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m Aug 2021
a generation lived
a generation remembered
a generation all but forgotten
a generation of photo-less family tree entries
m Jan 2021
the road turns slightly up ahead
then forks
i've taken the wrong path many times before
i've convinced myself over the years
that there is no "right" way
just my way
no matter how wrong that way is
m Jan 2021
the bumblebee stares
sometime i get high and it speaks to me
but it never has anything positive to say
badgering me to fold into myself
introspection can be valuable
but its value is subjective
it smiles with its eyes wide
taking in the room
ill go now, i'm nodding off
good night bumblebee
till tomorrows night
m Jan 2021
there it is
that shine
a sign it will be a great day
fingers crossed
m Jan 2021
you cannot obtain it
you've tried
you can't
your tears form new lines on your face
the wheels still spin
but you don't move forward
a shame
'so much potential'
words like knives on the tongue
'such a beautiful gift squandered '
some seconds of pity before moving on
m Jan 2021
i've become something new
brace yourselves
its a new day floating in space
feel the sunlight
m Jan 2021
this is not a public service announcement
this is not a cry for help
this is will cause a chain reaction
that circles back to end at my feet
i am not a real person
i am not real
this will change everything
this will change everything
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