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thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
A butterfly on my notebook
Rainbow colored wings, as large as leaf
The other day escaped from my hook
Carrying the burden of my dreams and belief.

It flew in the midst of sunflowers
Gazing at the sun,never getting tired
No heat bothered them,nor the waiting
Without expectations, they were sired.

It flow above the ocean,endless blue
A reflection of sky,an estranged sister
To meet at the end, of which they had no clue
At night they stop, staring at each other.

It flew between the mountains,hard to touch
Singing a song, no one listens
Waiting for the shower, they care so much
Hoping at the end, they will be chosen.

It flew under the caves,secrets hidden
Needle of silence, vow they taken
Fearing the light, if secret get stolen
Day to night, their eyes are open.

At last butterfly came back
Drew pictures of places it has seen
Told me how my beliefs and dreams
Were the reason, who I have been.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Iris twinkling
world beyond, put aside
or a bag of germs
one would  steal.
Scattered street lights
showing the way
started falling
one by one.
Rain of stars
I would say,
captured one
in my tiny little palm
for a second
it was gone away.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Oh ! it broke the thread
lone was set the ride.
Nothing to keep on side
balloon has to move ahead.

Wandering high sky,
group of birds it found.
Apart from things as fly
there was nothing to bound.

Then it met the clouds
think is all they do.
Cried a lot aloud
its time for to say adieu !

Raindrops started falling down
tried them to follow along.
Settling forever on the lawn
carried its journey, as it doesn't belong.

With stone weigh heart
found a tree, full of life.
A long distance apart
rested balloon, with simple sigh.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Thunder storm came
played in the fields
with lightning it drew
its anger and its burst
In the atmosphere of nightmare
stood a plant in a frame
a sprout to blossom
a scarlet stud sound asleep
In storm of horrendous
as if no surrender
with the little bud inside
and a bowed head
battled with the wind
with arms around the naive

Morning windows open
chirping birds in bliss
as youthful it seem
In corner with walls
layed tired the plant
in between the green
as peace in the breeze
with opening eyes
a drop in forehead
bloomed rosy.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
The road was laid

from very long time

Trees did blossom

covering all branches

Lake was full

cuddling with fish

Sun, visitor at light

moon played all night

Starlings came by to sing

while rabbits stayed along

Rain was there to nourish

from season to season

A dip of paint

and the brush went on.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
He was endless
like a broad way
consuming the emptiness

She was shallow
like a puzzle to solve
an innovation of flawless mind

Seemingly far
no point of convergence
yet they found
color of teal,
profound that no one could steal
in her swirl and his voice
a celebration of love.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Its constant,
like still
like a picture of river.
A garden full blossomed
But not a single beatle
Nor the wind.
A silent mind
without the train of thoughts.
Change is breath
change is necessary
like day to night,
And night to day
To live new day.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Blue and white spots
All day,
A smile on a face

shining stars over black
All night,
glowing eyes, full of dreams

War between red and yellow
in middle,
storm of emotions, sad and anger

Someday for one day
colorless it became,
a satisfaction over face.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Carried away, in the moment
the moment of choice.
In slightest, ignoring the voice
A decision of judgement.

For the wrong step taken
swirled round and round.
For the right path to be found
As things around are broken.

Going back is hard
But I'm desperate
For making things temparate
Desperate enough, that I may bombard.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
What if,
your life is a dream
try it harder,
you can stop it stream.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Faces in crowd
like moving ants
following a lead
or falling backwards
everything he's feeling.

Burst the anger
****** below
or head with hands
everything he's feeling.

Mountain of heartbeats
fountain of tears
or fruit of the sufferings
a sigh,
everything he's feeling.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Its hard to heal
No matter one would say.
Memories keep coming
feeling the absence
in it's  way.
Places you visited
lawns you sat
haunting me harder
dreaming, if you were.
World keep keeps spinning
unknown of the fact
changes occuring,
fast and fast.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Read into words
Read into thoughts
And then read in my eyes
All of them form
A dance of its own
Hard it is to open
Hard it is to close
You have to choose,
Shall I disclose ?
Once you enter
Shallow it is found
Lost in the woods
But you'll never find me.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Suffocation is the feeling
blue deep water entering
stopped a while ago is breathing

Hands tied,legs twisted
golden hair floating
eyes not closed,speaking
singing dark melody

Head bowed,looking into dark
red dress turning black
feeling of numbness,
entering veins

Breaks ties,carries up
fingers have touched land
someone held hand with someone
and name was said to be hope.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
One needs a new language

One that understands  thoughts

One which removes baggage

One enables me to see others's  sights

One with no hidden meanings but only truth

One with no pride and speaks my heart

For those who are interested may today start !

