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Victoriae Dec 2015
Tonight my 11:11 came true
My prayers were answered
My pain was taken away
My wondering ceased
My regrets vanished.

Tonight you let me into a secret part of you
The part that was holding all the pain of myself.

Tonight I can breath
Live, and love again.
Victoriae Jul 2015
We were a sunset. A beautiful progression, finally approaching it's ending.
We meet, bright and forming; your yellow rays of blaze fusing into my blue, silky sky.
Morphing from solid oranges and blazing yellows, to placid purples and tenacious, seducing pinks.
Coral red base lining, the clouds turn grey to the core, almost black. With rosy pink below, and baby blue above, a sort of white has met in the middle, the dark clouds intoxicating the innocence, the brilliance.
With a quick glance elsewhere, and looking back at the setting sun, all has quickly faded.
Now only two colors remain: a dark, devouring blue flowing into a waning, innocent white, no longer any clouds in sight.
Just as we burned together, danced in roaring color, and molded into one another, now we fade; fade into nothing, maybe even everything, yet left alone, only one of our colors remaining.
As the ardent black of night consumes the last of radiant blue, little is left to be seen among the twinkles of stars and gaze of the moon.
Though we may now be a black nothingness, forever we have the dancing of the stars and triumph of the moon to evoke what of us has been left. A beautiful progression into an even more scarring, alluring finale; what once was, into what will always be.
Victoriae Mar 2015
You are my muse.
I sit, I stare, and my mind fills
with nothing but thoughts
of you.
You are my poem.
I write, I rhyme, and my mind fills
with nothing but rhythms
of you.
You are my moon.
I gaze, I admire, and my mind fills
with nothing but wonder
for you.
You are my love.
I yearn for, I grasp onto, and my mind fills
with nothing but passion
for you.
Victoriae Mar 2015
tonight I fell in love with you
this happens often;
every moment I am nuzzled into the curve of your neck meeting your jaw line, breathing you in.
every second I hear your voice, echoing my name without ever speaking it.
every raise of your chest as you take in the air that i so longingly wish to be.
im falling for you over and over again, and I wonder how many times this will happen.
I'd like to think endlessly; forever-
the rest of my life, the rest of yours; so that one day, we may be able to call it our life.
I would like to fall in love with you
when you drum the rhythms onto your lap, offbeat and oblivious
and when you kiss my hand, so softly, like a butterfly; landing for a moment, effortlessly, and leaving so sudden with little breeze.
let me fall in love with you
every day, all over again
so that we can be forever and this life can be ours.
Victoriae Mar 2015
you're so afraid of getting hurt
that you're hurting everyone else around you
Victoriae Mar 2015
I want to be intertwined with you.
mixed into your thoughts,
your words,
your actions:
however subtle,
but always significant.

I want to be every part of you
I want to be choked up with your words
swallowed down with your fears
entangled with your musing,

I want to be the hand
that so effortlessly grazes through your curls the pencil
that composes every beautiful thought onto paper  
the lips
that sing never more perfect words and melodies

I wouldn't mind being
the tears that stream your face when you aren't sure of who you are
the curses you pitch out in frustration when life has you overworked
and the laugh that echoes throughout galaxies when you are truly happy

I would be any part of you,
the good parts and the bad
just to say that I was with you;
just to feel like I meant something
even if you weren't aware of it
like the breaths you take that have become such a familiar process
that you aren't aware of the air anymore,
the vitality of it
I want to be the air you breathe
and the eyelashes that protect your dark, secret bearing irises.
I want to be you and a part of you and with you, vital and unnoticed, for the rest of our lives.
Victoriae Feb 2015
The beauty that I see in the moon
cannot compare
to the beauty that I see in you
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