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2.8k · Apr 2021
The Heirs of Zeus
Ananya Apr 2021
He is the sun to the lonely sky,
She is the wild wolf of the night.
A quiver in hand and a bow on back,
She makes her way while leading the pack.

Harmonizing to the tunes of the golden lyre,
He is the God whom all admire.
With the silver bow and the golden sword,
Defeating the Python he forged his path forward.

Apollo is the light to this glooming world,
Artemis is the moon-light that glowed and burned.
The twins of Zeus both fierce and strong,
Through different destinies stayed together all along.

The Goddess of the hunt walks with pride,
While the God of Poetry lives to enlight.
Medicine mixes together with wild,
When the sun and moon in the cosmos align.
2.2k · May 2021
Ananya May 2021
Dazzling moonlight all bright
Mocking my blearing fears,
Exfoliating my peaceful daydream
It burns down my walls all in,
Leaving me dreading for the next night
With eyes filled with poignant memories.
1.2k · Apr 2021
Ananya Apr 2021
What if I tell you a story
deeper than a true love’s kiss,
One in which the truth prevails
and it leaves your soul abyss?

What if the mistress of evil
trusted a human once,
An innocent girl who left her solitude
just to watch her wings get burned.

What if Ursula’s deal was fair
all she wanted was to sing,
Are only royal blood allowed to dream
Is that why she was banished by the king?

What if Snow White was in pretense
a girl who helped others mend,
And right after the poisoned apple
Evil Queens heart was under her bed.

What if villains were just humans
without lamps or slippers or prince,
They live without a fairy Godmother
and are deprived of fairytale endings.

They don’t get a knight in armour
or magic genie on the street,
They survive all alone
waiting for their demise to meet.

They walk on broken shards
while the princess attends the ball,
Can you blame them for wanting
to watch the fairest of them to fall?
997 · Apr 2021
Ananya Apr 2021
“Do you believe in destiny?”, she smiled
“Only when you stumble upon it.”
“And what if it’s all planned?”
“Keep dreaming”, he smirked, “You’ll soon enough quit.”

“Romeo was bound with Juliet,
star-crossed lovers till the end.
In death, they found one another.”
She stared at him unready to bend.

“Star-crossed lovers, you say?
I say it was serendipity they met.
And one was fortunate to see the other,
right before their tragic death.”

“You’re not going to believe are you?”
“Is it in my destiny to?”, he asked.
“We will meet again if it’s written”, said Fate.
Coincidence smiled, “Only if we meet by chance.”
864 · May 2021
Pandora's Box
Ananya May 2021
The eerie calmness in the air
Called me foreward towards you,
The distinct voice of my scruples,
Holding me back.
I should have stopped,
I wished to stop,
I didn't stop.
Bringing the evil in the world
In contrition I was left alone,
The only thing I had,
Was what I trapped,
The sense of hope lying in the box.
What was going in Pandora's mind after she let the evil out?
491 · Apr 2021
Ananya Apr 2021
Wide white wings with prayers of gold
a promise of sin on lips,
The glaring halo and horns forgotten
watching where the black and white dips.

The silver ball blasts open
scattering moondust from the sky,
Each drop an intoxication
making their aura cry.

My fingers dance on the piano
watching the angel stride,
Not a hint of terror
as they let the demon glide.

This is a place of dreams
there is no good no evil,
It’s a place where darkness shed
and good loses its will.
451 · Apr 2021
Ananya Apr 2021
There was a hollow feeling in my chest
Wearing my black boots and black dress,
Am I ready for this I ask myself
That I am not sure I must confess.

The aura around me is silent
The people I have known all my life,
Now no more than a stranger
No matter how much I try to recognize.

I watch my friends in a corner
Sitting all alone,
Their chest heaving with shallow breathing
And their faces made of stone.

There was a change of plan today
I was supposed to be on voyage,
Instead I am watching my loved
Gather their strength and courage.

I look towards my family
Missing their smiles and frowns,
Closing my eyes I welcome darkness
As they lower me six feet down.
390 · Apr 2021
La Soñador
Ananya Apr 2021
Looking at the stars twinkle she wonders,
what her life could have been without the thunders.
No more running in the woods or hiding in the dark,
when she could be enjoying the wind walking in the park.

Getting a moment for which she has waited so long,
feeling like this is where she belongs.
No more worrying about food or shelter,
all could have been well all could have been better.

That’s all what life could have been,
but now was no time to day dream.
The shift in her bones the twitch in her eyes,
the full moon was yet to rise.
272 · Apr 2021
Ananya Apr 2021
Is it a place or a state of mind?
An abode of the dead in afterlife,
Which keeps their souls bind,
And let their spirits strive?

Elysium is the home
Where souls memoralize,
The heroes which are known
Never let their valor die.

It’s the safe haven
Which keeps you warm and tight,
The connection which strengthens
Your will to survive.

Is it a place, or a state of mind?
Which makes you quite inclined
To want your life and joy to be interwined,
And for you, Elysium to find.

— The End —