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May 2018
The cold autumn breeze whips through my hair as I sit quietly by my lake. I have my legs dangled over the edge of the dock waiting for

The frosty winter air fills my lungs as I walk calmly around my lake. I have my arms wrapped around myself
watching for

The fresh spring scents make me smile as I lay next to my lake. I close my eyes and silently drift off to sleep
listening for

The long summer heat makes me remember the year before as I drift along my lake. I trace my hand along the surface of the water
thinking of

A year has passed and I sit by my lake again. I try to think of what I could possibly have waited for, watched for, listened for, and thought...of. Someone...anyone?

Then, I look next to me and realize that it was all just my imagination. You were who I waited for, who I looked for, who I listened for, and who I thought...of.
You were my lake
Written by
savvy  15/F
       starchild, Fawn, Lily, Angie Marcano, badtaste and 3 others
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