cass 2d

The way your smile bends
That's poetry
Lazy circles of half asleep fingers
A hazy look
That's poetry

cass Aug 10

I am ready to fall for you
Chest open
Eyes full
Hands reaching
New love  
Heart racing
Skin tingling
Palms sweating
In my fist sits my soul
Open to you
I wear my feelings inside out
I. Can. Give. You. New. Love.
Let me give it to you.

cass Jul 14

Weird things that remind me of you
Beef jerky
Long drives on highways
Guitar strings
And all at once
I'm enveloped with you
Every time
The smell of you
The way you laugh
Every time

And I smile because I know you will always be there, but its ok because I know I will always be there too.
cass Jul 12

I've been saving my fourth of July's for someone.
Saving my sun-soaked, freckled, dry lipped smiles for someone.
Saving all my mistletoe, skin-tingling, late night, snow catching kisses for someone.
Saving my sand covered, popsicle colored, rainy days.
And I'm gonna tell him I haven't been waiting for him, I've only been creating. Creating a world full of stories he can look through.

I am enough
cass Jul 8

The faces of all those who have touched me in some way,
flicker being me like ghosts.
I say.
Is what keeps them here.
"Will we meet again?"
Oh, I hope so.
I hope so.

cass Jun 20

It's good to have mornings back again.

It doesn't hurt to get up anymore
cass Jun 19

There's something about driving at night,
the way the pavment glows
with florescent light,
the seats behind you
quiet with sleeping bodies.
The soft hum of tire to road.
The moon following you
like a hopeless romantic,
there's something about driving at night

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