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 Jul 2023 m
 Jul 2023 m
I don't know what is happening
Between the piles of crap I see
The people chasing after me
With urgency that's maddening
Psych Ward Poetry
Set 4, Poem 4
 Jul 2023 m
Tessa Marie Freeman
 Jul 2023 m
Tessa Marie Freeman
I dont know if I can do this much longer.
Nothing is mine.
I own nothing.
Anything I build is knocked down.
In any other scenario I'd be the victim.

No longer a person.
No longer able to be me.
In this I am the G.O.A.T
My life reduced to inspiration ****.
 May 2023 m
McKenna Pickett
You feel like star gazing and sunsets
 May 2023 m
Satsih Verma
 May 2023 m
Satsih Verma
Moon hangs from
your eyes in black dreams.
Wolves run into the woods.

The human touch was
waning. I will follow the arc of
pain. Man becomes fish.

After the drill I ask to
dismantle all man made palaces.
It is time to worship rocks.
 Nov 2020 m
Kafka Joint
I am still here,
It's somehow disturbing,
Even for me.
 Nov 2020 m
I hear you speak
I can hear your words
But I'm sorry
My mind won't let me listen.
 Nov 2020 m
 Nov 2020 m
Point the barrel at me.
Let me see my future
unfold right before my eyes
as you pull the trigger.
You killed me.
 Nov 2020 m
Ariana Solo
Cloudy Sky
 Nov 2020 m
Ariana Solo
Daydreaming at night is a paradox of a strange usualness

My antemeridian thoughts left me in a state of pure dire

Yet the patronage of the serene cloudy sky removed all desire

To surrender forever, instead I'll ascertain to progress

Dear Cloudy (Cloudydaze)
Dear Sky (Skylar Russo)

You've been the best support a poet could ask for.
Thank you 💙 ⛅


Paradox - contradictory

Antemeridian - before noon (a. m)

Patronage - support

Ascertain - learn

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