cass 4d

It's good to have mornings back again.

It doesn't hurt to get up anymore
cass 5d

There's something about driving at night,
the way the pavment glows
with florescent light,
the seats behind you
quiet with sleeping bodies.
The soft hum of tire to road.
The moon following you
like a hopeless romantic,
there's something about driving at night

cass Jun 12

Entire heavens are cheering me on, please don't tell me I can't.

cass Jun 11

I just wanted to say that everything's ok.
It gets better.
One step at a time,
one day at a time it gets better. Smiles last longer.
Relief comes.
It's worth it,
hold on.
Don't give up.
The sun rises.
You can try again.

cass Jun 9

It's 98 degrees on a saturday, you are looking at me, all of me. Each hair on my arm stands on end.
"Kiss me." You say as your arms wrap around my bare legs.
"No." I say.
It's the last I see from you.

cass Jun 8

Now without you here the spaces between my fingers seem to last miles. My knuckles white against peach stand out like landmarkers pointing to places we made. My sholders became landfills, my spine an empty highway, my freckles forgotten lighthouse's without you. You took the noise and the bustle of the town we made.

cass May 13

The colors on his canvas were as bright as his mind. He had paint on his shirt front and bed head. He was adorable in the way he rolled his Rs and the way he'd stick his tounge to the top of his mouth after a bowl of ice cream. He was and is perfection.

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