For being there is no time for face to face talk

I need a language , one where everyone understands my soul

I need a language, one where I can make everybody stall
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
I sit in a room
with a bowl of two fishes
ceiling with a fan
A room full of switches.
Door with a painting wearing
chasing a butterfly into bushes,
reminding me of the other one.
Carrying a set of dishes,
a smile of the world on face.
caring one comes to picture.
A window with bars,
and mangoes falling down.
I see pupil, rushes
spreading words through whisper
I sit in a room
where walls are limitless.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
If dreams come true
I would've nothing but you

If star's cross by
I'll ask for nothing but you

If river flows by
I'll come to nothing but you

If wind carries away
I'll run to nothing but you

If last sleep comes by
I'll dream of nothing but you

If a choice comes between
I'll choose nothing but you.
thewi3rdthoughts Jul 2019
The lavenders keep questioning me
while I sit on a rock starring them
"Are you here for the fragrance ?"
"or for the color of the petals?"
Rain tasted sweet, I captured them in my wrist.
The lavenders again questioned me
"Did you know it will rain?"
"or relishing the moment of surprise? "
The lavenders started falling down
and floated into unknown
I sat on the rock in despair
searching the answers for next time.
thewi3rdthoughts Jul 2019
Ravishing look you have,
behind your smile, a hidden motive
mesmerizing eyes, gazed on you forever

Let you have me in whole,
burn me alive in your flames.

Venomous darkness surrounding you,
rattling me inside, a force towards you.
As I was rendered to play this role
My whole life for this moment.
Your burning eyes, hiding sunset
your magic turned me into a puppet.

Appealing darkness circling you,
gathering me from pieces found in you.
As I have surrendered my freedom to live
Everything is nothing beyond this moment.
Your frozen lips, creating silence of death
your glimpse turned me into a stone.

Life shattering look you have,
creating a tale of ice burning in rain.
Queen you are, made your slave forever

Let you have me in whole,
burn me alive in your flames.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A sweet wine
like it taste.
Moments all fine
nothing to waste.

Humming of a bird
in noise of despair.
No time till it fade
More I aspire.

An album in mind
which brings a smile.
Forever it bind
Not opened for a while.

Gather it more
Put in the core.
Because you'll find,
nothing more.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
In shade of the absence of mind
the reason behind wind's flow was known
glasses wore on the eyes, behind the mind
the shades between night and day were shown.
views that run along the window of bus
poured the ambience never before, when mind was off
it's not black and white as they seemed nor right or wrong
A play made by the clown mind to pick one of them among
gazing through the bars of window at distant
the end was not found, instead it was in front
Smell of the food told the flavour of love
decoration beautiful, wouldn't matter at all
consuming wholeness of steeping glory
bursted into a lake of weeping story
Cradle was swinging, painted in white and a toy turning around
a lalla by was singing or playing in mind
angered sea sunk in emotions were calming down.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
They seem alone
in the side of road
No one to bother
no one to care
Cold not matter
nor the lightning
Tommarrow's are not
a concern for them
Indulging thoughts
of future,
A future is not for them
We are blessed
cursed one's suffer
Are you fullfing the wish of Him ?
Alone they seem
in dark life of thiers
or it seem,
But you won't see
He sat beside them
I am in you
I am in him
You and me are breathing chores
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
A piece of paper
laying on the ground
with nothing to surround.

An ink of black
scribbled around
Destiny or fair
folded, unfolded
it became a boat.

A new shape taken
light without shaken
Breeze with hands
carried away,
dropped in the flow
movement became slow.

Up and down
then turn around.
Lost in woods
with no control,
in merges.

Up and down
then turn around
Verge of drown
but no destination found.

The sun was set
day became to an end
folded, unfolded
laid deep under water.

Ink was floating
Layers were carrying
forever and forever.
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thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
captured mirror
shining alone,
in dark room of
Belief in
image won't matter
by a word,
by you.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A ray of line,
through my window sunshine.
Chirp of birds
And chorus windchime.

Playfull green
with rhythm of dance
Waving in dream
Near flowing stream.

Far in the middle,
children fiddle
And fall with nothing to care,
on grass that hss become so fair.

