cass Oct 3

It's in the shake of my hands
In the tangle of fingers
It's the smudged mascara under my eyes
It's there

  Oct 3 cass
Cecelia K

It was like if we kissed eachother hard enough we would eventually become tidal waves that crashed into one another, never having to be seperate ever again.

cass Oct 2

I get it.
There are moments you wait for
Where life hands you these moments.
These incredibly wonderful every nerve exposed feelings.
Fireworks in your chest kinds of feelings.
Standing under cathedral paintings in Rome and wondering how someone human made something so unearthly and raw kind of feelings.
We feel.
I get it.
So, why can't I tell you that you make me feel as though I'm lying under the Tuscan sun with sand in every fingertip? I smile like the Mona Lisa every time your hand touches mine.
I feel.
Do you?

cass Sep 29

Time is the best teacher.
So in every moment, I'm evolving, just like you.

cass Sep 3

You know the saying that life is like a glass?
Sometimes it's half full
and sometimes it half empty?
Well sometimes if feels like the glasses bottom comes off,
And your filling it
Your trying to be present
Your pouring and pouring ,
But the bottom's off
So your filling nothing
Pouring into nothing
Life's like that sometimes.

cass Aug 29

I never met a better fighter
than my fear
I am a boxer in a ring
My fear
She is the better fighter
But I am stronger

Anxiety is not something fun, writing down my thoughts is like a confession. Hopefully through this I become the better fighter.
cass Aug 26

It isn't easy
to become something new
It isn't easy

Just like new babe's we have to discover something new about the world and ourselves.
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