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Aug 2021 · 128
.a generation
m Aug 2021
a generation lived
a generation remembered
a generation all but forgotten
a generation of photo-less family tree entries
Jan 2021 · 41
m Jan 2021
the road turns slightly up ahead
then forks
i've taken the wrong path many times before
i've convinced myself over the years
that there is no "right" way
just my way
no matter how wrong that way is
Jan 2021 · 40
.the bumblebee
m Jan 2021
the bumblebee stares
sometime i get high and it speaks to me
but it never has anything positive to say
badgering me to fold into myself
introspection can be valuable
but its value is subjective
it smiles with its eyes wide
taking in the room
ill go now, i'm nodding off
good night bumblebee
till tomorrows night
Jan 2021 · 41
.a sign
m Jan 2021
there it is
that shine
a sign it will be a great day
fingers crossed
m Jan 2021
you cannot obtain it
you've tried
you can't
your tears form new lines on your face
the wheels still spin
but you don't move forward
a shame
'so much potential'
words like knives on the tongue
'such a beautiful gift squandered '
some seconds of pity before moving on
m Jan 2021
i've become something new
brace yourselves
its a new day floating in space
feel the sunlight
Jan 2021 · 60
.i know what this is
m Jan 2021
this is not a public service announcement
this is not a cry for help
this is will cause a chain reaction
that circles back to end at my feet
i am not a real person
i am not real
this will change everything
this will change everything
Jan 2021 · 44
m Jan 2021
you know what keeps me up at night
and what it takes to fall asleep
it angers you
i'm in control
i don't need your help
you hardly offer it these days
you still claim to be on my side
but tomorrow ill wake up to an empty home
as lullabies drift away
Jan 2021 · 40
m Jan 2021
it isn't a race
but it is a competition
Jan 2021 · 129
m Jan 2021
why mock someone willing to try
is it fear to be surpassed
or hate the willingness to try
no one ever said it would be easy
they also never said it was impossible
Jan 2021 · 403
.all things end
m Jan 2021
i'd say goodbye
but you've closed the door
i'm only in your pictures now
a wilted flower kept to remember
all (good) things (come to an) end
m Jan 2021
the horizon goes dark
the storm comes in
its rains washes the dirt
but the grime remains
behind your smile you lie
don't ask me what i think of you
you wont get the answer you desire
i can't be your gentleman
Jan 2021 · 1.1k
.happy new year
m Jan 2021
happy new year
and with it all its promises
to be broken
Dec 2020 · 53
.the non friend
m Dec 2020
where are they
you know the ones
with smiles so tight it causes their face to crack
the pretty-evil
while others walk the razors edge
they've dulled it
Dec 2020 · 48
m Dec 2020
i dream
from it i've drawn a shapeless being
colored outside the lines
i did not give it a mouth to speak
but i see its monsters grin

its stood in the backways
it though me how to lie
convinced me loneliness would be my only comfort
i listened
i feel fine
Nov 2020 · 177
.i am not your savior
m Nov 2020
look at me
look me in they eyes
i am not your savior
you've confused our friendship
for something much more than what i can provide
and for that
i am truly sorry
m Nov 2020
wash my hands
wear my mask
eyes down
keep away

canceled parties
postponed weddings
crushed dreams
lost memories

lock the door
draw the blinds
netflix, are you still watching?
yes, stop asking

January first
a brand new day
who are we kidding
its only the beginning
Nov 2020 · 44
.cheers to the future
m Nov 2020
i'm about to combine my hobby, passion and career into one
the job that keeps food on my table
my kids table
i'm horrified
Nov 2020 · 72
.half hour till liftoff
m Nov 2020
good morning
skipping breakfast
and start the day
push till lunch
skipping lunch
grind till dinner
ill have dinner
end the day
half hour till liftoff
the best and saddest part of the day
Nov 2020 · 41
m Nov 2020
i was a ghost back then
not by choice
i drifted with the shadows
they kept me safe and sane

looking back
i don't know how i did it
i don't know if i could do it again
i don't know if i could continue

when i left i decided to not be me
i haven't been me since
the shadows still follow
just in case
Nov 2020 · 58
.tragic but inevitable
m Nov 2020
she speaks
ill keep her secret safe
it won't harm anyone until one day it does come out
it will be tragic but inevitable

for now, lips are sealed
a time capsule with no end date
the anticipation of a champagne cork taking flight
with a lot more tears
Nov 2020 · 41
m Nov 2020
i'm not ok
even when i tell you i am
m Nov 2020
i've taken pictures all my life
a stolen moment in time
we reminisce about those days
when everything just felt right

i've taken pictures all my life
i've taken one today
i wonder how this one will be remembered
some moments are meant to be forgotten
Nov 2020 · 51
.ideal spot
m Nov 2020
i am lost
i sit on the hood of my car
staring out to the open ocean
nothing to see but the horizon
a spot miles away
the waves rise and fall
crash like thunder
and then the calm

there is a spot miles away
my mind drifts there when i need it
to reset
to restart
to re-center
i wish i could live there always
Nov 2020 · 52
m Nov 2020
you will always stay with me
from the swings in mood you could never understand
to the depths of the deepest darkness
the heights of joy
the playful smiles
you were the light that never went out
until it did
Nov 2020 · 50
.a daring daylight capper
m Nov 2020
and just like that
you stole my heart
like a thief in the shadows
a daring daylight capper

but you didn't steal it for love
when we ended you left me with nothing
not even a sliver to share with someone else
just a cavern never to be filled again

