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Today morning
As I was taking a bath
I rubbed my
And removed the dirt
Accumulated over so many days
You know that!
If you can rub the
Walls of time
You can remove
The silt
Deposited throughout
A sad past!
Can you give me a title?
A wildflower!
No one cares
'Bout him
Or her!
She blooms
In the realms
Of 'neglect'
Away from humans
And finds her
Final resort
Oh but is she so unhappy?
Nature has her charms
Her guards
And above all
Her presence
For the wildflower!
I'm a flower
That blooms everyday
And goes to dust
I'm beautiful on
The tree
Where I was
But people pluck me
I think
Plucked by people
Am I fortunate!
Or mixing in dust,
Am I fortunate?
Now these
Questions go to dust
For I realize
My ultimate home
Lies in the
Oh I face the Sun
I adorn the lawn
On the bushes
At its sides
I talk with other flowers,
Ask them
Are you happy
Some say no
Call them the others
Who say
They are lucky
God's given them
Bright colors
To attract
That will
Let them live
In their
And daughters!
Some are but
Dull  like the
Maize flower
But it has its own joys
Swayed by the wind
It flies to its destiny
In joy
As others watch
Bulky bright
With parched eyes!
Oh I realize
Flowers have joys
Serving others
They lead
Their lives
For maybe
Hours or days
Just twenty
O God
Make me a flower
I bow gently!
OK I see people in the morning
Fighting over the possession
Of flowers
In gardens
What would
The flower think now?
Something special in them
An old man
Beautiful grandfather
Perched on his forehead
Sat to read the newspaper
But everything was blurry
He realized
Where were his spectacles?
He looked around
Couldn't find them
Called his daughter
Asked her the same
A moment of joy!
Take her hand
Did she
To his forehead
And brought back
The glasses
Straight to his eyes!
What was radiant
And infections
Was the gentle
Smile on the old man's
And his daughter's faces
One being  happy at
Someone's childishness
The other
In child like
Childhood and old age
Both are joyful!
The person was not  crying
His eyes were
Loosing their beauty
His ears were
Going deaf
His senses were
I asked him
Frail did he hear
How will he sense
What's around him?
He'd learn Braille
Like Keller did
But his answer
Surprised me!
Said he
Oh my wife and son
Sold our land
She gave away her jewellery
My son
Left his job
To come to me!
I'm sure
They will
Be my eyes
And ears!
What a determination!
Worship it
Your body!
It deserves
Your attention!
The natural work of art
Which your soul
Endures forever this life
Should be serene
Just like a temple!
What d'you think?
Friction between those glances
When produces a spark
Fair speechless messages
Are secretly passed
Ok if you don't feel bored
You enjoy
Getting lost
In those eyes
In those black curls
Love to graze in that
O you are special!
Oh Adonis' are not needed to
Sustain this world!
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