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 Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
how do you stand it?
to be not known or understood by all who surround you
i imagine it's like living in a cage, and not a single one of them realizing you are trapped
 Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
love is a song I keep forgetting the words to, but there's something about your voice that helps me remember
 Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
 Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
kiss, as if time is just an illusion.
 Dec 2015 Kataleya
raine cooper
maybe love is to watch a thousand winters pass, and still stand by his side because you know he's made of spring
 Aug 2015 Kataleya
Insane Reverie
and, how her innocence thought "wordplay were better than foreplay"
 Aug 2015 Kataleya
Insane Reverie
I have ravaged nights like this,
Dreaming about the dead ones
Bleeding for sorcery,
Crying with hope,
Scars of vows,
For only they can see me now~
Remembering the lost ones.
 Aug 2015 Kataleya
Your beautiful soul deserves
so much more
than my shadows
 Aug 2015 Kataleya
Terry Collett
I play a finger
along the cheek
of your face
in the photo of you,
my son,
imagining it's real
and you are here,
my dear.

Sometimes I think
I see you,
go along the passage
as you used to do
before your death;
but there's no one there
when I look again,
just the pain.

Sometimes I feel
your finger running
down my spine
with a gentle touch,
as if you say:
I'm here, just a little
out of reach,
out of your sight,
but I'm all right.

Sometimes I feel
a tightening of my throat,
at the mentioning
of your name,
or tears well up
in my eyes,
or I choke up
when it dawns
on me
you're no longer
here beside me,
or if you are,
I cannot see.

I feel a hole
in my heart,
and the blood of grief
seeps through;
miss you, son;
no more
I can say or do.
 Aug 2015 Kataleya
Gary L
If you were broken, and i had the parts to fix you
i would work on you both night and day
but, i'm afraid the parts that i use would mix you
and take the best parts of you away
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