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“Wait for me”
Three words to which
across space and time
the energy has travelled
though be it not a request
in any way to sacrifice yourself
these words are not linked to fear
nor is it a desperate attempt
made by me for keeping you near
in this temporal dimension
prose cannot adequately define
the depth of the energy within
this message we both agreed
was meant to be
sprinkled delicately
onto this finite horizon
at just the right time
a reminder of that infinite space
from which we came
and this divine love
that will always remain
10/4/19 the depth to which we feel cannot always be captured by words
She gathered them like the dead
autumn leaves of Fall
old habits and beliefs
crumbling into dust
through her fingertips
never once grasping to save one
or any at all
now only remnants remain
her soul reclaimed
she leaves all suffering behind
as the most desolate parts of winter
begin to fade away
uncovering her beauty
and the love she was meant to find
unearthed like the roots of Spring
she is Violet amidst the blossoms
of awakening
reaching out to the Summer’s sun
it kisses her radiance
and welcomes her home
 Oct 2019 Jesse stillwater
When you find me
face down
in the sea
you may wonder
is he drinking
or listening
but, really, I am
only thinking
about back then
when a young bird
was singing
and beating its wings
within my rib cage
still light blazing
inside of my eyes
but this was sometime
ago before night’s
dark shadows
commanded the land
my dreams, back before
the moon became only
a slow floating boat
adrift far from shore
no port in mind, blind
no eyes for the oars.
How I feel, it's a sin, longing to be
something I've lost again. I can't find your
eyes in the crowd, yet the burn of your hands
still lingers on mine as our fingers reach out
across a breath of wind, desperate, calling
through the abyss, calling to be heard.
Blundering and old, I have begun to
long for you in that ancient, harmonious
way, mouth wide open, feet swinging
high above the ground. In between wisps of
dreams, I feel your hands in my hair telling
me all the secrets of the world, dark eyes
shining through the confusion. You
unravel me and leave me glowing on
the horizon, my body turned to ice
under invisible hands. Your trickling
words weigh me down, stick to my skin like tar
and feathers, itching. In silence, I can
taste the ghost of you on my tongue, honeycomb
bursting between my fingers. You crumble
before me, sugar on my limbs, but I
can't get the bitter taste out of my mouth.
I feel you echoing over my skin
and, for a moment, the warm of your breath
blazes on my lips. And then we fade,
dissipate, cold hands grasping at the sheets,
whimpers bouncing over the grey waves.
My legs dangle from the cliffside, soft against the creeping
border weeds and moss that tangle themselves in disruption
against black, wet rock. Caked in mud, I watch a bright
sky shift and dance in colour, a slow dance with gleaming
eyes and panicked hearts, drawing nearer as the horizon
fades to black. The mountains behind are devoured
by the haze of lilac haar bouncing over the waves
and, as the world disappears, I know all of the things
that make children laugh in the night, feel that stumbling
feeling of breathlessness, hands on your waist catching you
off guard. I hear that quiet melody rolling over the hills,
inching closer to our silence, with words burning
in our throats like bad music. I sway as the water does,
giggling on the stones, and when you reflect me in the dark
I wonder how it is those eyes can teach me all the sea
does to the devout. My hands still shimmer from where
you touched them last, the side you stood on beaming
all the way home. I hold you in my fingers, billowing
and whirling, and we're dancing a dance of our own.
Petunia petal’d tear drops
on saffron colored morns
fall deep in the shadows
where sunshine is only a reflection
of the beauty once shared
Clouded days sing dreary sonnets
and all other butterflies are sad,
for those cherished wings
of brilliant colors
are gone from this field
Now a misty shade of gray
lingering in the thoughts
of one so missed…
finds the garden gates locked,
never to open again
Where rainbows once shared blue hydrangea skies
and daffodil promises carried our smiles,
sorrow now gathers in shapeless corners,
missing this butterfly
all had so come to adore
and the earth weeps…
Not all prisons
are made of steel and metal
some are made
of silence
and our own minds
 Oct 2019 Jesse stillwater
let the vast seas be
    where our heavy hearts could
because the distance between us
    are never empty spaces;
think of it as wider plains to grow,
    a place for stronger souls

not mind the waves that crash onto us
    for we will be looking at the same
nor the clocks that tick at different
    for we will be meeting half way

Slowly the life disappeared
Thus road of LOVE widened

Slowly the thoughts disappeared
Thus the path to soul opened-up

The mundane lethargy of life
Lead to the glory of LOVE to bloom

The flower creepers grew
Beyond sorrow and despair

Everyone was swept with life's
Tsunami and hurricanes
Earthquakes and tornadoes

The cold and heat of life
Did consumed humanity fully

Now we understand why people are surprised
Oh.. It's LOVE blessings on them

Because "LOVE happening" breaks down
All the walls that life builds around

With ample hopes & no terror
No self-delusion and indulgence
Eluding imaginations & fantasies

Prayers of LOVE transcends
Millions of eons
Beyond visible contours of life

When the history of LOVE is written
Everyone will tell folk tales
Of how LOVE remained "LOVE"

Under the skin of every human's core
Flowing as LOVERz breathe within blood
Resiliently fighting invasion
That was driven by life's aimless goals

Through harrowing and courageous tales of LOVE
Those who feel and realize LOVE
Will seek and find TRUE LOVE within...

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