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thewi3rdthoughts Jul 2019
The lavenders keep questioning me
while I sit on a rock starring them
"Are you here for the fragrance ?"
"or for the color of the petals?"
Rain tasted sweet, I captured them in my wrist.
The lavenders again questioned me
"Did you know it will rain?"
"or relishing the moment of surprise? "
The lavenders started falling down
and floated into unknown
I sat on the rock in despair
searching the answers for next time.
thewi3rdthoughts Jul 2019
Ravishing look you have,
behind your smile, a hidden motive
mesmerizing eyes, gazed on you forever

Let you have me in whole,
burn me alive in your flames.

Venomous darkness surrounding you,
rattling me inside, a force towards you.
As I was rendered to play this role
My whole life for this moment.
Your burning eyes, hiding sunset
your magic turned me into a puppet.

Appealing darkness circling you,
gathering me from pieces found in you.
As I have surrendered my freedom to live
Everything is nothing beyond this moment.
Your frozen lips, creating silence of death
your glimpse turned me into a stone.

Life shattering look you have,
creating a tale of ice burning in rain.
Queen you are, made your slave forever

Let you have me in whole,
burn me alive in your flames.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
In shade of the absence of mind
the reason behind wind's flow was known
glasses wore on the eyes, behind the mind
the shades between night and day were shown.
views that run along the window of bus
poured the ambience never before, when mind was off
it's not black and white as they seemed nor right or wrong
A play made by the clown mind to pick one of them among
gazing through the bars of window at distant
the end was not found, instead it was in front
Smell of the food told the flavour of love
decoration beautiful, wouldn't matter at all
consuming wholeness of steeping glory
bursted into a lake of weeping story
Cradle was swinging, painted in white and a toy turning around
a lalla by was singing or playing in mind
angered sea sunk in emotions were calming down.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
Thunder storm came
played in the fields
with lightning it drew
its anger and its burst
In the atmosphere of nightmare
stood a plant in a frame
a sprout to blossom
a scarlet stud sound asleep
In storm of horrendous
as if no surrender
with the little bud inside
and a bowed head
battled with the wind
with arms around the naive

Morning windows open
chirping birds in bliss
as youthful it seem
In corner with walls
layed tired the plant
in between the green
as peace in the breeze
with opening eyes
a drop in forehead
bloomed rosy.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
One is light other is dark
one hides in the other
one peels face
one wears mask
but they can be found in each other
one shouts the name of other
one claims to be the other
but they are the poles of magnet
following the way of each other
one is ice other is fire
one is the death of other
spotting the right one
hardest task
as they'll be wearing,
faces of each other.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
He was endless
like a broad way
consuming the emptiness

She was shallow
like a puzzle to solve
an innovation of flawless mind

Seemingly far
no point of convergence
yet they found
color of teal,
profound that no one could steal
in her swirl and his voice
a celebration of love.
thewi3rdthoughts May 2019
They seem alone
in the side of road
No one to bother
no one to care
Cold not matter
nor the lightning
Tommarrow's are not
a concern for them
Indulging thoughts
of future,
A future is not for them
We are blessed
cursed one's suffer
Are you fullfing the wish of Him ?
Alone they seem
in dark life of thiers
or it seem,
But you won't see
He sat beside them
I am in you
I am in him
You and me are breathing chores
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