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There’s a certain bitterness in growing up
It’s being angry at the world for it wanting you to change
For expecting you to keep up
When you still haven’t grown into your shoes
They’re still tied with bunny ears
I have never been one for romance
I never really know what to do
but I long for the chance
to make an advance
and dance to silence with you.

I'm sure at first it'd be funny
we'd look at each other and laugh
we'd swing and we'd sway
we'd dance every way
and cherish the love that we have.

For the silence we hear
Is not the absence of words
But rather things we need not say.
We both already know
How our hearts have been connected
From the very start up til today.

So I may not be a love song
But I'll show you in every way that I know
Til the day that we're gone
You'll know you belong
Like the flowers that bloom in the meadow.
In another universe somewhere
my mother and I have never fought.

We still hold hands as we fall asleep.
Every now and then
I find myself back in your arms

We're laying on your bed
and there's a video playing on the tv

Every now and then I am yours again
if only for a moment

But you are not here anymore
we will not share any more of those moments

Every now and then I miss them
I miss you
In another universe

We're still here

My head is on your chest

I can hear your heartbeat

We're still here
A piece of me will always belong to you,
There will always be space
for your favorite restaurant orders,
I'll see you every time it rains.
I hope you know
I'm rooting for you.

You may not be in my life anymore
But I hope all your dreams we talked about
come true.

I hope you make it wherever you want to go
Even if I'm not beside you there.
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