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I'll finally reach your retreating back,
and maybe we can walk together again.
I hope one day I get to see you happy again.
While you were only in my life for a short time,
you made me happy and that's hard to forget.
I see now that it wasn't either of our faults.
Sometimes two people are only meant to be
in each others lives to teach a lesson.
I have one final message to you before you become a memory:
Go. Live on. Be happy and do all of the things you wanted to do.
Even if it's not with me, even if I'm no longer by your side.
For once, live your life for you and don't worry about anyone else.
Find love, make mistakes, and feel every emotion out there.
And maybe one day we can meet again and smile.
Even the smallest moments make us happy.
All you did was compliment my necklace
and yet for a second I believed I was someone
who was worth compliments. Thank you.
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