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I saw through her

her eyes
were clear

reflecting her life

she never tried
to hide

she was never

I never asked
her to repeat


she had one life
and she lived it


I was jealous
always wanting

a second chance
Living in isolation
To grasp situation
Repairing what is broken
Since my 3 hearts were stolen.
Not letting the pain
In my brain drive me insane.
Working on my heart
Since my babies are far apart.
Working out to occupy my brain
"No pain no gain"
Retrain my brain
Another stellar orbit complete, 
plentiful sun drenched moments, 
counter-weighted by the gravity of hurt. 

Let this next round's momentum 
always propel our footsteps 
a few paces ahead of shadow.
Flagrant as a quasar’s
dichotomous repute,
squandering truth
in didactic stutters
mumbled from flippant repose.

She, the sultry Jezebel,
flaunting courtier privilege
in the face of paupers
squabbling for her table scraps.

Akin to Judas,
betraying the righteous oaths
spawn in a hatchery of
magnanimous ideals.

Disciples of good conscience
must unite in solidarity
if liberty is to survive,
and the ladies dignity is to be restored.
 5d laura
Dreams of you and I
Kissing under warm spring rain
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Warm embrace in summer fields
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Strolls on a cool autumn lane
Memories of love

Dreams of you and I
Snuggles on cold winter days
Memories of love

ALesiach © 07/30/2019
 5d laura
Hues of red and gold
Flame ablaze in autumn trees
A season so bold

ALesiach © 08/01/2019
Not even death could be sweeter
Than the taste of you.
You, my father,
The one who says
“Meet me in the middle.”
So I take a step forward,
While you take two back.
Ugh. I just. I will never, ever marry anyone like my father. I do love him, but he’s impossible and emotionally manipulative and too far in disfunction to even realize that he makes mistakes.
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