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Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Isn't she the righteous woman
Isn't she the living treasure
Isn't she the loveliest girl
That I've ever seen
I'd never thought that
I would fall for her
But  now I did
and I don't want to
stop anymore.
She's my eudaimonia
In this world full of bad lucks
life is aisha
The meaning of
Her every smile
And her life
That I would say
She's the righteous woman
She's my living treasure
She is my favorite girl
She is the loveliest woman
That I would ever love.
You are my favorite girl diane I hope you know that until now because I don't even like you anymore but I love you.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Di ko alam kung paano ko gagawin,
Ako'y di mapakali, sa aking aaminin,
Dahil ako'y kinakabahan,
Mga ginagawa ko'y baka di mo magustuhan.

Dahil ito lang aking makakaya,
Sa kasamaang palad ito lang talaga,
Itong aking mga kalatas at tula,
Ito lang at wala nang iba.

Damdamin ang naging panulat,
Inspirasyon ang syang nagtulak,
Musika ang sa aki'y umalalay,
Sa katahimikan ng umagang walang kapantay.

Di lahat ng tula ko ay iisa ang balak,
Yung iba'y para lamang ika'y humalakhak,
Ngunit di ko alam kung ako'y matagumpay,
Upang mapasaya ka ng tunay.

Kay rami nga ng aking naiisip,
Mga "sana", parang panaginip,
Inaasam, nais makamtan,
Kahit yung man lang, mapagtagumpayan.

Sana ikay napasaya ko,
sana napangiti ka kahit papano,
Sana naunawaan mo,
Mga sanang tulad nito.

Sana tanggapin mo,
Sana paniwalaan mo,
Sana pagpasensyahan mo,
Sana, sana, sana, hay nako.

Sana man lang naramdaman mo,
Ang damdaming ikinubli ko,
Sa mga salita ng aking tula,
Na sana, sa puso mo'y tumama.

Sana man lang ika'y aking naantig,
Sana man lang ika'y aking napakilig,
Sapagkat di kaya ng aking mga bibig,
Di kayang sabihin, minsa'y nanginginig.

"sana" na higit sa aking pang-unawa,
Tulad ng "sana makuha ko rin ang iyong paghanga",
Ngunit iyo'y parang isang malayong tala,
Hanggang tingin nalamang, mata ko lang ang nakakakita.

Di ko alam kung ito'y panunuyo na ba,
Liniligawan na ba kita?
Dahil di ko alam sa sarili ko ang totoo,
Ang alam ko lang, ikaw ang tanging gusto.

Ako'y natatawa,
Ang landi ba naman nitong binata,
binatang naghahangad na sana,
Sana sa tamang panahon, ika'y kanyang makasama.

Ang pinapangarap nyang dalaga.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Smile, a simple curve in your face
That sets everything into place
It's a gesture in your lips
That makes me forget how to sleep

Smiling will cost you nothing
But for me it means everything
It always happen in just a flash
Yet the memory stored in me will last

With a glimpse of that sweet smirk
And this whole world of mine change
With a glance of your sparkling smile
I can say that this life is a brand new game

Why would I bother gazing up in the sky
If the shiniest star is in front of my eye
It would be a waste of time diving looking for a pearl
It's an obvious fact, with your smile nothing can be compare

Your smile is like a contagious virus
Affecting my heart, and mind and make me smile too
damaging my brain cells and can't do a thing
hanged, frozen, just looking straight to you

It's amazing how it can make me vulnerable
Your smile is very lovable
I'll do anything to make that smile last for eternity
Because it defines the name "diane" for me
I gave this poem for diane.
Brother Jimmy Feb 2016
What can I say about your charm and grace?

Nothing that'll hold a candle to the glow of you

I can just close my eyes and see your face

The beauty of your eyes still pierces me clean through

The sparkle thrown and the curve of lid

Attract me like a moth to flame

Deep in my heart this love I’ve hid

Love of your laugh, your soul, your frame

The cheeks I bite; the lips I kiss…

Your kisses I’ll drink to quench this thirst

I sing your praises, please never dismiss

This ***** boy, because I loved you first

And forward we’ll march through this torrent of time

Wandering together on our common quest

And through these hard moments, which lately begrime,

We’ll hurtle directly and finish this test

I see the love and sadness in your eyes

The love, I’ll cling tight to, the sadness, arrest

You are mine...       ...and I am all yours

This journey can’t break us, for our love is best
Happy Valentine's Day, my Love!
Brother Jimmy Aug 2015
And there is nothing
More to say about it
But I could go on all day

I hold a picture
With your face upon it
And that's my means to get away

I can't offer you
The things that he can offer
There is no tranquility

But there is one thing
That you can be sure of
You can always come to me

And we can fly around the sun  
And we can...
And we can travel to the other galaxies
A supernova passes by
And we can...
And we can stop and see the
The sun
The sunflowers that we see

You bet your life
I would not trade one night
Or day we had together, you and I

And when it seems
As though we're in for nasty weather
We'll take shelter from the sky

But I can't offer you
The things that he can offer
There is no tranquility

But there is one thing
That you can be sure of
You can fly away with me

And we can fly around the sun
And we can...
And we can travel to the other galaxies
A supernova passes by
And we can...
And we can stop and see the
The sun
The sunflowers that we see
A song for Diane written many years ago.
Carol Poppo Nov 2014
Who Am I

Who am I
Who are you
When you look back
Who do you see
When you look back
do you see me

who am I
do you know
who are you
who do you see

when do you know
who you are
do you see who you are
or do you see who you want to be
who made you
do you see me

when you look back
who do you view
do you know who I am
do you see who I think  I am
or who I want to be
Who Am I
Dedicated to Diane Kelley....
Inspired by all who made me....

— The End —