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Dec 2019 · 528
I am
memoona kazmi Dec 2019
I am the sun rises
Not knowing i was their dusk
That dies silently
Hiding all their secrets
In the diary of my scarlet heart

I am their moon
I used to think
Not knowing i was their **** land
That they always walked on
With wishes to reach the sky

I am their purple flower
I thought
Not realizing to them i was cactus
They want to get rid of
To make space for the real flowers

I am their friend
I used to believe
Never really knew
I was the come and go person
The cigarette break
The always idol person......
Dec 2019 · 474
memoona kazmi Dec 2019
As the crimson red colour fades
As the last ray of sun dies
I fetch myself out
Run toward the roads
Sieve the sand of my fortune
To if there exist a single line
Line of your laughter and smile
Holding my hands in your own
To see if there still exists
The last possibility
For you and me
As us......
Oct 2019 · 788
Let's meet
memoona kazmi Oct 2019
Let's leave the world behind.,
And meet in silence,
Where the words are no longer required,
To express what we feel...
Sep 2019 · 405
I have
memoona kazmi Sep 2019
Eyes that see
Not the eyes
That judge
Sep 2019 · 362
I am afraid of
memoona kazmi Sep 2019
Dreams dont amaze me anymore
Dreams of you or falling off the sky
Crumbling sky or watching my love die
Walking on broken bridge
Or jumping off a cliff
Doesn't fright me anymore
Losing myself is what i am afraid of now
Only me.....
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
Wish you happiness and surprize
To the dusk from the sun rise
May you get a happy day
All I want to say my friends is
Happy birthday.....
Happy 27th birthday M-E..... Today is my very special friend's birthday... May you have many many more.  .......... It 12 o clock in pakistan.. So acordi g to my country time,happy birthday to you
Aug 2019 · 289
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
Dear whoever is reading this,
You are the most beautiful thing in this world and you don't need anyone to tell you just have to know.....
Your lovingly
Your secret admirer
Aug 2019 · 210
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
Did you change
Or was it me who remained the same?????
Aug 2019 · 427
Dear ex
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
Thank u for teaching me that someone as sweet as you can leave the bitterest memories....
Your sincerely
A girl who doesn't love you anymore but still can't forget you
Aug 2019 · 295
A little dream
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
A little dream i wrote on the sand
And the roaring water
Raged on them and drained
Under the layers of hopelessness
Dipped them in the pain
Wrapped me in disgrace
And here i stand alone again.....
Aug 2019 · 231
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
A little dream i wrote on the sand
And the roaring water
Raged on them and drained
Under the layers of hopelessness
Dipped them in the pain
Wrapped me in disgrace
And here i stand alone again.....
Aug 2019 · 403
Poem for kashmir
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
The candles flicker and fumes
Rise from the wick
Into my room

A baby flame
Born at once
Took a breath and died

A mother with a coin
in her pocket chooses
poison as her diet

With gun pointing at innocents
The all say
Death for them is a child's play.......
Hi guys, i want all of you to open google and search for the brutality of indian army... Search for kashmir... Everyday hundreds of them are being massacred mercilessly...... They need our gratitude.  They want us to stand for them... Please stand for kashmir
Aug 2019 · 346
Forbidden love
memoona kazmi Aug 2019
Oh the forbidden love,
Let thy soul free
Let it wander
In the forests of glee
And let my soul be
In the forbidden forests of thee
Where the sun of your ignorance
Scorches the love of me.....
Jul 2019 · 436
what hurts?
memoona kazmi Jul 2019
The most
Being misunderstood
Or not being understood at all....
Jul 2019 · 186
i'll love you
memoona kazmi Jul 2019
I'll love you
Even if the whole sky melts
To the blue water in the oceans,

