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Tyler Hintz Feb 2018
I am a ****
And I refuse to believe that
Women have a right to their bodies
I realize this may be a shock, but
Saying “Don’t Get *****,” rather than “Don’t ****”
Is a lie, and
Because you said “yes” to him, means you say “yes” to all men.
In 30 years, society will believe that
A man’s ego
Is more important than
The word “no”
I tell you this:
Teen girls’ safety matters
But this will not be true in my era
This is a male supremacist society
Experts tell me
Men will be superior to women
I do not conclude that
Women will be powerful
In the future
There will be no equality
No longer will it be said that
Women deserve to be heard
It will be evident that
It’s the victims fault for ****** assault
It is foolish to presume that
Your voice matters.
And all of this will come true, unless we reverse it.
Read from top to bottom, then bottom to top.
Part of the #MeToo movement.
“Grades are getting low,
the teens are getting high.
That 12 year old is pregnant
and her parents wonder why.

A 1st grader is swearing,
a 3rd grader has been *****.
Just take a look around you,
isn’t the system great?

Who isn’t faded these days,
teens are sending nudes,
kids are getting beaten,
the teachers see the bruises.

No calls for help are spoken,
teens are smoking ****,
young girls are cutting,
this isn’t what we need.

The marks of taunt and yelling,
parents are divorced.
That 14 year old is drinking beer,
this can’t get any worse.

A little girl has killed herself,
nobody seems to care.
Another kid has been expelled
for a stupid dare.

But it needs to change.
Our world is officially broken.
It’s time to take a stand;
your thoughts need to be spoken.”

Thoughts are running wild
As the tears stream down my face.
Depressed and suicidal,
But I should just stay in my place.

I’m feeling kinda broken,
Feeling kinda lost.
I wanna make my pain
Just go away at any cost.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up
In a nice enough neighborhood.
And I did everything that
Anybody said I should.

But it wasn’t enough.
It wasn’t me.
I thought that I could help the world
With the things I’ve seen.

My cousin lost herself
In drinking hard and smoking ***.
My good friend tried to run away
And lose her past a lot.

I, myself, have struggled
With thoughts of losing it all.
The pro and cons of jumping off
That cliff into the free fall.

I mean if there's something that can save me
Then it'll show up, right?
It's worth the wait to take a blade to my wrist
And **** it up, right?

The truth is, I don't know
How to do this and win the fight.
I need someone to show me
There's still a ray of light.

I fell into a pit of despair
And it consumed me.
I guess the only way to help the world
Was to lose me.

Finding myself is gonna take a while.
Don't know if I can make it.
Keep giving out my heart
Hoping someone will take it.

Drinking, smoking,
Doing everything to make me numb.
Doing stupid things.
Making people call me dumb.

Popping pills like candy
Just to get me through the day.
Trying to end it all;
To make the pain just go away.

It wasn't perfect. Never.
It wasn't good enough for anyone.
So I always sat alone
And wished my life was done.

~Ashton Grayson Everly
The part in quotes was written on Facebook by Will Smith. The rest is mine.
  Feb 2018 Tyler Hintz
Ben K
Roses are red,
violence in bloom;
thoughts, prayers, and guns
for every classroom.
Tyler Hintz Feb 2018
We started as friends,
Both damaged from our pasts.
You made mistakes that hurt you,
I was convinced that nothing ever lasts.

The adventure began,
From friends to lovers.
It’s like playing in the sand,
But instead we play under covers.

Our storms are fierce,
But we don’t go for shelter.
We stay throughout the weather,
And never let our love welter.

You dive into my waters,
And I wince with every touch,
For how is there love-
Without a little lust?

Our love is like a beach,
And all the boys want to play-
But they’ll never get the chance,
Because I will never go astray.

Till death do us part-
I will never leave your side.
You have my heart forever,
No matter the waves tide.
To my handsome boyfriend, who I love so dearly. Everyday is like Valentines Day with you.
Tyler Hintz Feb 2018
Dear Lost One,

These winter nights are cold and brittle,
I hope that you are missing me a little.
I ignite the chimney with fire,
But it will never amount to my burning desire-
To have your arms around me to keep me warm,
Oh, how I wish to see your face once more.

These winter nights are unforgiving,
And it makes me question the cost of living,
All alone in this empty house,
Without you here to be my spouse.
Don’t forget the times we shared,
And the feelings that we left with them there.
Now that you are gone and I am alone,
This place doesn't feel like home.

These winter nights are haunting me,
But I will no longer live in misery.
It’s time to end the life I’ve lived,
Because it is broken without you in it.
These lonely nights are killing me,
So now it’s time for me to make my peace.
I will see you soon on the other side,
With your arms open far and wide,
And a smile stretched across your face,
That assures me I’m ready to leave this place.
I love you to heaven and back,
So wait for me as I follow your tracks.
It’s time for me to finish this letter,
And I hope whoever reads this will think of me better,
Than the circumstances that I have created,
I know they must certainly feel jaded.
But know I did this all in good thought,
As I continue to finish tying this knot.

These winter nights are almost over,
And I will see you when I crossover
From this world into yours,
Just wait for me at the open door.

Yours truly,
Broken One
This poem is about a woman whose husband has passed and she cannot bear to continue to live without him, so she writes a suicide letter to her husband.
(I am in a Gothic Literature class so all of my work is really dark lately, I'm sorry guys).
Tyler Hintz Feb 2018
You meet people for a reason,
And those reasons cannot be explained.
But sometimes you have to learn a lesson twice,
Before it can be claimed.
You were two different people,
And walked into my life at two different times.
I believed you both were sincere,
But you committed the same crimes.
My heart wasn’t yours to break,
And my trust wasn’t yours to take.
You thought I wouldn’t know,
But you’re blind to your mistakes.
You both came into my life,
To teach me when it’s too much.
You saw me as an option,
I guess it’s just bad luck.
It’s my turn to break your heart,
And show you my true strength.
I may have stayed the first time,
But now it’s not the same.
You meet people for a reason,
And those reasons cannot be explained.
But both of you taught me self-worth,
And I will no longer live in pain.
Tyler Hintz Feb 2018
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear,
Then let’s pretend you were never here.
Every time you walk out the door,
I had never wanted you more.
You leave my thoughts impaired,
But I have never really cared.
What we have can never be real,
Because nothing is what I feel.
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