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1.1k · Jan 2021
.happy new year
m Jan 2021
happy new year
and with it all its promises
to be broken
496 · Oct 2020
.the new real estate
m Oct 2020
bills pile up
accounts are dry
streets keep calling
tents, the new real estate
449 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
i was too young to care
i'm old enough now to never forget
i miss you
403 · Jan 2021
.all things end
m Jan 2021
i'd say goodbye
but you've closed the door
i'm only in your pictures now
a wilted flower kept to remember
all (good) things (come to an) end
394 · Oct 2020
.only for tonight
m Oct 2020
tonight i feel like celebrating
i feel like letting down my guard
if only for a little while
that was fast
351 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
i find myself alone today
i can plan my day how i see fit
a rarity these days
but i wont get anything accomplished

i'll just float downstream
the slow current takes me to where i need to be
nothing planned in advance
i'll end up where i'm needed

but today its not a stream
but a calming peaceful lake
i'm alone here too
ill float in place

i guess no one need me
326 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
it feels likes its hard
it is
its suppose to be
and it's necessary
m Oct 2020
the sun is out today
a chill october tuesday
breath it in
and for a second i am still
for a second i'm a feather
breath it in
the world can disappears
even in the darkness
the colors are as vibrant as i remember
214 · Oct 2020
.a loss for words
m Oct 2020
i can't believe
you confused my caring tenderness
with selfish lies
177 · Nov 2020
.i am not your savior
m Nov 2020
look at me
look me in they eyes
i am not your savior
you've confused our friendship
for something much more than what i can provide
and for that
i am truly sorry
172 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
you still pick at the scabs the blade has made
pencil in your though on your face
i can still feel you underneath my skin
you're lost and scared to let me in

you've abandoned all your beliefs
the relief you felt when you go to sleep
within your mind you cannot find
the point of sanity has gone blind

and all the rest just lay in bed
when you leave this place these walls will rest
oh be grateful
your time is all but spent
140 · Oct 2020
.cinder blocks
m Oct 2020
id much rather drown you out with silence
than engage in a yelling battle i would surely lose
133 · Oct 2020
.bedtime stories
m Oct 2020
as the day comes to an end
i never feel more at peace
than the moment right before i fall asleep
to never wake up would be the greatest release
129 · Jan 2021
m Jan 2021
why mock someone willing to try
is it fear to be surpassed
or hate the willingness to try
no one ever said it would be easy
they also never said it was impossible
128 · Aug 2021
.a generation
m Aug 2021
a generation lived
a generation remembered
a generation all but forgotten
a generation of photo-less family tree entries
121 · Oct 2020
.strict goals
m Oct 2020
I want the sun
and need the stars
but lets be honest
not the moon
121 · Nov 2020
.stretch stinging
m Nov 2020
the right was fine
a slight light pinch
and then it was gone
the left has been stinging for hours
i won't sleep tonight
why do i do this?
108 · Oct 2020
.what legacy?
m Oct 2020
i'm 35
and i don't matter
in a generation ill be forgotten
but my words on the screen will remain
at least until the domain payments stop
i'm 35
and i don't matter
in a generation ill be forgotten
we use to revere our elders, there knowledge
but now we have google so...
i'm 35
and i don't matter
in a generation ill be forgotten
we don't look at anyone anymore
Why waste the time, our best moments are online
tomorrow ill be 36
and i won't matter
it seems like its happened already
i'm 36 and i don't mater
i'm forgotten
m Nov 2020
i was always told that god would be there for me
god is there if i need change
god will never turn his back on me
god may be taking the year off
82 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
wake up again
its tuesday again
no i don't want to continue watching
i wont brush my teeth this morning
81 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
Are these thoughts my own if the voice in my head sounds like you?
79 · Oct 2020
.sleep now as you cry
m Oct 2020
before you forget what is meant to be sane
wont you tilt your head back and pick up that same blade
do you still miss the way the sun felt on your face?
of abandoned it all for a meaningless taste
the scars on your wrist that you try hard to hid
tell the story of someone's whos had a hard life
will you learn from mistakes that life has thrown you by
or ignore the lit path and sleep now as you cry
77 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
the crowd parts to make way
the king waves and smiles
75 · Oct 2020
.silver linings
m Oct 2020
you can never turn back the hands of time
but rejoice in the fact that the future is blind
72 · Nov 2020
.half hour till liftoff
m Nov 2020
good morning
skipping breakfast
and start the day
push till lunch
skipping lunch
grind till dinner
ill have dinner
end the day
half hour till liftoff
the best and saddest part of the day
71 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
keep your head up kid
you're late, but you made it anyways
m Oct 2020
go ahead
pick up your rocks
aim for my head
pray you have luck

go ahead
cast me aside
convince yourself
you have nothing to hide

i wish that i could be like you
i wish that i could see behind their eyes inside their minds
and label them with what i think i would find

i hate that i can hate like you do
i hate that i can label without any thing to prove
i hate that i've become like one of you
69 · Oct 2020
.i spoke too soon
m Oct 2020
never have i been more ashamed
of how i treaded you that day
i spoke before my mind could stop my though from ever being recognized
i'm a complete wreck for you
i'm a complete mess for you
69 · Oct 2020
.may i take the wheel?
m Oct 2020
would you give me a moment
to redefine my train of though
would you give me just a single moment
to gain control, i've had enough
before we loose touch with reality
and we start living make believe
wont you give me time to breath?
when all else feels out of place
and happiness does not exist
remember me
68 · Nov 2020
.grasping the air
m Nov 2020
i can't hold you anymore
the smoke has cleared but the damage remains
if i broke both my hands
id still reach out for you
but i fear in this moment
id be grasping the air
m Oct 2020
i watched you burn
pathetic fool when will you learn
this life isn't catered just for you
isn't that a shame

