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 Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
I will be honest with you, most days i wake up and my first though is you.
2. I’ve spent days in my thoughts, waiting for someone’s smile to open the door; and there you were- I’ve been waiting for you.
3. And all the songs i’ve been listening to finally made sense, i never thought they would.
4. You’re my thoughts. You  have been for the past year.
5. Oh my god i love you more than you will ever know.
6. I never know what to say and i’m sorry, but if i could even find the courage to say something it would be “please don’t get tired of me.”
7.I love you, i love you so ******* much. You will always be my insomnia, my lat night thoughts.
8.I adore you.
9.I know i get annoying and i frustrate you a lot, thank you for putting up with me.
10.I will always be in some kind of love with you, i hope you know that.
11. I still love you at
12. I fell in love with you, you don’t have to love me back. But i gave you my heart, please be gentle.
13. 4 shots later and the only name i manage to slur out is yours.
14. All the songs make sense now, they were about you.
 Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
Ill-gotten knave!  Thy witless candle burns
Bright as a baboon's ****!  Thy gnarlèd brows
Greet, meet and mingle like the wildling ferns
And thy breath turns and churns insides of cows!
Thou stompest me? Ha! Bring thy brothers all,
Beneath my steely boot thou shall be trod!
Dust be thy supper, feast upon thy fall,
Eat hearty of thy just deserted sod!
Thou comest hither with thy merry folk,
Thou japes a merry jest upon my kin?
Thy bandy leggèd jiggery a joke,
To spilleth of mine cup is thine own sin!
        If thou be not afraid, let thee not hide,
        My gauntlet speaks! Will thou comest outside?
I may have been drinking when I wrote this...(hic!)
Once I understood the cry of the gull,

And why the hibiscus flowers for one day.

And I could sense the caterpillar’s anticipation

As he broke free from the cocoon in which he lay.

And I knew why the silkworm ate the mulberry tree,

And the tiger chose stripes instead of spots.

And I understood why the dolphin never sleeps,

And why the python tied himself in knots.

And I could speak the language of the honey bee

And converse with the grizzly bear

For I understood this infinite universe

And why I was here and not there.

But life takes away this deep comprehension

This understanding that we each have inside

Because when we try to comprehend as we are

We are all searching from the wrong side.
Folded gently like
the hidden memory
of her smile,
Her parted lips
in silence
said more than
spoken breath.

words and foto T Carroll
I will finger the hem
of your gown
and place my smile's cheek
against the shadow
of your leaving.
 Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
He said to me with swollen eyes,
"Heaven is better than this,
  So if there is no purpose for my living,
  Why delay my rapture. I love you,
  But I'm only going to Hurt you if I stay."

A peck on my lips,
"Go, run home!"
And he ran,
I yelled and cried,
He ran and ran,
I stood, so scared,
With tears in my eyes,
Gun shots in the air.

No one could help him.
"It wouldn't be suicide,"
The words he said echoed in my head,
"I'm just going to be in the wrong place,
At the right time."

I ran and ran,
Cried and cried,
I couldn't watch,
It was a blood bath,
A riot.

I ran home,
Ran and ran;
But home was where he was,
And I didn't know where that was.

I cried and cried,
And in that moment I was certain,
*My soul had died.
I don't even know where this came from, but I feel it, the pain, the reality.
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