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Nacreous Views Aug 2017
Jazz is not a flavor
It's a way of life
Spill it , drink it , love it , serve it
Just don't funk it......
#Jazz #Razmatazz
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
What's a Soulmate?
A soul is complete and forever
There is no mating amongst the soul
It doesn't need the mating-cantalever
Mating is like the fillet of sole
For senses of the perishable flesh n bone
For a body that needs to procreate
A soul doesn't replicate ......
The term soulmate is a misnomer ..... For a good companion .... Souls are complete and undivided ...they don't mate ...hence there cannot be a Soulmate....only a body mate or a good companion...
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
I am the only one I trust the most
I am the only one I compete with
I am the only one to love the most
Said Wayland the badass-smith
I am my best friend in need
I am my rattlesnake- ****
I am..... Are you????
For one of the writers here at hello poetry Rand....who wrote a masterpiece - Depression.... I dedicate this to him.....For you Rand....
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
Unknowing I tread the dreaded forest, unaware I swim with sharks unrest....
Unconscious I breathe through libellous nest,
Unwary I Drink thy vitriolic fest...
Unconversant I fall in the lover's nest..
Only to rise like a phoenix crest ,
So much Ado over the geste...
So much oh! So much c'est,
Only ignorance unwinds esta...
Inscitia  at it's best .....
Nacreous Views Jul 2017
Going out with thy ecstatic rile,
Sun soaked cherubic smile,
You impale my ziel senile,
I slay a thousand miles
To meet ya' at Zion's isles....

— The End —