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 Jul 2016 Cathyy
Soul friend
 Jul 2016 Cathyy
Flowers and skinny jeans, and pretty little girl things are what remind me of you
Tiny smiles and docile eyes that are kind of things which remind me of you
Cheeky jokes and happy blood rushing body rumbling laughs are easy to find with you
For you are kind and wonderful, and poweful. You are my very best friend
 Jul 2016 Cathyy
 Jul 2016 Cathyy
You are beautiful.
You're a man?
Doesn't matter.
You are beautiful.
Life is beautiful.
So you are too.
You wear a dress?
Doesn't matter
I do too.
You're lonely?
Me too.
You like tea?
Life *****, man.
So get the hell up and live.
Ignore the protests.
Ignore the hate.
Lets hold hands and think.
Don't hate please. (:
 Jun 2016 Cathyy
I've been dreaming lately.
Painting watercolor images on the canvas in my mind
Watching romantic movies on my eyelids
Singing in my sleep.
I dream that I confess everything to you
The way that I feel, what I truly think
And I even place my heart in your hands.
I wake up whispering "I love you".
Sometimes your forehead is resting on mine as I say it
Other times you're walking away...
The scenario continues to change,
But the result is always the same...
I continue to love you.
 Jun 2016 Cathyy
Jack Jenkins
If my God sacrificed
   His only Son for
   A manwhore like I,

Why should I be
   Unwilling to lay down
   My life for His glory?

I pray to die a death
   That will have His name
   Upon my lips when I
   Speak my last words.

I am but a lone man
   Rebellious in flesh
   Aloft in my desires.

Almighty I pray;
   Clean my heart
   With Your Spirit.
 Jun 2016 Cathyy
Ignatius Hosiana
the pieces fall into place
the place falls into pieces
 Jun 2016 Cathyy
 Jun 2016 Cathyy

i don’t want to be vulnerable
and i swore i would never be
but then you noticed me
 Jun 2016 Cathyy
Tony Luna
She has craters on her face
A warm smile embraced. 

Lights in her eyes 
Her love never dies. 

Feathers on her back, and a halo over her head
There's so many things I'm leaving unsaid.

Her grins are the best 
So contagious, love will sprout from your chest. 

Galaxies around her iris 
A cure for all the callous. 

She's vigilant
Most of all she's fluorescent.
No matter what this person goes through there's always a smile on her face.
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