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Lorraine DeSousa Aug 2015
Nobody knows what flickers behind my silent mask,

The shadows in the glass are more real.

A whisper of ice shudders down my spine,

As the chill of the universe seeps into my bones.

Stepping into the blackness I stand still,

Hovering over the precipice of non-being,

As the world continues to sing her alien song.

It is a space starlit, where a splash of dawn enters.

Far beyond time and meanings call.

Between the self and what is not,

A strange confluence of time and space,

The sole ****** of this interior being.

And as the outside constructs its reality based dreams,

On an invisible wire I dance over an infinite waterfall.
Lorraine DeSousa May 2015
As sunlight fades earth’s rich brocade,
We follow the flight of the birds,
Past the emerald forest now in shade,
Our silence speaks a thousand words.
We climb up a ladder of blue cloud.
To sit on a moon edged roof,
Far away from the madding crowd.
Hearts filled with vibrating truth.
Our shadows dance in melodies of mist
We sit drifting through the circling stars.
Our souls tumbling, flying, when we kiss,
For this night only, heaven is ours.
A moment that ought to last forever,
Has come and gone before we know,
Our hearts which opened like flowers in spring,
Will become frosted, iced, with snow.
And the barks and crows and life jars
As the saffron sunrise fills the sky,
We linger with pearl drops in our eyes,
Then lift our hands to wave goodbye.
Lorraine DeSousa May 2015
I turn my head, and the world tilts,

Everything is not as it seems,

True reality appears to be missing,

Like illusions, inside a dream.

I meander in darkness through water,

Called upon by a passing bird,

Blood fizzing, inside gnarled veins,

I am waiting upon the word.

I try to recall a time of innocence,

Guiding myself by the moons on water,

Letting go of all temporal lines,

Remembering once I was the daughter.

I dive into a net full of fishes,

Caught suspended in the reeds,

And inside the sleeping silence,

An ancient language plants its seeds.

It flows like an aria inside me,

Imploring  for the unreal to be heard,

Make us of the flesh they cry

And I commence to write the word.
Lorraine DeSousa May 2015
I’m right at the end of an endless road,

My story is written never to be told,

I sit in the middle of a dry rivers flow,

The earth above the sky below,

A maelstrom inside a tranquil lake,

Step on the gas only to brake.

From two dry eyes, flow a single tear,

I’m everywhere, no-where , somewhere, near.

Soaking in sweat, chilled to the bone

Messages seeping through the phone.

In a box with three sides, silence in sound,

People are everywhere, no-one  around.

I saw again the man, who wasn’t there,

Next time I don’t see him, I will not stare.

I am full, yet empty, a hole inside,

As vast as the universe, I ride its tide.

I bleed from memories, hide in the light,

Let me step into the dark, to make things bright.

Waiting for Godot, the message futile,

My mouth tastes sweet as it pours forth bile

I am awake in the infinite dream,

I could scream, do you know what I mean?
Lorraine DeSousa May 2015
What a glorious, fabulous, wonderful  day,

Captured in memories, forever to stay.

The sun is winking at me, high in the sky,

The palm trees are waving, as I pass them by.

The birds are singing songs just for me,

And the river is babbling away to the sea.

All the dogs are wagging their fluffy tails,

A boat passes by and puffs out her sails.

The flowers bob their heads to say hello,

You cannot help but go with the flow.

The daisies are crazily paving  the lawns,

A sleepy lizard opens his mouth and yawns.

Silver fish are darting and jumping for joy

Honeybees too buzzy, no time to annoy.

Butterflies soar and flicker their wings

Cicadas tap dancing to their clickings.

Under a blanket of blue, I view the whole scene,

My heart pure bliss, my mind serene.

For there you are with the warmth of your smile,

And together in this day we can rest awhile.
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