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I miss my old childhood room. With its dim lights and creaky bed. Turning off the lights and opening my old macbook. The fan inside it blowing hard and much too loud for two in the morning. I miss loading up a blocky game that lagged a little too much. Calling my friends on my phone and speaking in hushed shouts. Sneaking downstairs to grab a few cookies, making sure not to step on the fourth step (that's the one that creaked) and making sure not to crinkle the cookie package too much. Returning back to my room, placing both hands on the keys and forgetting about tomorrow. Playing that game with my friends until I finally noticed the sun peaking through my blinds and the warmth returning to the room. Hanging up the phone before my parents awoke and finally climbing under the covers. I miss my old childhood room and all the memories encased in its walls.
I long for a time I can never reach again.
A  time that is slowing slipping through my fingers.
A time that is fading from my memories.
Taking its warmth and serenity with it.
And it is only now that I realize I should have appreciated it more.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
You're the kind of person I
want to lay on the grass with.
See shapes in the clouds and
feel the gentle breeze with.

You're the kind of person I want
to go on late night drives with.
Have the windows down and
listen to blaring music with.

Doing whatever, whenever.
Always and forever.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
I want to make you smile always.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
Silly jokes reduce me
to a mess of giddy smiles
and simple words have
my heart running in circles.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
All of a sudden
my heart feels lighter
and I feel like myself again.

I think you're the one
I've been looking for all along.
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I'll finally reach your retreating back,
and maybe we can walk together again.
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