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m Apr 15
trying to remember where I'm heading
but the past pulls me back in every time
i'm drowning in nostalgia and unanswered questions
the faded ceilings tell my story
but i can't write the ending in time
and ends, always incoming
Apr 15 · 31
nostalgic pauses
m Apr 15
i can dream or wake up if i choose
the chipping paint reveals the past
silence witness to the years gone by way too fast
and as it crumbles memories flash
the echo's fill a room so vast
nostalgic pauses
pretend the present isn't waiting
m Apr 12
our best days are gone
but their echoes still persist
long lost melodies
wrapped in thick layers of mist
as I gaze at my childhood ceiling
where my innocence used to reside
i realize
time moves on , no matter how hard we hide
Dec 2023 · 155
split infinity
m Dec 2023
what a price to pay
for a life
it chips away
and inward we go
the mental strain
splits infinity
breaks me
Oct 2023 · 68
a peace unfitting
m Oct 2023
that last sunny day
felt the last of their warmth
at nightfall
the chill comes in
the trees prepare for winters sleep
heavy silence of frozen mornings
a peace unfitting
amidst a world of chaos
but, enjoy
Oct 2023 · 434
morning papers
m Oct 2023
the first day is always the hardest
the sun shines
but i'm blind to it
a coronation but no ones invited
heads down
but not proud if it
the morning papers only filled with sadness
we rifle through it like nothings the matter
internal thinking causing external issues
solve them
or they will harm them
Sep 2023 · 347
this, auto pilot
m Sep 2023
sometimes i catch myself in the mirror and stare
i don't stare long
but its an uncomfortable amount of time
i look into my eyes
but nothing looks back
i look around my face
what you look at every day
the best presentation of myself
in physical form
this, auto pilot
Sep 2023 · 48
m Sep 2023
the clear view from our window
now ***** from both sides
no matter how often i clean mine
the view's filtered through the grime
Sep 2023 · 224
first date cringe
m Sep 2023
we all feel the same vibrations
we just need to get onto each others frequencies
worst pickup line ever
Aug 2023 · 258
taut rope ends
m Aug 2023
its all in the delay
taut rope ends
beside a microphone
still, no one hears
m Aug 2023
we had good morning kisses
now they land on your cheek
hugs, with arms at your side
how much less can you give me?
m Aug 2023
don't come
stay here
negative tape on repeat
what do you want?
sit in it
the sunlight shines through
surrounding clouds thicken
Aug 2023 · 40
it lingers
m Aug 2023
your mood dictates the day
multiple days
it lingers
Aug 2023 · 42
never out loud
m Aug 2023
am i saying how i really feel?
or what I'm suppose to be feeling?
Jul 2023 · 408
hidden corners
m Jul 2023
a life of hidden corners
easily accessed when life gets hard
adding corners doesn't solve the problems
just makes it easier to escape into them
Jul 2023 · 109
a rare freshness
m Jul 2023
its seems like you have something more to say
and i am here to listen
i'm interested in you
like i always have been
but the walls you've built
have few missing bricks for looking in
it felt nice the last time
calm and patient
we listened, responded
never preachy or judgmental
a rare freshness
a cloudless sky
the cleanest air
that was nice
Jul 2023 · 52
the world outside, a fake
m Jul 2023
how do people have the patience to live their lives?
its hard to believe what i see on TV
as real
the world outside, a fake
where do they find the energy and time
to step out of their homes
and smell the roses
Jul 2023 · 81
a panic to conflict
m Jul 2023
don't do anything
do less
try to understand
who's tears are we crying?
who do we see in front of us?
the shell hardens
a panic to conflict
critical energy flow
the narration of a life together
read from different manifestos
m Jul 2023
I was born
I will die
infinite universal possibilities
Jul 2023 · 77
now this
m Jul 2023
i wonder about speaking circles in intellectual community's
it must be so different
the sound, the tone, and actively listening
on full display
the cadence of the super bowl parking lot face painted fan
or is it all the same noises we make
hidden behind giant brains
m Jul 2023
i've never written in a journal
is it like talking to yourself
but writing it down?
don't we do that already?
now were keeping a record?
i don't know how real it will be here
a smattering, an over abundance
none, all
i don't even know
the truth lies somewhere in between
if you trust what i'm saying
m Jul 2023
table for two
we sit down
but dine alone
m Jul 2023
i'm not afraid of you
i'm afraid of the truth you keep from me
truth can heal as much as it can destroy
and question everything
it shouldn't be so stressful
it shouldn't be so hard
there is no hiding
Jul 2023 · 70
as the end approaches
m Jul 2023
i know that you're dying
pretending wont stop the crying
we hide it deep down inside
the messages can't be diminished
anything for you
i know you're dying
Jul 2023 · 65
the bittering
m Jul 2023
i feel a third perspective
rising from my core
does it bring, the glimmering
or bitterness, unbecoming
wake up at the very end
the race was lost so long ago
why does it seem, like no one cheers
victims to a higher calling
dissociate to shields the vitals
muting the screaming hordes
with it it brings, the bittering
a conscious effort to mask all things
Jul 2023 · 64
don't be a person
m Jul 2023
don't be a person
that can lie to a person
that can **** for a person
that can cry like a person
that can act like a person
that can buy like a person
that can ***** like a person
that can die like a person
that can speak like a person
that can eat like a person
that can speed like person
that can grieve like a person
that can steal like a person
that can feel like a person
that can gloom like a person
that can doom like a person
that can draw like a person
that can awe like a person
that can love like a person
that can shove like a person
that can be a person
Jul 2023 · 56
life, in a smaller size
m Jul 2023
will i
remember those days
when we stayed out late
enjoyed the setting sun
will i
remember to clean off my plate
those waiting here
can't pretend to care enough

