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WA West Aug 2018
A loose handed emblem,
of folded thoughts,
Loss is weaponized in enchanted red,
Wrongs corrected stemming from the
blissful bare signed gawky individuals.
Homage backtracked and renounced
Barely earnest calls for a curious fathom-ability
Heaven bound birdlike shadows,
Bright light gagged and janky,
Found little finger blood tacked to the earth.
E McNamara Aug 2018
Paper folded into doors
Fingers twisted into words
I try to grip reality
While collecting bumblebees
They call me whimsical
But i’m just somewhere else
always in la la land
Solaces Jul 2016
And I open my eyes.  In a deep sleep I was.  Voices woke me up.  Sounds a lot like there is a t.v on in another room.  I could hear all sorts of different voices speaking.  I focus for a moment and listen.  There are so many.  I cannot make out what they are saying.  I then sit up in my bed and the voices stop! All at once.  Was I dreaming?  I lay my head back down on my pillow and hear nothing but my own heartbeat.  I then turn on my left side.  My ear folds in such a way that the voices come back!  What am I hearing!?  Where is it coming from?  The voices are quite beautiful.  I think it is a mixture of some form of acoustics that seem to travel in a time stream. Going either forward or backwords.  This chaos of voices cascades only on the folded ear.
Strange things in the night
Poetic T May 2016
I was a piece of paper, you wrote upon me,
I couldn't read straight away what you'd
inked upon my soul.

You started to fold me from the edges to
the inside. I was formless before,  now you
sculpted my being into a constructed form.

*"A heart sculptured by you,
We all change a little for that special someone
Tommy Carroll Apr 2015
Folded gently like
the hidden memory
of her smile,
Her parted lips
in silence
said more than
spoken breath.

words and foto T Carroll

— The End —