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26.0k · Aug 2014
The Beauty of a Woman
Kataleya Aug 2014
The beauty of a woman
is in the poems she's wrote,
the dreams she's weaved
and all the stories she's told.

The beauty of a woman
is in the adventures she's taken,
the lives she's touched
and all the minds she's awakened.

The beauty of a woman
is in the caring she gives,
the sincerity in her laughter,
and the passion in her griefs.

It's not the expensive clothes she owns,
her body size, the diamonds she's worn.
Measure not the beauty of woman in gold,
for the beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.
Dedicated to all women out there with an amazing mind and a beautiful soul. We are the gift of nature, soft enough to touch the core of others and strong enough to protect that and those important to us. I love you all. Believe in yourself and the world will believe in your power.

I'm honored to have it as the daily poem.
17.3k · Jan 2015
Kataleya Jan 2015
Love her like
She's the raging sea,
Unrestrained and dark and deep.
And you crave her touch
Through aching pores
As you slowly drown in sleep.

Love her like
She's the tender storm,
A lovely shade of grey.
Like with every whiff
Of breath she takes,
She's taking yours away.

Love her like
She's the silent clouds
With calmness floating by.
Like you'd want to make
Sweet love to her
Under the moon's apocalyptic eye.

Love her like
She's the blazing fire,
And you lust the candied pain.
Like she's the disease
That swallowed you whole
And you'd like to die again.

When her gentle touch
Makes your chest explode,
And your addiction is your girl.
Promise you'll love her
Through hell and back,
Or don't you dare love her at all.
14.5k · Feb 2015
Kataleya Feb 2015
I'm gazing up, I'm gazing high.
Let me watch the stars tonight.

It mightn't give me better grades,
or wash my clothes or clean the plates,
or make me famous, make me rich,
or change the direction of my fate.
And it won't just fix the politics,
or save the falling economy,
or cease these tiring, endless wars
and it won't eradicate poverty.

But even if there's nothing right,
let me watch the stars tonight.

Hitchhiking through the galaxy,
a blazing comet passes by,
and waves to billion specks of light,
those sparkling diamonds in the sky.

Tomorrow I may change the world,
or I might even exercise.
Tonight I'm gazing up and high,
I'm looking at the stars tonight.
12.0k · Sep 2014
Kataleya Sep 2014
Meet me at the horizon
Where the sky meets the earth.
Two bodies burning with the sun,
One eternal love rebirth.
6.4k · Feb 2015
Kataleya Feb 2015
I swallowed down
my newest shade of lipstick,
in hopes
of bringing some colour
back to my soul again.
Life just seems so gloomy nowadays.
5.0k · Sep 2014
Kataleya Sep 2014
Let me love you like that
And darling, love me so.
There's no other for us,
So just let go
And come into my arms.
Lets do the slow, slow dance.

You're like the summer breeze
Gently caressing my hair.
You're the magnificent trees
Whispering love in my ears.
Look at the moon in the sky.
Look at the Cupids fly.

And when you miss me somedays
Look at the stars in the night.
Turn up the music some more,
Smile a little more bright.

Let me love you like that.
Let me give you my all.
Let me steal your breath.
Let me be your girl.
'Cause you're my Prince Charming
And baby, I'm your Barbie Doll.
*Yeah, you're my Prince Charming
And baby, I'm your Barbie Doll.
My first attempt at writing a song, and I'll possibly add some music to it soon enough too. Hope you all enjoy it. :)
3.4k · Aug 2014
I'll Be Gone
Kataleya Aug 2014
One of these days,
like the dewdrop on a sunny day,
like the shimmer in the moonlight ray,
like our love that has been fading away,
I'll be gone,
3.3k · Feb 2015
Kataleya Feb 2015
Your eyes, they twinkled oh so bright,
like clusters of stars on a moonless night.
The dark no longer haunts me love,
I've learnt to get lost in your light.
2.3k · Aug 2014
Kataleya Aug 2014
Drip drop tear.
The darkness nears.
Your demons are here.
Drip drop tear.

Drip drop tear.
The shadow leers.
Your pain is your peer.
Drip drop tear.

Drip drop tear.
The heart no longer bears.
Death smells of fear.
Drip drop tear.

2.0k · Aug 2014
My Disease
Kataleya Aug 2014
You are like a disease that has taken over my body, and I for one enjoy being sick.
I have been bed ridden sick for like days now, hence my absence. And this what came to my mind this fine evening. :D
2.0k · Jul 2015
Falling in Love
Kataleya Jul 2015
Falling in love
is like holding your breath,
you will constantly ache
but you're afraid to let go of the way
her hair smells of lavender and spring.

Falling in love
is like bursting into flames,
you will perpetually burn
but you're scared you'll forget
the warmth of his chest when he holds you.

