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savvy Sep 2018
"Promise" has 7 letters.

So does:
"Moved on"

But, I have a 7 letter promise to you:
"I'll wait"
Seven is my lucky number. I hope this promise will be lucky enough to be true.
savvy May 2018
The cold autumn breeze whips through my hair as I sit quietly by my lake. I have my legs dangled over the edge of the dock waiting for

The frosty winter air fills my lungs as I walk calmly around my lake. I have my arms wrapped around myself
watching for

The fresh spring scents make me smile as I lay next to my lake. I close my eyes and silently drift off to sleep
listening for

The long summer heat makes me remember the year before as I drift along my lake. I trace my hand along the surface of the water
thinking of

A year has passed and I sit by my lake again. I try to think of what I could possibly have waited for, watched for, listened for, and thought...of. Someone...anyone?

Then, I look next to me and realize that it was all just my imagination. You were who I waited for, who I looked for, who I listened for, and who I thought...of.
You were my lake
savvy May 2018
If this is love,
I want no part in it.
                                    the lies,
                                                 the pain,
                                                               the truth.
If this is you,
I want to forget us.
                                 our secrets,
                                                   our trust,
                                                                  our imperfections.

                          will i be able              to love again?
                      if                       i can,                   will
                       i                         be                     able
                        to                                              see
                         when                                       the
                           end                                       is
                              coming?                          if
                                   you                     were
                                      like             this,
                                          will     he
                                           like      you
                                     too?                if
                                 our                       love
                             went                            down
                           this                                    fast,
                        will                                          my
                      next                                             one
                      be                        the                    same?
                         if                    this is                how
                               all love is,           is any of it

                                             true love?
Don't take advantage of the ones who love you.
savvy Mar 2018
we fly.
we are free.
we are the sky.
our hearts will soar higher.
our thoughts will drift even deeper.
our dreams will become our wanted reality.
we remember the fireflies that lighted our path.
Don't take for granted the good times in life. Cherish all that you experience. Never forget your loved ones and show them that you care for them.
savvy Mar 2018
Fear created the chains which bound me into silence.
No one listened, they only peered.
With blackness around me, I had no guidance.
I was alone and I disappeared.

In despair, there was only time for reflections.
Deep within myself, I had to admit:
Including my imperfections,
Was I still misfit?

Slowly and silently, I found my voice.
In reality, I took my place.
No longer, am I a disgrace.

I leave the shackles behind me.
Find the light from within.
Swimming up from the deep black sea,
I reach the surface. And I am forgiven of all deadly sin.
Do not be afraid to admit to yourself the truth. If you let silence overtake you, the deeper your despair and fear will go.

— The End —