all those wasted years
of walking in someone's shoes
a life regret
in a smaller size
Jul 2023 · 64
m Jul 2023
dive in deep ends
and abolish
an weaker life
so dishonest
a toothless grin
for deadly departed
a blackout stare
Jul 2023 · 237
a real life moment
m Jul 2023
cry less
you don't smile enough anyways
Jul 2023 · 546
and an endless smile
m Jul 2023
open up your eyes
and let me spit inside

tragedy awaits
so go ahead and smile for the camera

suicide, suicide
or death that's riding side by side with life
and an endless smile
Jul 2023 · 51
that walk
m Jul 2023
hid in the shadows of arrogance
a life snapped into life on a whim
the past I found, intolerant

burier him deep
i once remembered but the fog has thickened lately
that memory blown to the sands of time
he had no mind for this anyways

but i remember that walk
it wasn't very long
a dicission was made
and a boy, lost
Jul 2023 · 166
m Jul 2023
mostly kind spirited
spirals internally
what next stress will lead me down that unfamiliar path?
Jul 2023 · 50
when grapes sour
m Jul 2023
we started young and aged together
twenty years blinked
now behind us
but you're much older
the weight of the world
of life and love
the scales cannot calculate
when grapes sour
sweet bitterness
when grapes sour
wine's overpowered
Jul 2023 · 52
photocopied memories
m Jul 2023
how awful the past may seems to us in the present
revisiting a memory of a memory like only a memory can provide
the smells
the lights
the shades
the fights
that blue dress you wore once that you spilled wine on that night
or was it purple?
that night we walked and talked for hours
or was it raining?
the memory of memories like photocopies of photocopies
distorting sets in
the colors fade as the shades darken
the blacks and whites all bleed together
becomes static on an old television
Jul 2023 · 42
little things
m Jul 2023
we live in the little things
its the little things that should bring joy
an unexpected smile, reflected
little things grow deep roots
the thrones beneath still linger
Jul 2023 · 35
when the bombs go off
m Jul 2023
try to understand
witness the violence
the flow of memories break when the bombs go off
forced to grow up quickly
understand where its coming from
its a big deal all the time
shocked and adjust to the changes
what are you looking for
Jul 2023 · 937
i'm the bad guy, perfect
m Jul 2023
can you hear my heartbeat?
i feel nothing
outside the space between where we all vibrate at
off the bitten path