Falling in love
is like taking the first flight,
you will struggle, you will stumble,
you will fall,
but once you taste the clouds
and dance with the breeze,
you are limitless.
1.9k · Aug 2014
we will fly
Kataleya Aug 2014
And we are standing on the edge,
with only nothingness till far below.
But don't fear, my dear,
hold my hand tight,
take a deep breath,
lit that soul on fire,
and take a leap,
because baby, we will fly...!*

Kataleya Sep 2014
He fell before his time
with a thud.
A loud thud.
Someone screams.
They gasp,
unable to speak,
unable to react.
Expressions of horror,
The wind blew silently.
Moments froze.
Somewhere that seemed miles away,
they see a twitch.
a quiver of hand.
A brave soldier of life,
our unsung hero,
claimed before time.
His heart stopped.
Their hearts stopped.
And then with the last drop of tear
Another beautiful soul
disappears into thin air.
Dedicated to a friend who
committed suicide some time ago by jumping off the seventh floor of our institute.
May all the broken, departed souls
Rest in Peace in heaven.
And to all those who are in search of the meaning of their life and questioning their mere existence, I love you. Stay strong, you're worth it all.
1.6k · Aug 2014
My World
Kataleya Aug 2014
Some days,
you mean the world to me,
I don't lie.
Some days,
I see the world in your eyes.
Baby, some days, you are my world.

1.4k · Aug 2014
Mad Kind of Love
Kataleya Aug 2014
This mad kind of love will be our end, but even death's arms seem welcoming with you by my side.
1.2k · Aug 2015
Kataleya Aug 2015
Your hands
are never too small
to carry big dreams.
Dream on.
Kataleya Jan 2015

All those days,
I let you tread over me and gave you a place to stand,
and you with your untrained, weak bladder dog,
your clumsiness,
your laziness,
your unwashed clothes,
your ***** shoes and smelly feet,
stepped on my trust.

I hope you get pricked by the scraps of food,
bleed out with a paper cut
and stumble on my torn out, roughened edges
and I get to smother and roll up your inanimate, dead body
to it's rightful place.

Ruefully, yours.
I tried my hand on giving voice to an inanimate object, inspired by Sarah Kay's TOOTHBRUSH TO BICYCLE TIRE.
941 · Aug 2014
his words
Kataleya Aug 2014
His words, her heaven. And when he pours pages and pages of emotions for her, there she finds the meaning of God.

905 · Aug 2014
~ echoes of silence ~
Kataleya Aug 2014
Shattered china on the floor.
Lots of slammin' of the doors.
You grab my hair, I break apart,
I shoot an arrow through your heart.

You pin my body on the wall.
My knees give up, you break my fall.
We hit each other where hurts the most.
I am your demon, you are my ghost.

We grip and pull and scratch and cry.
I love you boy, but that's a lie.
You smoke the pain and burn my skin.
We forget the hurt and again begin.

We've carved the wounds, we've done the harms.
You embrace me in your tired arms.
Though hopeless love, we've made the choice.
At last we seek each other's voice.
*In the Echoes of Silence.
A broken heart though mine, still loves you with all the pieces.
875 · Sep 2014
Kataleya Sep 2014
I'm afraid
that one of these days,
the last petal will fall
and the wind will carry away
the sweetness of your laughter,
the softness of your kiss
the fondness of our memories.

I'm afraid
that one of these days,
you'll just forget me
and just like that,
I'll cease to exist.
803 · Aug 2014
Love Story
Kataleya Aug 2014
As I turned the last page,
I found myself broken
for it was time to bid goodbye
to our love story.
You saw the pain in my eyes,
and wrote another book.

763 · Aug 2014
Kataleya Aug 2014
For her, love was a lot of things,
his hair, his eyes,
his smile, his voice,
his breath, his touch...
For him, love was but one thing,

744 · Aug 2014
A Game
Kataleya Aug 2014
"Here is my heart and soul," she said.
Out on the cold table she laid
her all. He whispered, "I'll place your needs above
all mine." Little did she know he lied.
He played a little and tossed it aside.
Yet, somehow, she still believes in love.

651 · Aug 2014
Kataleya Aug 2014
You've got my heart held on a string,
it's breaking into two.
Enough belongs to me to get hurt,
while the rest belongs to you.

I can only hope that someday
you'll wake up and you'll find.
While my heart belongs to you,
yours too belongs to mine.

Te Amo
584 · Aug 2014
B L A C K & W H I T E
Kataleya Aug 2014
A little darkness, a little light.
A little sorrow, a smile so bright.
Life is just so black and white.

569 · Aug 2014
Kataleya Aug 2014
children's poem*
There lived a little child, in the paradise,
Where the sun never set and the sun would never rise.

One day came a storm and took the child away,
Through the garden and the breeze. It took her far away.

She was now all alone and wandering through the snow.
The child was lost that day but nobody did know.

She set for the search of her home through the wind and the sun.
Then came a heavy rain, she didn't find a place to run.

She didn't eat and sleep, she walked from day till night.
She always kept her eyes open, till her eyes were frozen wide.

She walked through spring and the summer, then came the winter along.
The autumn gave golden fruits to all, but she could never find her home.

The little child was lost, around the world she roamed.
She was never again happy, for she could never find her home.

I wrote this poem in Grade 4, one of my firsts. It is especially close to my heart.
456 · Aug 2014
a walk to remember
Kataleya Aug 2014
And we say goodbye, life's so not fair.
But darling, when you need me, I'll always be there.
Our path are different, our destinations so far,
but 'tis surely been a walk to remember.


— The End —