit a crime with the boys,
oh look! the serpent at the finish line and its on you,
my boy that was your choice,

Take the shot,
please don't blow it,
unless i lose it,
I'll never know it,
feeling like i'm ten feet below,
on the slippery slope , to what hell has to offer,
i'm glad that you know,
the things that we cherish, we lose,
i know that this life isn't proper.

©ABPoetry:RisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017.
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Little Nymph

Little nymph, wild and free
Running nude among the trees
Laughing and dancing, spinning around
Picking flowers from the ground

Rolling through the meadows of green
Listing to the love birds sing
As you enjoy nature’s creation
Your mind is filled with sweet inspiration

Little nymphs wish

Hope, kindness, joy and love
The stars, the sun and moon above
Bring all goodness to those in need
Give their hearts perfect peace

Ease their mind and calm their soul
Show them the path they should go
Fill their hearts with true sensation
Touch their spirit with pure inspiration

Life’s short.
Death’s brief.

Gotta be
for small

Feb 18

Hearts were racing and feet were running
Her trying to catch up in her white sneakers
Him holding onto her hand
With a smile when he looked back

Laughter was astounding and panting in between
Her in that little white dress, a small veil over her head
Him in that neat shirt, sleek jeans and a stunning white bow tie
"This is crazy..." they said

"Not really."

Hearts were racing but feet were walking
Their hands clutched together, ever so tightly
Down the aisle they go
Towards an altar that they've failed to believe in

Laughter melted into little giggles and panting in between
With minimal witnesses
They made silly vows
And exchanged simple rings

"I do."

And they shared a kiss
One like no other
One that marked their ultimate bliss

"I love you." she whispered
"I know." he chuckled
And she hit him with the tiny bouquet
"Unbelievable." she scoffed in joke

"I know."
He said, gently
And he kissed her forehead
"Tell me all about it."


                                                           And they laughed...
                                                         Ever so happily...

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2 Corinthians 9:8 "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

In the gleam
of the morning sunrise
i saw the blooming
of the seed of faith;
strength to live
another day,
peace to let go
of yesterday,
for the journey ahead.

I am blessed
going in and going out;
wherever I go
I carry the beauty-mark of success
eternal happiness
because I believe
I am blessed
because you love me
I am alive
because you touched me

And eventhough
it may not be an easy road
i recognize
that you are here with me,
there to guide my eyes to see,
hold my hand and lead me
through treacherous trail of every trial
until I get to promised land
of milk and honey.

I am blessed

This was custom poem I did for one of my twitter followers. Currently I am raising money to study abroad in China or Africa. In honor of my academic achievement during graduate study I have been nominated to participate in the Laureate International Scholar Program, a program in which you study international relations and diplomacy in either China or Africa. I have started a gofundme page to raise the money I need to go and as a thank you for any donation I am offering to write custom poems. If you are interested and would like to know more information about the program and trip I will leave the link to my gofundme page below! If you decide to donate make sure to comment with your email address and the subject of the poem you would like and I will email you one. I appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!! Also if you could share the link on your social media outlets that would be of great help as well.
Damaré M
Damaré M
Jan 13

As I sit front row amongst an abundance of lushness I accompany a congregation filled with long-term friends. The holy ghost is in Canis latrans. Taxidea taxus isn't really diggin' it. Mephitis mephitis came into service smelling a bit reckless. Procyon lotor is all over Lynx rufus's shoulder. Castor canadensis just don't give a damn. Neotoma cinerea haven't said a peep and Glaucomys sabrinus is the flyest I've seen in weeks. The tunes that the Warblers are singing is sweet, with the Hawks hitting notes all the way to the peak and you know the Great Horned Owl cadence had to be deep. The gospel put all California Poppy, Star Tulip and Western Pennyroyal to sleep. Now everyone quiet down, all I hear is the river and the wind, patiently waiting for Giant Sequoia to speak. Drum roll please? Pileated Woodpecker knows the perfect beat. The deepest sermon goes unspoken. Nature is the religion and the earth is church. Praises to God for his Kingdom translating his words.

*Canis latrans* = Coyote
*Taxidea taxus* = Badger
*Mephitis mephitis* = Striped Skunk
*Procyon lotor* = Raccoon
*Lynx rufus* = Bobcat
*Castor canadensis* = Beaver
*Neotoma cinerea* = Bushy-tailed wood rat
*Glaucomys sabrinus* = Northern Flying Squirrel
**Scientific names of the given species**.
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This year I want to start a new tradition. One that's my own. At the end of each year I'd like to write what I've learned. No, this isn't another "New Year, New Me," poem, simply a fresh perspective.

Oh 2016, where do I even begin? This past year brought immense pain, yet so much clarity after the heartache subsided. I learned that you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Unfortunately, I lost that loved one before I could learn that lesson. Now that it's been taught, by the grace of God I am no longer lost.

2016 was the year I did it all on my own. Okay, who am I kidding I'm a millennial so my dad did help me along the road. 2016 was about choosing your battles while fighting the good fight. I also learned it's not always about you. In fact, it's safe to say it's never about you. We're merely just pieces in a big spiritual puzzle, and that truth will never be muzzled.

Happy New Year & Cheers to 2017!

Wishing you blessings. Let's await and seee what this year has in store.
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