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  Aug 2020 hannah
In the backseat of your Audi, the three o clock shadow
slants across your face like a threat, makes you look
dangerous. Makes you look
So what do you do?
I tell you
I write.
What does that mean?
It means walking into a crowd and getting lost in your head. It means finding loose change in your heart.  Means the world is your dysfunctional, perpetually disappointed, ailing mother. Means this isn't going to last.

But all you see is a silver smile.
  Aug 2020 hannah
Carlo C Gomez
Subterranean paresthesia
Has begun to pry (again)
The roots of which
Come out of this ground
As an isolated tree
Withered and dry
Surrounded by useless waters
And grawlix signs
Hanging from ropes
Like guns in the sky
  Mar 2020 hannah
happy is when you feel those butterflies for the first time
happy is being nervous on you're first date
happy is when you can be yourself around a new person
happy is when you can feel someone looking over and smiling at you
happy is not being able to contain your smile
happy is laughing all night long because of the person you're with
happy is when someone looks at you and smiles
happy is being spontaneous
happy is the little things like watching your favorite tv show
happy is sweet gestures like hand holding
happy is sharing thoughts and feelings
happy is not wanting to leave
happy is looking up at the stars at 11:30
happy is having the best hug of your life and not wanting to let go
happy is not being able to sleep because they're all you think about,
but when you do fall asleep you still have a smile on your face
happy is waking up with that same smile still on your face
i can't begin to explain how happy i am. it's crazy
  Mar 2020 hannah
Tapiwa Individualist
Be happy,
You are alive,
Be happy,
You can read,
Be happy,
You can write,
Be happy,
Life is hope,
Be happy,
You are loved,
Be happy,
You are you,
Be happy,
You add value,
Be happy,
You are important,
Be happy,
You really matter,
Be happy,
You have purpose,
Be happy,
God loves you,
Be happy.
Be happy.
You are hope,
Be happy.
You are life,
Be happy.
You have food,
Be happy,
You have water,
Be happy.
So many reasons to be happy,be happy. Do not take your life for granted because others wish they had what you have.
hannah Mar 2020
I wish I could yell out all my anger
I wish I could cry away my sadness
I wish I could be allowed to feel my feelings but that is not the way a lady behaves.
So, I cross my legs
So, I smile and nod
So, I pretend
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