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Conceptualcat Apr 2015
A cat is a chaos landmine sweeper.
He may or may not have tripped that mess,
but he doesn't care about an alibi.
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
There are Long Things in the days
That have neither words nor ears
nor do mythologies tie them
to normalcy.
Spared we few who neared but
not going in bear
the marks of tribal ascent;
trophies of glory
turned scars of
silent defeat.
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
{To have your head stuffed full of memories that FEDERAL LAW forbids you to talk about}

"YOU're OKay"
I say,
right before
  Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
Tommy Carroll
I will finger the hem
of your gown
and place my smile's cheek
against the shadow
of your leaving.
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
{ }
The unspoken
between us
is a library
that never opens.
I stand on its stairs and wait.
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