I'll love you
Even if the whole world
Stands against us

I'll love you
Even if the golden sun
Burns to ashes the woods we lived in,

I'll love you
Evn if you keep on saying
That you dont

I'll love you
May 2019 · 345
memoona kazmi May 2019
those who cant understand the meaning of your silence,
will always be a deaf to your words........
May 2019 · 597
tumblr feelings
memoona kazmi May 2019
you dont need a reason to be sad,
all you want to do,
is sit numb,
and stare at the walls,
trying to figure out what's wrong,
and all you come up with is,
that nothing ever was right.........
i dont know why but i am having sadness attacks.......trying to figure out what's wrong
Apr 2019 · 394
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
i thought you were the only medicine to my pain,
not realizing you actually were,
THE PAIN..........
Apr 2019 · 473
your love
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
your love was like shadow,
everywhere in day time,
nowhere in my dark times........
Apr 2019 · 233
he didn't
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
he grabbed my hand just so that he might not slip,
and i thought he did it out of love.....
Apr 2019 · 486
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
you seem to be everywhere,
i want you to be,
but nowhere when i need you to be.............
Apr 2019 · 862
you say
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
you say you love me,
but your eyes tell a total different story..........
Apr 2019 · 225
she danced
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
she could feel rhythm in air,
tune in air,
music in her heart,
so she threw her fake pride away,
put her dancing shoes on,
and danced...........
Apr 2019 · 166
woods of my life
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
in the woods of my life,
darkness is the only thing that prevails,
the trees of grief stands tall,
like devils wearing black veils,
behind the trees of grief,
hide and seek,my sadness plays,
like thorns it injures my feet,
the grass that grows on its land,
no apple,no almonds,no pear,
pain is only fruit the trees bear,
neither does any bird chirp,
nor does a traveler passes by,
no one bother to peep into forest,
to see what these enchanting woods hide........
Apr 2019 · 272
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
there is a poem in your eyes,
sit close to me and allow me to read them.......
Apr 2019 · 249
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
every single day that i spend with you,
is the best day of my life......
Apr 2019 · 624
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
baby  are you a magician??
everything else vanishes when i look at you
Apr 2019 · 238
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
all my sadness flies away,
when i see your face
Apr 2019 · 221
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
you may find the one ,
who is prettier than me,
but i promise she won't be able to,
love you more than me........
Apr 2019 · 362
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
you are the blood flowing in my veins,
the heart that beats,
the air that i breathe........
Apr 2019 · 208
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
Without you in my heart
There is only
A flat line
Apr 2019 · 191
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
if i ever lost direction,
you are my pole star to guide me my way.......
Mar 2019 · 507
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
for a traveler lost in desert,
you are the only oasis i see........
Mar 2019 · 158
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
if you are going to correct me,
i will never stop making mistakes.......
Mar 2019 · 252
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
even when i am alone,
you are there by my side........
Mar 2019 · 229
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
maturity is when you,
stop making people happy,
and start doing,
what makes you happy.....
Mar 2019 · 328
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
you are the only orbit,
on which the satellite of my love revolves........
Mar 2019 · 207
everything will change
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
everything will change,
the flowers blooming today,
will turn brown,
and die,
the sunlight caressing your cheeks,
will burn your face,
the sea you are swimming in today,
will drown you,
the sand you built your castles in,
will engulf your whole kingdom,
the people claiming to love you,
you will watch them walking away,
you will watch the lines of your hands,
fade as if they never existed,
and all you would do,
is sit carelessly,
watch your whole world trembling,
and the worst part,
you wont be able to do anything about it............
Mar 2019 · 221
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
your love are the wings,
with help of which my heart flies........
Mar 2019 · 198
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
if my poetry can describe how much i love you,
all the pages in world can never be enough......
Mar 2019 · 322
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
if you are going to appear in my dreams,
i will never wake up.........
Mar 2019 · 272
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
we are all so not,
what we truly are,
just like a jester,
who entertain others,
but hides the darkness deep,
in a corner of his heart,
we all are wearing masks,
afraid of the day,
when they will be dropped,
we all are living lives,
that others want,
feasting on so much,
yet can't stop that hungry feeling all the time,
we all are hiding behind the cloaks,
behind the pinched faces,
hides the wolves ready to attack,
we all are holding daggers,
rolled in silk clothes,
ready to cut everyone,
coming in our way,
in the guise of white,bright moons,
we are the the hidden scorching sun,
of our own personality,
we may seem the whistling wind,
seeming a bliss to their soul,
but in real we are blowing,
to flake away their identities,
we all are so not,
what we truly are.........
Mar 2019 · 836
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
woman who sleeps,
with so many men,
for the sake of money,
you call her ****,
i call her a lady,
who is trying to earn a living,
who presents herself,
in a dish,
to the greedy dogs,
hungry for her assault,
you see her,
as a characterless woman,
i see her just a woman,
it's not about her virginity,
that makes you believe that she is a ****,
it's all about the difference in visionality,
how you see her,
how i see her
Mar 2019 · 302
the night
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
the night told me,
what the sun couldn't
Mar 2019 · 199
if you confessed
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
if you ever confessed it to her,
that you love her,
then don't leave her......
Mar 2019 · 254
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
talk to them,
but never trust them,
Mar 2019 · 587
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
she was a warrior,
fighting every demon against her,
she never learnt to bow before pain,

she was an artist,
painting happiness in everyone's life,
pouring love even when her own heart was experiencing rain,

she was a healer,
curing every sick heart,
just by touch of her gentle hand,

she was a lover,
loving every moment of her life,
the blooming flowers as well as the grains of sand......
Mar 2019 · 182
the other side of the story
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
fairy lights hanging on the walls of circus,
sweet music,nice colours,talented acrobats,
a man dressed in red and white,
with his smile shining bright,
a little red lipstick,
and a little white under the eyes,
kids feared him,
for them he was scary,
adults laughed at him,
as they found him funny,
i sat and gazed,
after hearing his jokes,
noticing one thing i was amazed,
i saw his bright smile,
hid his glistened eyes,
behind that funny face,
was a clown,
fighting withing with pain,
that day i realized,
not all those who laugh ,
are happy and,
all those who don't cry are sad.............
-memoona kazmi
Mar 2019 · 276
no right
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
and if you can't be a cure,
you have no rights to unleash my wounds........
Mar 2019 · 755
so early
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
some flowers aren't meant to bloom fully,
they are plucked so early,
some waves aren't made to surf,
they die too early,
some eggs aren't meant to fertilize,
they are stolen so early,
i guess i wasnt meant to be loved deeply,
that's why you left so early..........
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