and just like that
you stole my heart
you made it so
id never love again
m Nov 2020
i was always told that god would be there for me
god is there if i need change
god will never turn his back on me
god may be taking the year off
Nov 2020 · 57
m Nov 2020
i didn't cause these issues
they were always right there
before my time
i was just in the wrong place
when you decided to act on them
Nov 2020 · 121
.stretch stinging
m Nov 2020
the right was fine
a slight light pinch
and then it was gone
the left has been stinging for hours
i won't sleep tonight
why do i do this?
Nov 2020 · 68
.grasping the air
m Nov 2020
i can't hold you anymore
the smoke has cleared but the damage remains
if i broke both my hands
id still reach out for you
but i fear in this moment
id be grasping the air
m Oct 2020
this man is playing drums on youtube
i'm transfixed
i'm watching a man play drums on youtube
190,000 views since it was uploaded
this man is playing dumms
he's passionate
making a living
this man is playing drums on youtube
this man is the will never work a day in his life
this man is free
Oct 2020 · 75
.silver linings
m Oct 2020
you can never turn back the hands of time
but rejoice in the fact that the future is blind
Oct 2020 · 79
.sleep now as you cry
m Oct 2020
before you forget what is meant to be sane
wont you tilt your head back and pick up that same blade
do you still miss the way the sun felt on your face?
of abandoned it all for a meaningless taste
the scars on your wrist that you try hard to hid
tell the story of someone's whos had a hard life
will you learn from mistakes that life has thrown you by
or ignore the lit path and sleep now as you cry
Oct 2020 · 172
m Oct 2020
you still pick at the scabs the blade has made
pencil in your though on your face
i can still feel you underneath my skin
you're lost and scared to let me in

you've abandoned all your beliefs
the relief you felt when you go to sleep
within your mind you cannot find
the point of sanity has gone blind

and all the rest just lay in bed
when you leave this place these walls will rest
oh be grateful
your time is all but spent
Oct 2020 · 71
m Oct 2020
keep your head up kid
you're late, but you made it anyways
Oct 2020 · 69
.may i take the wheel?
m Oct 2020
would you give me a moment
to redefine my train of though
would you give me just a single moment
to gain control, i've had enough
before we loose touch with reality
and we start living make believe
wont you give me time to breath?
when all else feels out of place
and happiness does not exist
remember me
Oct 2020 · 67
m Oct 2020
where do you go to lay your head and cry
where do you feel safe enough to bare your soul
and never question why
there are many places in my mind where i can feel the greatest joy
i hope there are place in your mind
or you can come and share in some of mine
Oct 2020 · 449
m Oct 2020
i was too young to care
i'm old enough now to never forget
i miss you
Oct 2020 · 41
m Oct 2020
they say to delete social media from our phones
i threw out the phone today
no one needs be reached at all times
i'm free of my leash
m Oct 2020
i'm having conversations with myself
does the voice inside my head have my best interests at heart
i feel i'm always fighting an uphill battle
and that voice is bringing me down

what is that voice?
is it me?
am i arguing with myself?
is it...are you?

i feel the divide
its not speaking now but when it does i cant control it
it must not be

and what of him
in heated conversations he does stop debating at some points
is he conversing with someone else?
who does he consult with?

is someone else in there?!

he's quiet now
the both are
they all are?
Oct 2020 · 50
.your god isn't listening
m Oct 2020
you've ask me to pray with you
but your god isn't listening
look around
we, make our own fortunes
we, carve our own paths
we, sleep in the beds we've made
we, dig our own graves
m Oct 2020
show me
show me you're wonderful
we've argued till our vocals fry
but haven't moved forward

i picture your immaculate
radiating power
a sight to behold and hold forever
but my minds eye lies to me

i wish
i wish i could yell at you
to tear it off the bone
but it would be too polite

we use to play
but now i'm stalked as pray
and with every hopeful vibe
the pressure rises

you'll tear me down again
as you'll grin through your modesty
i find myself loosing every hand
i've lost what i've never had
Oct 2020 · 53
.just smile and fake it
m Oct 2020
why must you focus on my weakness
the smallest part of me
this is why i stay away from ones like you
who see depression in innocence's
and always question when things don't go their way

just smile and fake it
m Oct 2020
i watched you burn
pathetic fool when will you learn
this life isn't catered just for you
isn't that a shame

open the front door to your freedoms
a step away but always out of reach
you were only meant to believe you could grasp at nothing
and produce something of yourself
m Oct 2020
intelligence visits those with the patience to lend their ears
its only fitting you should know you'll never make it out of here
to reconnect on a level of trust, impossible
so far away from mending a broken soul
as you cry over the parts you have sold
this path you've chosen isn't set in stone
Oct 2020 · 60
.always greener
m Oct 2020
this world is never what it seems
even for fucken drama queens
who live their lives like storybooks
but in the end they always look
the other side so welcoming
tricked into giving up their dreams
and all they'll have to sells their soul
can keep their minds its full of holes
Oct 2020 · 351
m Oct 2020
i find myself alone today
i can plan my day how i see fit
a rarity these days
but i wont get anything accomplished

i'll just float downstream
the slow current takes me to where i need to be
nothing planned in advance
i'll end up where i'm needed

but today its not a stream
but a calming peaceful lake
i'm alone here too
ill float in place

i guess no one need me
Oct 2020 · 56
.just another, tuesday
m Oct 2020
its hard to get my mornings started
but mondays are mondays
and and my brain know it
so ill pretend its a tuesday
even though i have mondays off
Oct 2020 · 45
m Oct 2020
if you want customer service and a fake smile
go to mcdonalds
m Oct 2020
nice guys finish last
its the polite thing to do
.i'm not sure this is totally original but i heard someone say "nice guys finish last" today and the second line was what popped into my head
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