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Mia Feb 24
Isn't it kinda crazy when you can actually feel yourself breaking.

Like when you tap a plate and can tell if it's going to crack
Or something like that.
My mum taught me it's something like that.

And life's funny cause all while you're breaking it continues.
And you're making a strangers morning latte
And you're listening to other people ask your favourite lecturer questions
And you might be about to fall to pieces.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever actually going to break.
Sometimes I think I broke ages ago and just gathered the biggest pieces,
Leaving the small shards of myself behind.
  May 2023 Mia
Always the lover
Never the loved

Always the listener
Never the heard

Always the giver
Never the receiver

Always the healer
Never the healed

Always the helper
Never the helped

Always the hugger
Never the hugged

Never forgetting
Always forgotten
Mia Dec 2022
I don't love myself yet
But I dislike myself less than I did yesterday.
And that's progress
Mia Nov 2022
Your beauty is not what sets a thousand ships to sail,
It is the moon that controls the sea.
It is not the beauty some men struggle in vain against,
It is the wind that sings its serenades to the tree.

Your laughter is not what mothers record for family movies,
It is the sound angels play in heaven.
It is not what movie directors long for,
It is the motivation for the comedic profession.

Your heart is not made to be broken,
It's made to prove the existence of literary love.
Your love is not manufactured to please others,
You will always be so much more than enough.
Mia Aug 2022
I will pour my love into you,
Saving myself no emergency reservoir,
Deeming you deserving as soon as
You said you "have not felt love before".

I will forget and forgive in a second,
to enable me to love you more,
and treat you like you walk on clouds
All because you said you have only ever experienced prickly affection.

I will hug you tightly with love,
and you will swamp me with yours
grateful to have someone to give it to.

I will fall for you,
harder and faster than I have ever fell before.
Unaware that I have been pushed
by your claims of inexperienced love.
I have a habit of loving people because they say they need it.
Mia Nov 2021
Art flows out of your brain,
Beauty pours from your pen,
Your words enchant people,
So write today, and write tomorrow, and write again
Mia Nov 2021
How well you weave your web,
For me to fly straight into,
How well you teach me how to love,
Even when you don't mean to.
Written before you showed me who you really were, ironic how I depicted you as an insect from the beginning
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