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youphoria Mar 12
you are your roaring heart beat
with your nervous hands
and your blurry eyes
your tears swelling like waves

you are all of your lonely and
wonderful feelings
you are your bad days and your better days

and you should celebrate the very simple fact
that you are nothing but your divine, authentic self
youphoria Oct 2018
it is that feeling that
everything is as it should be,
not far from perfect.
when you're in the car
with the windows down
and that song you love turned up.
it is that moment that true happiness is nearly tangible,
dripping from your fingers
like honey.
and you're there.
just as you are.
just as you should be.
  Sep 2018 youphoria
Arlice W Davenport
(After Cavafy)

Do not let your life get so far
ahead of you, busy and distracted,
that you meet it on the way back
a stranger, an alien.

Your years are long and vigorous.
They curl upon the sand
like S-shaped tidal waves, as the bay
itself seeps out of the vast, gray sea.

Tomorrow, if you meet yourself,
burdensome and strange,
you will have lost
your one chance for glory.

You will have lost your way
in a dark wood, as another poet put it.
You will have lost
the mothering protection of the sea,

whose gentle tides are always
taken away, never to return the same.
youphoria Sep 2018
I was 11 but you touched me like I was 22
Now I'm 22
and I finally realize how wrong that was of you

You were my best friend's dad
And you had been drinking
I tried using that as an excuse but what was I thinking

I keep telling myself it was nothing
But trailing your fingers along my waist and down to my **** is evidently something

I repressed it for years but it finally came to the surface
Our brains hide these things from us on purpose

I'll take my experience and let it go
Because nothing would hurt more than being belittled by the people that I know.
youphoria Sep 2018
sometimes when i am in public
i get spacey
and observe everyone
and their actions

these people around me
i'm not like them
or maybe they're not like me

they seem so careless and
i seem so uptight

then i just try to relax
my shoulders
because they are all the way up to
my ears

letting this anxiety get the best of me is one of my biggest fears
youphoria Sep 2018
the music falls in
to my ears
like the leaves falling off of
in autumn
so slowly
and elegantly
this music
is everything that i live for
it's what needs to happen
so that i can continue to blossom
into spring
youphoria Sep 2018
i know i have all the words inside of me that i could form into such beautiful art
but getting them out of my head and onto a piece of paper is the hardest ******* part
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