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CB May 7
“So strong, so fierce, forever bright is the fire that lines my core. The burning and churning of my brain, will it end; never will come that day. Ignite my heart, set it aflame. Blood seeps from past mistakes, I feel no pain, so I ponder on the idea of going away. I scream at you, you’ll scream back, but I’ll scream louder leaving a crack. I’ll always be louder, pushing you farther and farther back. Take my reins, try and take control, I’ll forever reign in this ******* hole. Long live the past, a part of me that will forever last”
if only i could go back
CB May 7
“I see the orbs in the dark of night, they float, grow, and glow causing such a fright. A fear so menacing, a fear so bright. Do not scurry away into the night. The orbs so rare, so real, what an awful dread. Before you know it, you’ll be dead. They’ll catch you, trip you, pull you away, they’ll make you fall simply far far away. There’s no escaping something so tall, don’t turn from the inevitable crying, instead welcome it smiling”
CB May 7
”Look to the heavens, see the angels soar. Feel the laughter reverberating off of the shore. Sheer happiness coats his tongue. Looking off into the distance, Lucifer hears a roar, a roar of laughter, seeing his father in such joy. A twang of jealously soon jabs him away. The taste of guilt so evident, clear as day. His fair maiden has been swept away, she has made such a chore, deceiving the Devil once more. Lucifer falls to Earths very core. They’re betrayal will forever be the beginning of the end. The greatest mistake our father will ever commit. He who will walk this floor, wrecking havoc on those who are so poor. See him mercilessly march through the flames, anger and temptation at his very touch. You’ll never escape the Devil, not after he’s done so much“
CB May 6
“Grocery store glances, and one right hand turn.
Run away from roaming eyes, ignore the faded t-shirt and broadened back.
Eyes of blue, eerie, distant and filled with dismay.
Dangerous and taunting, tormenting my insides, so I’m daring the fates and stealing a glance, all the while I’m losing a staring contest. I sigh, and try not to remember.
Heart hammering and breathing begins to become heavy.
Heart aches, and bones shake. Surrendering the thought of you, while sanding down my heart to refinish it to its normal state.
Steady breathing, and bare bodies, memories flash, heated glances and hurtful chanting.
Hating distances and grocery bags, I sag at the thought of you, and forget why I ever hated you.”
Don’t go down the cleaning isle
CB Apr 28
"Wake me, shake me, help me up from this dark hole i’ve wandered into.
Make me see sense in the fact that it's over, you’re gone.
Convince me this is wrong.
Promise me life has purpose even when you’ve been gone for so long.
Pray for me, tell god to give me a flashlight to take down this dark damp tunnel instead of damning myself while stumbling blind.
Push me up against a wall, kiss me and maybe then i'll come to my senses, because i’ve already lost my mind.
Look me in the eyes and tell the truth, tell me you don’t feel what I feel, even if it's a lie."
CB Apr 28
"I wish I could explain this feeling caged up inside of me, uprooting everything I know.
I feel it move from my chest creating a spiraling chaos throughout causing such a mess.
Set fire to my soul, burn this relentless beast inside of me, please.
My heart is beating rapidly, barely being able to withstand anymore of this perpetual barbaric pain.
Battered, and beaten I give in, finally my heart has betrayed me one last time."
CB Apr 24
"Have you ever felt it?
The guilt that builds up seemingly overnight over a boy that’s so far back in your memories but somehow seems to resurface only two years later.

Have you felt his hands touching your face in your dreams, hearing his laugh, seeing his smile. Your unconscious mind making up all these scenarios and sweet sweet lies, you wake up drenched in sweat with memories clinging to your body you’ll never be able to scrub off.

It hurts, it hurts you until your skin is raw and you’re all scabbed up, but have nothing left to keep his eyes at bay. Maybe he’s bewitched you, maybe you hurt him so bad its karma kicking you in your ***. Maybe you’re thinking about him because he’s thinking about you. Maybe the universe is ****** at you for the way you left things.

I guess you’ll never know."
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