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It takes
Just a tumble
Of fresh water
Mind you inverted
To freshen me
Fills me with energy
Charges the pulsating
Blood in my veins
Soothes me
OK in winters
As the drops of water
Flow down my body
Oh oh.......
From the hair
To the forehead
Back and in front
Of the neck
Oh what a shiver
It arouses me
Down the collarbone
My chest
Like mountain streams
Down my heaps
Of body tissue!
To the navel
Now wait:-) :-) :-) :-)
Down and down it goes
To the thighs
O what joy it is
O guys
OK to the
Lower legs
Oh nothing is left
Water has so less
Cohesive force
It ascends with the sap
Up the plants
Abounds in our body
Keeps me alive!
Oh I forgot
Such is its dance
I love water
And with summer
I'll do pitter patter
Just with my friend
In pools
My sweating body
Running out of it
And in the
OK we should save water.Its the elixir of life.But do enjoy the sustainable watery works with fun in this summer
Take off the mask
It hinders your task
Show yourself
For that's what
Are you!
Your mask has just
That will die with you
Why to have complexity?
When you can endure
Essential worldly simplicity!
O people!
Now we will
Get into each other
We don't need anything else
But just words
Ok start
                     You ****** an arrow
Of enchanting
                     Thoughts into me
Make me intoxicated
                       With it's poison
I endure your efforts
                        As I look into your eyes
Filled with so much
                        Of that sweet poison!
When you become tired
And thirsty for something
I satiate you
I drive myself into you
As you shed tears of joy
Now you find you
In my body
We become one
As I shoot that
Of desire
To enjoy
Every moment
Of this encounter
With me!
I am.........
What d'you think?
Now she's a wild one
Whom I can't hunt!
Just makes you chase her
Like mirage
In a desert
She's real
But becomes
Very soon
She'll make you
Run Run and run
To chase her
She's beautiful
Has a hide
Of real gold
Body of thoughts
Of beauty
That do but
Touch the ground
Very rarely
Ok now she'll make you
Kneel down
Surrender to her
Oh she wants to enjoy
You and your attention
She's a whimsical
Attention seeker
Ok you close your eyes
And when you open them!......….
She's not there
Disappeared into
A land unknown
I know she'll
Come again
But when
And will she stay?
Now one really knows!
Ok you need for her
Some gunnery of
Real words!
She's poetry!
What d'you think about her?
I'm a rose
You touch my
Body's beauty
I'm just so soft
Your thought gets
Entangled in me
I absorb you
We become one
But as you sink to
The realities
Of my bottom
Prickly thorns
***** you
O baby!
Be careful
Sweet roses
Can take life
Out of you!
Roses are beautiful...but what d'you think?
Main Hoon Kahan?
Are kitni kaatil hai yeh duniya
Iski adayein anginat samajh na aate!
Phir bhi duniya
** tum Mera pehla ishq
Hai tujhe salaam!
I saw someone special
Today morning
OK they are daily guests
Whom I do
Love to welcome!
But they create that
Joyful music
Take away that stagnancy
Engulfing me
Create moments of
Guilty lightness
During the long hours
Of sitting in the exam hall!
The Vedas see in them
The manifestations
Of our inner self
The body ,a bird
And the inner,another
Watching the other
Enjoy fruits of life
OK let's come back
As a boy,whom
I do love to chase
And catch
O they're but
Lovely birds!
They're special everyday
I realized that today
So much can we learn
From what these birds
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