open the front door to your freedoms
a step away but always out of reach
you were only meant to believe you could grasp at nothing
and produce something of yourself
67 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
where do you go to lay your head and cry
where do you feel safe enough to bare your soul
and never question why
there are many places in my mind where i can feel the greatest joy
i hope there are place in your mind
or you can come and share in some of mine
66 · Oct 2020
.rest is not deserved
m Oct 2020
i cant seem to get going today
my todo list gradually gets longer
as i sit here and read over it
where do i begin?

i'm still sitting here
staring at the words
but not reading them
my mind isn't anywhere else just, blank

i'm still sitting here
now the list is gone
its been two hours
it'll be two more

soon the day will end
with very little accomplished
ill go to bed
rest is not deserved
66 · Oct 2020
.out of my hands
m Oct 2020
the machines
they hold the threads
that pull my puppet strings
make me smoke my cigarettes
and watch me as i waste
and all the time i do survive
i'm dying as i sing
remembering the lies you've fed
i've put them aside to live
m Oct 2020
intelligence visits those with the patience to lend their ears
its only fitting you should know you'll never make it out of here
to reconnect on a level of trust, impossible
so far away from mending a broken soul
as you cry over the parts you have sold
this path you've chosen isn't set in stone
m Jan 2021
the horizon goes dark
the storm comes in
its rains washes the dirt
but the grime remains
behind your smile you lie
don't ask me what i think of you
you wont get the answer you desire
i can't be your gentleman
65 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
who ever said life's not a game
never checked their high score
on life's leaderboard
64 · Oct 2020
.looking back
m Oct 2020
i turned my forever beauty queen
into a girl of cold and morbid sunsets
i wish i could be as you were
in your only time to shine
you grown to becomes my greatest regret
and since you always considered yourself my burden
i'm not surprised you turned your back
and while you tune me out of your life
moving on will seem to be the hardest part
just realize you once considered me your hope
when you felt your path go dark
63 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
i'm afraid to admit
i've become addicted to the pain
try shattering this mundane routine
that i've become too afraid to change
m Oct 2020
this man is playing drums on youtube
i'm transfixed
i'm watching a man play drums on youtube
190,000 views since it was uploaded
this man is playing dumms
he's passionate
making a living
this man is playing drums on youtube
this man is the will never work a day in his life
this man is free
61 · Oct 2020
.another tuesday
m Oct 2020
another tuesday
our reality to bend and fold
some bend to dead ends  
we learn to live with it
m Jan 2021
you cannot obtain it
you've tried
you can't
your tears form new lines on your face
the wheels still spin
but you don't move forward
a shame
'so much potential'
words like knives on the tongue
'such a beautiful gift squandered '
some seconds of pity before moving on
m Oct 2020
wake me when my time has come
i cannot breath anymore
to take my place among the rest of the clones
wake me when my time has come
i cannot take this anymore
this life i've been dealt hold more pain than has ever before
60 · Jan 2021
.i know what this is
m Jan 2021
this is not a public service announcement
this is not a cry for help
this is will cause a chain reaction
that circles back to end at my feet
i am not a real person
i am not real
this will change everything
this will change everything
60 · Oct 2020
m Oct 2020
for this moment
this precious amount of time that we allow ourselves
let us reminisce and reconnect
forget about the years we've spent apart

that was yesterday
and will be again tomorrow
days, months, years after that
the same old routine

but for now
we're here
60 · Oct 2020
.a sum of its parts
m Oct 2020
the skeletons in my closet laugh at me
they've been there for years
to say they know all my secrets is an understatement
they can destroy me

i can keep them quiet
i've build so many rooms in my mind
some don't even know of the others exist
its a real mess

but sometimes, i visit
to see them makes them real
makes me remember that gut-wrenching
the days of tears that follow

they are my sentence and my salvation
they are the blood in my veins
the thoughts in my mind
they are who i am and who i'll continue to become
60 · Oct 2020
.hello poetry
m Oct 2020
this is not a pome
this is not some randomness
this is not meant to be seen
but i have to put it somewhere

public private
its all the same to me
this is not meant to be seen
but i want to put it somewhere

i've been scribbling more and more
a **** that's overflowed
this is not meant to be seen
but i need to put it somewhere

the stars, each an idea
a lesson to be learned
this is not meant to be seen
but at least i put it somewhere

hello poetry
60 · Oct 2020
.always greener
m Oct 2020
this world is never what it seems
even for fucken drama queens
who live their lives like storybooks
but in the end they always look
the other side so welcoming
tricked into giving up their dreams
and all they'll have to sells their soul
can keep their minds its full of holes
58 · Oct 2020
.hello poetry
58 · Nov 2020
.tragic but inevitable
m Nov 2020
she speaks
ill keep her secret safe
it won't harm anyone until one day it does come out
it will be tragic but inevitable

for now, lips are sealed
a time capsule with no end date
the anticipation of a champagne cork taking flight
with a lot more tears
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