cass Mar 10
I am not afraid to be alone.
I am afraid you will be.
cass Feb 4
Don't be deceived by my demeanor I am paying attention.
The way your hair curls.
The way your smile takes your whole mouth.
I pay attention.
Maybe you should start too.
cass Jan 30
                                                   of my
                       and tougue.
          Look at me.
                     I am glad to be here
Look at me.
cass Jan 23
In a hush of whispered lips you told me of how he hurt you.
All I could say then was how I wished I could take your pain away.
But now I see you shining in the dark, illuminating the path for me to walk and I am grateful I am not alone.
cass Jan 6
Don't you worry
Each beat in my chest reminds me how lucky I am to be one second wiser, one inhale kinder, one touch closer to good dreams.
I know how lucky I am.
Sometimes it hurts a little, and that's ok.
cass Dec 2017
You have exactness in your silence
A mouth full of words lay too heavy on your toungue
We wait in existence for the artist in our minds to create something wonderful

But all that comes out is heavy silence.
cass Dec 2017
I talk too much,
unintentionally annoying those around me.
I am selfish.
I am far too kind to those who don't deserve it.
I drink orange juice from the carton.
I over think everything.
I'm childish.
I have flaws.
I am human.
I am flawed.
That's ok.
Flaw- a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.

Find peace we're all flawed, we all dont know what we're doing. How are we not supposed to be a little weird?
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