i see you're unhappy
but I laugh inside
not to mock or ridicule
astonished that you consider it torture
ignoring your present situation
ignoring your predicted future

i'm the bad guy, perfect
Jul 2023 · 65
can't fix impossible
m Jul 2023
it must be hard
to sit in front of a couple and listen to their problems
how do you put yourself in their shoes
how do you live a life
and come out the other end
how do you live a relationship
for years
and steer their ship
the problems grow deep
roots reach the core and suffocate
20 years distilled into hour chunks


i want to be better
but i can't fix impossible
m Jul 2023
I've created a story of perfect colors
but you seem to find the flaw, the cracks

you feel forced sometimes
Jul 2023 · 47
the final word
m Jul 2023
the power to decide always lay with you
Jul 2023 · 27
i smile at the memories
m Jul 2023
i've known but a really long time
and i've accepted it
weather or not i can say it aloud
i've accepted it

i smile at the years
i smile at the memories
its not nothing
its not everything either

the future sometimes feels bleak
running through the paces
home is all i have
hope is all i grasp for
Jul 2023 · 42
RAGE, but silent
m Jul 2023
sit, and enjoy
let the dust settle
where are we at in the end?
it was all meant to be happy

it all feels a little bit lost some how

RAGE, but silent
Jul 2023 · 228
keep the peace
m Jul 2023
complaining is unnecessary
I complain inside
and let it go
it'll pass
it keeps the peace
but its uncomfortable
Jul 2023 · 51
infinity, scary
m Jul 2023
the distraction isn't working anymore
time fly's when you're having fun
but when minuets feel like hours
the years are an eternity

infinity, scary
m Jul 2023
lets face it
at this point it is what it is
the story is written and buried deep
the final draft summited
a life: published with no revisions
Jun 2023 · 44
covering the classics
m Jun 2023
when i was a teenager
i knew i would live forever
i sit here writing poetry

i sit here writing poetry

the music
soul speakng
is covered by new bands
covering the classics

covering the classics

reactions to the classics
by uneducated streamers
covering the classics
Jun 2023 · 34
m Jun 2023
i don't like balconies
i'm not depressed but, suicidal, when standing on a balcony
so i step back in
distance helps

but the option remains
among this gleeful group of people
behind an easily slid glass door
and i can see through it

overly gleeful

am i not as good as them at pretending?
another failure for the list
schizophrenic terrorist
they're not pretending

i don't like balconies
i'm not depressed but, suicidal, when standing on a balcony
Jun 2023 · 372
wedding funerals
m Jun 2023
life's intricate tapestry
where joy and sorrow entwine
there exists the most delicate of dichotomy's
where the lines between weddings and funerals blur
as our hearts dance on a thin thread of emotions

weddings and funerals
joys and sorrows
love blooms
tears follow

life's essence
love amidst tragedy
m Jun 2023
its midnight again and i've been staring at the darkness
the same thing like every night before
i come downstairs with every intention of starting
but why bother if its never worked before

the volume inside my head is astounding
as i sit in the quietest of rooms
i can't help myself from sabotaging everything
i can't help it, im a fool

its been years
the groundhogs day of thoughts race through my head
i come downstairs with the best of intentions
i can't help myself from sabotaging everything

i can't help it
Jun 2023 · 50
m Jun 2023
I won't ask again
the night sky starts to blend into the daylight
the worlds on the mend
as sirens ring out their own conclusions

no one cares
as much as they try to lie about it

i wont ask again
are we humanity's greatest villian?
with eyes wide open we all lie while smiling
and pick at scabs that's started scarring
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