Look through the window,
a painting redrawn
with more colors added
with new given life.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Drop by drop
water falls of tap
breaking the silence.
How lonely
it could be.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
Somethings in life
must be kept simple
if you complicate enough
they can form a lot of wrinkles.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Today is the day,I die
Today is the day,I break my ties,
May I fall asleep in the profound sea
closing my eyes,for the world beyond see.

All my love,all my hatred
All my life is nowhere  to see,
I was hiding in the black
A hole in the dark.

One day I'll fall
A ripe fruit from tree,
Deep down in the heap
that everyone knew.

For the tears I cried,prayed I prayed
I had a face ,which nothing says,
No happy,no sad for what I feel
Whole world to me has become still.

I was in a loop,going forever
when finally one day,I saw the light,
As the moment has come
where I say goodbye.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
In the other world
water as tear drops
fly's up.
Fishes don't swim anymore
as they can fly.
East is not where
He comes up
And even misses a day.
Frogs can dance on tulip leaf's
And they do on sunday's.
Open the window
of closed house,
And you can see
The whole new world.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Everything as statue
moments of silence
Collection of pictures
of unorganized crime.

A child with no play
Sun with no shine
Ocean was sinking
in loop of dismay.

Rendering the obvious
past and future collide
Present has no value
until time arrives.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
One is light other is dark
one hides in the other
one peels face
one wears mask
but they can be found in each other
one shouts the name of other
one claims to be the other
but they are the poles of magnet
following the way of each other
one is ice other is fire
one is the death of other
spotting the right one
hardest task
as they'll be wearing,
faces of each other.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
A pleasant sea,calm
Rocks around,without losing its charm
Brighten sun has come to bed of warm
Shedding worries, causing no one a harm.

There comes a sudden disaster,
Without manners, snatching his laughter
Sound asleep he was,just after
Announcing furiously,he's the master.

For first time I saw him
Still the world became, when he took him
Statue like I stand, with a chest full of scream
A ferocious sea behind, will no one ever dream.

A shadow in black, with red eyes
Smile on his face, when everyone cries
Come's on a red horse, then he flies
Fulfills his purpose, when everyone dies.

Full of hatred for crashing my world
Crushing my plans with nothing spared
Staring the window the thing he made
Waiting for when next to see his shade.

In thoughts, in dreams, in sleep and wake
He's the only thing that I would bake
Waiting and waiting, is all I could make
Changed me inside with nothing to take.

On a stage that I discovered
Love is in disguise is the hatred
Finally realized his eyes were discolored
Last time he comes is all I cared.

Forgiveness I can't, but he's the solution
Fire as he seems, also the creation
Bitter he's to taste,better for salvation
For timeless waiting, can say without hesitation.

Mixed those feelings, hard to resist
Minutes to seconds, only pain persist
Curse or a blessing that I exist ?
Can't handle more, so I insist.

You are the truth finally I face
You are the one that I'm with chase
Came as a terror, but that's your pace
Day will come, when I will be in your maze.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Wreckage of ship
underneath blue
with one legged pirates
no one to disturb

Pearls and gold
a treasure to behold
speaking parrot aside
only one to guard

Darkest part of shallow
they reside
an eye to catch,
is what they desire.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
With other one
you'll know
you belong with the right one.
thewi3rdthoughts Mar 2019
Waiting in the platform
waiting for the train
It will come in some form
Before I could strain.

Lost the counting
lost the days
changes in surrounding
As nothing stays.

No more to come
no more days to wait
something doesn't form
Even we try to bait.
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thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A smile that makes me wonder
In my heart a thunder
Connection of string
closer it may bring
Flow of my life,
turned towards, afterlife !
Thoughts stopped in a doom
All I could see is you in a fume.
A new color of me is open
A new version of me has dopen.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
You're the drop
of my rain
glimpse of
my moon.
Meeting you, awakened
a scent of me inside.
All things behind
blundered through,
my dreams crossed,
hands with yours.
A walk with you
brings top of me.
A dance with you
brings a world in me.
Imagine, a life with you
fairy tale come true.
But you wouldn't
As you never,
saw the view.
thewi3rdthoughts Apr 2019
A beam of light
connecting us
where words play
no part.
Immense power
leaning towards
universe of molecules
turns into vacuum.
Nowhere or nothing
has meaning of all.
The shield of desire
now aspire nothing.
A glimpse of light
in me,
has finally brought out,
where I see you
As me.

— The End —