cass 7d

I talk too much,
unintentionally annoying those around me.
I am selfish.
I am far too kind to those who don't deserve it.
I drink orange juice from the carton.
I over think everything.
I'm childish.
I have flaws.
I am human.
I am flawed.
That's ok.

Flaw- a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.

Find peace we're all flawed, we all dont know what we're doing. How are we not supposed to be a little weird?
  Dec 6 cass

I believe in keeping my eyes closed.
For when the pain is uncovered,
And starts to seep in
When the secrets are whispered
By paper and pen
When the nightmares arise
In monsters and men,
I can look at each wound
And close up the skin
I can lock up my safe,
Whisper "never again".

cass Dec 2

Sometimes I feel like I soley existed to teach you that life isn't as hard as you thought it up to be.
I existed only to make you look differently at that song you used to love.
You called me for my skin, I heard it in your voice.
You thought it was hilarious when I cut my bangs and chipped my tooth.
I was pretty when I swayed to your favorite music.
Only then you didn't see my fear.
Didn't know I'd wake sweating thinking of your smile in the dark.
But this isn't about me its about you.
Its about your chipped teeth, your fear of heights, your parents, your habits, your picky taste, your unusual family members, etcetera.
And yeah I know. You'll think about me when your 40 in your bed with your wife.
And for a moment you remember that every time you touched me I shivered.
But I'm a manic dream.
So you close your eyes to sleep.

I only plant the seeds you'll end up growing
cass Dec 2

I wanna be the thoughts in your head.
Is that selfish?

cass Nov 30

For some reason the blood that
drip drip dripped
from your lips looked like honey
and the galaxy that poured from your veins looked wonderful to touch
but it took the iron taste on my lips
and the razors in my skin
too see
Love is poison best served warm

cass Nov 26

I need to become what I need
so I quit looking for it in the arms of the wrong men

cass Nov 25

I remember thinking I needed you to supply the thread to close up my bleeding heart. I thought I needed your apology, listing the ways you broke me.  
I don't.
I gave you my best and that enough is closure.

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