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 Nov 2019 Jackie G
I know
 Nov 2019 Jackie G
I know God is leading my way
I know He watches over my back
I know I'm surrounded by His Angels
So no fear for the arrows that fly my way

I know my flesh was made from clay
But His Spirit in me is why I am great
I know the enemy will always try to take his shots
But I know the Lord has made me his boss

I know I am who I am by His grace
I know He will help me finish my race
I know this life that I live is not my own
I'll forever submit to the One on the throne
 Nov 2019 Jackie G
Don't cage your thoughts, speak out,
And you'll find out you're not alone
When you think your cup is half empty,
You'll find out that it's on its way to be full
Having a heart-to-heart conversation is like
taking a car to the gas station, for a refuel,
You wouldn't fill a gas engine with diesel,
So it's important who you open up to,
A good conversation would boost you up,
Re-energize you to go a few more miles
My friend, please don't keep in to yourself
Find some ears that will genuinely listen
It's not weakness to seek a hand,
Actually, it's a show of strength to be vulnerable.
 Feb 2019 Jackie G
 Feb 2019 Jackie G
I was fully immersed in sin
Soiled up and filthy
But His loving hands reached out to me
And saved me from the pit

Soaked in His liquid love
Soap-washed by His grace
I emerged squeaky clean
Clothed in His truth

I received a new reality
Reborn a new being
A life of victory
Living by faith, not by what's seen
 Jan 2019 Jackie G
How ironic that we cast stones
At a man that looks like us
Not physically
But in actions and deeds

It's much easier to see another's misdeeds
Even though, we are planting similar seeds
But ours, we wouldn't see
Isn't that hypocrisy?

I suggest we drop our stones
And pick up a mirror
Some of us have beams in our eyes
And our hearts are waxing colder than ice
 Jan 2019 Jackie G
Faith came to me in the night
Told me about a journey for the next day
In the early morning we hit the road
He replaced one of my eyes with his

Then he put work in my hands
And he went way ahead of me
He told me "your eye could see things
That would get you scared
Close your eye and see with mine"

The journey wasn't as easy as I thought
So many times I got stuck
Then, I would see with his eye
And suddenly a way would pave
Oh, I wouldn't forget the "Doubts" cave!

Sometimes, he would come back to pull me out
He was the help I couldn't do without
To cut the long story short
After the countless hills and valleys
We made it back home with all the work fully done

From then, I learnt to walk by Faith!
This is more like a story, I hope you enjoy it
 Jan 2019 Jackie G
I do ask myself this question
Are we still connected as humans?
The first answer that comes to my mind...
Yes, we are...
Connected by our social media profile pages

Emotional connection, it used to be
Face to face, we used to see
Face time has been replaced by FaceTime
Audible laughs replaced by emojis and lols

Loss of Laughs
Loss of Love
I understand that it helps us reach farther people
But I'm not sure it's made us better people
 Jan 2019 Jackie G
If you keep winning
Without learning anything new
You're probably too grown for that level
It's about time to level up

When it seems like you lost
But you learnt at least one tangible lesson
Then, it's not a total loss
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