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Mia Nov 10
Art flows out of your brain,
Beauty pours from your pen,
Your words enchant people,
So write today, and write tomorrow, and write again
Mia Nov 7
How well you weave your web,
For me to fly straight into,
How well you teach me how to love,
Even when you don't mean to.
Written before you showed me who you really were, ironic how I depicted you as an insect from the beginning
Mia Nov 7
Watch me crack myself open
To let myself love you

Only for you to disregard the broken parts
Like you aren't the reason for the raw edges
  Aug 27 Mia
it is like a fistful of barbed wire
to pull myself out of lava
  Jun 18 Mia
instead of falling apart
we should try
tearing apart
this world
and set fire
to the ones
that burnt us
no more standing by in silence
Mia Jun 17
"Pick me up and put me back together"
He said,
Not realising she didn't recognise most of the pieces
I fell in love with the "you" you pretended you were
  Jun 15 Mia
It was more like I was slowly sinking
deeper and deeper each day

You poured your love into me
And it drenched my heart
streamed through my veins
Soaking every single cell of my body
Leaking out of the pores of my skin
And dripping from my fingertips
To bleed into everything I touch

It flooded my chest
And filled up my lungs
Until it spilled out of my mouth
Trickling from my tongue
Saturating every single word I say

It flowed through every part of me
And eventually seeped into my bones
Making all that I am
Crave all that you are

I never fell in love with you
I drowned in it
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